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Last Updated On: June 10, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Patriot Restoration of New Castle, LLC
Corporate Address:
201 North Main St #3
New Castle, Indiana 47362 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 765-524-0759
Company Contact: Richard MoghadamCorp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 29

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $31,250.00
Average Reported Losses: $5,208.33

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Took my money and didn’t do any of the work they were suppose to do and they wont answer phone calls.

Anybody sees them don’t give them your money until they do the work they are suppose to do or don’t let them do it at all. I’m going to call the cops on them the next time they pull in my driveway.

Most Recent Reviews

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Patriot Restoration of New Castle 1010 s. 14 th Street although address has changed many times New Castle, IN 47362 | 765-878-4245 |


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Finally, as you can see, Ricahrd himself posted a long slew of excuses above. He always blames inefficient staff and claims they have drug issues or are poor performers. In reality, he hires his drug using friends and their friends and then throws everyone under the bus. In Ohio, he continues to make the same excuses for his actions and always claims he is just a Christian businessman trying to provide people with jobs. But he is the worst kind of crook because he and his girlfriend know exactly what they are doing but have a total disregard for anyone… Read more »
It doesnt do any good to sue Richard because he doesnt own a house or any cars…they are all in his girlfriends name…he owes like 25000 in back child support …we all hope that he gets many years in jail…The best thing you can do is to call or fax you or email your story to all the prosecutor offices where he has a now pending according to google…thats 3 or 4 countys in Indiana and 2 or 3 in Ohio…Just look for Richard Moghadam…I dont know if his girlfriend has been charged or not since she helped him run… Read more »
They are now United Cleanout Services and Richard started calling himself Richard hammond..he said that was his mother’s maiden name…even though you can teach an old criminal new tricks Richard and Jennifer he continued the same illegal business practices they had followed in Indiana..they hired commission only, uneducated, druggies to go door to door and open claims from wind and hail damage done to peoples roofs and they would open and work claims under those people’s homeowners policies. The salesperople were paid in cash and Richard would begin repair jobs and sometimes complete the smaller ones, but would rarely complete… Read more »
FYI…since March 2014, Richard Moghadam has been locked up in the Greene County, Ohio jail on theft charges in Greene County. He also has a pending felony theft charge out of Clark County, Ohio; we are all expecting Montgomery and Butler counties to issue warrants soon as well. Anyone in Ohio should write or contact the Greene County Ohio prosecutor’s office and then the Clark County prosecutor’s When RIchard and his girlfriend Jennifer…who he introduces as his WIFE to the people he tries to scam at whatever church he walks into…got into trouble in Indiana with the Patriot Restoration company,… Read more »

Please Pass on! Tweet! FAX and CALL! I called and guess who’s voice was on the recording.
United Clean out Services and he IS using the name Richard Hammond. They are on Face book too. Have fun and SEND around the world!

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6 years F***ing with this out fit, 6 fbo, no short sale, moded my loan to 100$ less than original mor pymnt., stupid monkeys answer the phone, same questions, how do I retaliate? Nightmare, nerves shot, can’t sleep,__

We live in Carthage and Patriot/Richard took approx $3700 for the roofing materials and never did the job. He actually answered his cell phone about 3 months ago and he said he was going to his lawyer and would call us back about our refund. We warned him we were going to talk to the Rush County Sheriff’s dept, and he never called nor would he answer our calls anymore. The sheriff came and took the information, but we have not had time to pursue it, due to a sick son. This has just been horrible. We cannot find anyone… Read more »

We were taken by Patriot Restoration,too. Filed a police report and cop said they know he is in Ohio, but nothing they can do. He has to be in Indiana to get him. So I guess it is alright to go scam more people in another state. Hope they get him. He is lower than dirt. He should be in jail and anyone that is helping him.

Doing the same work in Lewisburg Ohio now

I created the blog to keep everyone up to date and informed about Richard Moghadam and Patriot Restoration. Please feel free to come visit and comment. Share any additional information you might have with us. I’m inviting you to guest blog about your experience, if you’d like.

Patriot restoration of new castle started investigating things internally 8 weeks ago to find a few issues: 1.The council we had in the legal leasion we had in position was not appropriatly licenced to practice law in any format 2. The council mentioned above failed to do the collections work he was hired and paid to do 3. The council involved did not represent our clients as hired and paid to due Result of 1-3 Siut filed in the Shelbyville court system Additional issue 1. The administrative assistant I had was discovered to have a problem with prescription drugs and… Read more »

Where is my refund, Richard? It’s been weeks.

Who’s the Criminal? The Internet says that Henry County has issued a warrant for two counts of theft against you Mr. Richard Moghadam. Run but you can’t hide. More warrants to come. Don’t drop the soap.

A very nice attempt to clean up your criminal acts Mr. Richard Moghadam, but you failed. Your actions will lead you to a serious jail sentence that is coming. Numerous files have been turned over as evidence of your actions, and those actions are what will lead you to jail. Taped conversations, signed documents by you, money laundry, fraud, theft and corrupt business affairs. Good Luck Dope Head.

Patriot Restoration scammed my elderly inlaws of almost $4,000 SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE WITH THIS MAN.

<del datetime="2012-10-13T23:18:05+00:00">I want to stick of for the two women that knocked on my door and got my roof picked up. I can actually say that they did not take the check and cash it, Richard cashes all of the checks. Jenn and Debbie were really sweet girls and I know they thought they were doing right and that I was going to get my roof done and they have tried everything to get answers for me from their boss and couldn’t. My roof looks like its about to cave in from the tree that landed on my house but… Read more »


Yes, patriot restoration of NEW CASTLE have taken my money and not did the job they promised. Please take legal actions immediately. Richard Moghadam

is the owner of the company and just tell you what you want to hear and not do the job.

What a Scam. This man robs Peter to pay Paul and cant get caught up. He’s a peice of ****, a liar, scum, dope head with a yellow teeth girlfriend and a ugly fat **** baby-girl. This man is a thief and will be in jail before 2013. Get your refund today and be done wiht this company

For those looking to sue Patriot Restoration of New Castle, their new address is: 1010 S. 14th Street Suite 16 New Castle, In 47362. They are too scared to update their profile on facebook and their own website. They would enjoy your visit if they owe you money.

Thanks! I may just have to pay them a visit.

For those looking to sue Patriot Restoration, you can file a complaint with your local attorney general’s office, chamber of commerce, last but not least, contact Raphael Sanchez w/ channel 6 news. Spread the news to all your family and friends about this company and make sure this company gets whats coming to them

I called all news stations and the only one that answered my call was 59 and they did a great job getting the word out so dont even waste your time with channel 6 i called and emailed and didnt hear nothing from them

Remake of Hall & Oaks: Oh boy here they come, watch out boy they will rob you blind. Patriot Restoration of New Castle is a man eater. They will con you into getting your roof done. They will take you money, and you may never see repairs. You will threaten legal actions, which will then scare Richard into taking other customers money to reimburse you, if they do that. Uneducated employees, most of which are felony convicted or/and drug abusers. The Company is being investigated by many law agencies in Indiana. Horrible, terrible company. Don’t waste your time.

Our roof and siding was spose to be done on september 5,2012 and no one showed or called my husband had to get a hold of nick the day before and he said the dumpster would be there the next morning my husband tore down our fence so the dumpster would be in the yard and I missed a day of work waiting on them know one showed up or even called. Here is is the following monday no dumpster or no call. I would never recommend this company to not even my worst enemy. They called and called for… Read more »
Yeah that monkey Richard Moghadam stole his whole company and business idea from someone with the same name…but they had just Patriot Restoration LLC not of New Castle, and he doesnt know a thing about this business or roofing for that matter. That dude is a low life scum who hangs with jail bait. Look at the pics of the people who work there on his cheesy a*s website itll make ya laugh. Think they all Graduated from have as many kids as you can and not pay for em high school. LMAO….. PATRIOT RESTORATION OF NEW CASTLE IS THE… Read more »
<del datetime="2012-10-13T23:17:49+00:00">I must stick up for us employees thst used to work for Patriot of New Castle, some us graduated and went on to college. I will be the first to apologize because I had no idea he was taking the money and not building because we were under the impression that Richard was doing the right thing and really building the jobs. Now three of us do not have a job and are being hassled by mad customers because Richard will not face the heat at all. He knows what he did is wrong and if you ppl don’t… Read more »

He was arrested in ohio, 3-2014


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