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Last Updated On: August 8, 2017

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Business Name: Bob Evans Farms Inc
Corporate Address:
3776 S High St
Columbus, Ohio 43207 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-939-2338
Company Contact: Steven A Davis - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.73 out of 5
Based On: 12 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 26

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,196.40
Average Reported Losses: $99.70

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Bullied by Servers

On 9/9/2016 i was a hostess at Bob Evans Store 2021 which is in Logansport Indiana. All morning i had two servers that all they did was make rude comments to other servers about me. There names are Kaileigh, and Taylor.

They were making comments like, I was being a child, and I was an a*s and many other comment. They also went to Myisa and told her that i had not been seating them. I was not the only host there and we were both seating customers.

Myisa came to me and told me that i need to start seating Kaileigh and Taylor and if my feelings was gone to get in the way of doing my job then i need to leave.

I feel as of my feelings was not getting in the way and that Mysia didn’t want to hear what i had to say. because when i started to tell her that i had been seating me she told me she didn’t care.

Kaileigh has also at times made the comment that if she was a manger she would fire me and a few others.

When i was hired i was told that everyone was family at this store and we may fight but it was like family do. I do not think that a family would act like the people at this store acts. Bulling people is not family.

Needless to say i felt so down graded that i do not want to work at this store. And as a gust at this store i would not want these two serving me because they are rude and get away with it.

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We purchased the mashed potatoes and they tasted horrible. We always buy the Bob Evans potatoes because we love them. I sure am not happy with these mashed potatoes.

Purchased the frozen Canadian bacon, egg and cheese on an English muffin. The Canadian bacon was so tough, I had to remove it from the sandwich in order to eat it and had to tare it with my teeth. As the sandwich cooled, the English muffin became hard and was difficult to chew. I eat frozen breakfasts everyday and this was by far the worst.

I recently dined in at the Bob Evans in Bridgeport, Oh. I would first like to say that it started out as a wonderful experience, our server, Shay was very nice, she was very knowledgeable of the menu and also offered us some really good suggestions off the menu as we was having trouble choosing from the great selection. The food came out pretty fast and everything was wonderful. About half way through our meal we heard arguing from the back of the kitchen area, and a crew member came out of the doors and walked to one of the… Read more »

Curtis carter is alway very rude to me and I emotionally can not take this , please help

Curtis carter is a very rude manager he is always very rude to me , and I don’t appreciate it . Romulus mi

My family ate at your Louisville, Ky Dixie Highway restaurant. None of our food was tasty. Even our 3yr old
said he wanted vegies on his way home. We were wondering if you had a different chef. The psncakes seemed warmed over. The bacon was undercooked. The slaw was tastless.the waitress acted like she was struggling to get thru her shift. The cashier could not understand we wanted to divide the check so instead
of arguing with her i paid the total.
The meal was so awful we felt like throwing up.
We do not want to return.

Trying to submit a frozen food complaint and send a photo in about the potatoes being rotten when I opened them. Everytime I hit submit now for a WEEK it says sorry that they will get back with me. I don’t know what’s more aggravating. Filling out the complaint form several times and it not going through or the fact that I wasted my money on rotten potatoes abd had to go without for dinner. Urrrrr

I am so disappointed in Bob Evans. When I was growing up in Kettering Ohio it was always the place to go for good food and good service. We moved to somerset Kentucky two weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to go to Bob Evans. My husband was gone for a few nights so my daughter came in from college. We went to Bob Evans for dinner and it wasn’t crowded maybe 3 tables of people. We stood waiting to be seated at least 10 minutes. I finally asked a worker who was at cash register if you seat yourself… Read more »

I go frequently to bob evans on Dixie highway in Jefferson county ky there never seems to be enough waitresses or waiter only one usually . the only complaint I have is if you are a 24/7 restaurant why do you only have grits til 11:00am it would be nice if you served all day . thank you . a great customer

I’m at the Bob Evans restaurant on headgate Road and Route four and Hamilton Ohio and every time we come in the place you have to stand and wait for five or 10 minutes while they were my stand around looking at you nobody waiting on you the service most the time it’s really slow and it’s just continuous at the store the past six months is just been terrible I walked in the store and still there for five minutes with two guys looking at me in either one of them waiting on me finally I had asked is… Read more »
I am a U.S. Army Veteran. For years I have gone to Bob Evans for breakfast on Veterans Day. I was a member of the Ohio National Guard for 6 years. I went to the restaurant here in my hometown of Lancaster, Ohio this morning. As I was checking out, the cashier grilled me about a military ID. I have NEVER had a military ID since my honorable discharge in 1971. There was a line behind me getting ready to check out, the lobby was filled with people waiting to be seated, and the cashier completely humiliated me, loudly, in… Read more »

That is discrimination

thank you for being as bad as they are i know my rights I have the right to the freedom of speech this is a complaint forum isnt it? You see if you tell the truth everybody will shut you down kick you out and delete you so the rest of the world wont know SHAME ON YOU

About 6 weeks ago I was called for a job interview at Bob Evans in the traffic circle Parkersburg WV. I had 2 interviews that day and was hired. I received 6 working hours that week. Over the next 5 weeks or so there were 2 weeks I did not work at all. When I first talked to the manager he he was all sunshine and honey. Then he was like a rabid dog telling me (I never promised you anything!) I told him I did not ask for promises only some hours. He said (Well how many hours did… Read more »
I called in a take-out order, at the Elyria Bob Evans today at 2:11 p.m., I wanted 2 chicken dinners for me to pick up! I got to the restaurant with-in 10 minutes, I paid for the order, after the Manager was finally able to ring up the customer ahead of me, (took her at least 10 minutes) because, she was busy yelling into her microphone to the servers, my dinners were not ready, I waited another 20 minutes, with servers telling me that it would be just a few minutes! As I waited I watched the employees moving around… Read more »

hello i live in pikeville ky i used to work at bobevans o2 t0 o5 left on good turms went back to try and get my job back the manger told me she was not doing rehires but she hired 3 other people after i ask for my job back if i new how i would sue/bobevans for discreamation

The Ashtabula, Ohio restaurant is great for service and quality of the food. My problem came when I decided to get a chili to go. It’s advertised as enough for 4 people and yet I barely scraped out enough for 2 bowls. If 3 or 4 spoonfuls is a serving, ok. But it’s not in my opinion. PS the chili was some of the best I’ve ever had. Don’t advertize for 4 if barely enough for 2

Manger dirty and had really bad hygiene. Hamilton rd Columbus Oh.

Bob Evans Broasted Chicken Is dried up chicken. The worst at least in Fairfield Ohio.

My husband and I went to the Bob Evans #2070 for a meal last evening. Have had meals there in the past and were pleased, not so last night. He ordered blackened fish and it was ok. I ordered a steak with mushrooms and onions, cooked med. When the steak arrived my husband asked what was on top of it. The mushrooms and onions were so black you couldn’t tell what they were, the steak was very well done so I didn’t eat it. Husband likes his that way so he ate it. I am in food service so I… Read more »
We Ate there today and had the worse server ever. Husband didn’t like meatloaf dinner asked for something else,she yelled into the kitchen customers at table number ? doesn’t like your meatloaf we could hear her. got upset with us when we were not sure what we wanted when she came to our table. never offered refills, and we left her a small tip and she complained to other server when I was in line paying the bill could hear her . Then when I asked for manager she talked to other servers about me again where I heard her… Read more »

we went to bob Evans today for fish and chips the menu reads fish and chips with bread and two sides
we ordered and were informed that the chips were one of the sided so i suggest you say fish with two sides as the way it is is not only misleading it is wrong. however the fish is very good nicely breaded ans crispy the Cole slaw is delicious

I visited the Bob Evans restaurant located at 4629 Preston Hwy., Louisville, KY on October 22, 2013 with two other people. They each ordered breakfast from the menu and I ordered the roast beef dinner. The menu said that it was roast beef with glazed baby carrots over mashed potatoes. When my food was served I got mashed potatoes with roast beef gravy (very little meat, if any) and carrot strips (such as come in a salad). I did not complain at the time because, as I said, I was with two other people. But, it seems to me that… Read more »

Went to Bob Evans on Renyolds Road in Mentor on 5/14/13 … boy was I surprised to be charged $2.39 for a glass of coke. I wanted just a glass, I wasn’t trying to buy a 2-meter bottle!! That is crazy!! You just lost a good customer!!!

What was w err long with my comment?


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