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Last Updated On: October 24, 2016

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Bad service at a restaurant

This is the second time I have been treated bad at the Asian Fusion Buffet. The first time was a few months ago, my son and I went and the restaurant closed after we were already there for a while. We were still eating our food and someone told us they are closed. Several people came up to us every two minutes to tell us that they are closed and we have to leave, we were not done eating out food. When my son was walking after we were done eating, a guy was mopping the floor and backed into my son and did not apologize, my son apologized to him but he did not say anything, it was his fault for backing into my son.

I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and was followed into the bathroom by a lady that was watching me the whole time and telling me they are closed. This happened again last night, 7/9/15. I went out with family to eat at this Chinese buffet. My family left and I was still eating cause they went to a store to buy something and I had my car. I had a whole plate of food, a cup of ice cream and some crab legs on another plate.

A man came to me and told me that they are closed and I have five minutes to finish eating. I told him I can’t eat all this in 5 minutes. The same man came back 2 minutes later and said you will have to leave, we are closed. I said if you give me a to go container then I will leave. He said no we can’t do that, if you want a to go container you will have to pay extra. I said I am not paying extra, I said you will have to wait for me to eat then. He came back in another two minutes and told me again we are closed, you have to leave. I said again, two ways either you give me a to go container or I stay here and eat it, I already paid for this food. He would not give me a container, he said again we can’t do that.

Several other people came to me after teliing me to leave, there were at least three or four more people, two women came and I said either you give me a container to take the food with me or I stay here and eat it, I already paid for it. The woman game me a container for the ice cream, I was almost done with the rest of my food. I told her that is what I told the man that came to me three times, the same man.

When I got up I went to go to the bathroom to wash my hands cause they were dirty, several people, about 10 of them were telling me not to go, they did not want me to walk on the floor cause they already mopped the floor. One lady followed me into the bathroom and stood with the door open telling me again, we are closed, basically telling me to leave. They did not want me to go to the bathroom. Before I went to the bathroom my husband left me $20 to get change for a tip. The bill was around $70 for 5 people. I was going to leave a $7 tip. I was only going to leave 10% cause I did not like them rushing me out, several people coming and telling me to leave and would not give me a to go container unless I paid extra money for it.

When I came out of the bathroom and went to the cashier, there were about 10 people that worked there and they were all telling me that the man I was with, which was my husband said that the tip he is leaving is $20. I said you are mistaken, he left the $20 to get change to give a tip cause that is all he had was $20, the 10 workers that were there were all arguing with me telling me no he said $20 is the tip and he left it on the table. I said you are mistaken, he left me the $20 to get change for a tip. They kept arguing with me several times and said no he said the $20 is the tip. They were arguing with me over my own money about how much tip I should leave, it is my money also cause it is my husband that left the $20 for me to get change. Even when I told them several times they are mistaken that he left the money for me to get change.

I ended up leaving them an $8 tip, a little over 10%, even though they deserved no tip at all for the way I was treated. While I was eating I did not hear the waitress come and ask anyone if they wanted more to drink or see her take any dishes away and I had crab and she did not bring me a thing to crack the crab legs either. Before i left the man that was harassing me in the beginning, the first 3 times to leave he said no that is not right, you are supposed to leave the whole $20 that is what the guy said, he said that is not right. If I did not like the food there I would never go back to this restaurant.

The first time when I was there a few months ago with just my son and we were harassed to leave, I called and complained to the Manager but he just made excuses for his staff and told me sorry. It has not changed, this time it was worse then when I went with my son. This is the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant, if there was another buffet as good as this one I would never go back there again.

Before I left I said to the guy that was giving me a hard time about the money, they all were giving me a hard time about how much tip I should leave with my money but the one guy was the worst. I said to him maybe if I was not rushed out of here then I would leave a $20 tip but I said you don’t deserve a $20 tip. I hope something is done cause if this happened to me then who knows how many other people they are doing this to.

As I said, this is the worst service I ever had in a restaurant.


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