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The U.S. is a country full of restaurants and it is not surprising. Americans love food. There is no way around that fact. People in America have been sharing and mixing food from every culture in the world for over 200 years. There are very few places in the world that have such a vast culinary mixture of cultures like the U.S. You simply cannot find the diversity of people that live, work, and eat in America in any other country on the planet.

In the states, the Food and Drug Administration regulate all of the restaurants. That’s a big job and on behalf of or in addition to the FDA, oftentimes inspections and audits are conducted by state agencies as well. This work helps to insure every restaurant is a clean and safe place to dine in. It is important work, but the FDA cannot regulate everything that happens at a restaurant.

Because of the high standards of the law and even of the people themselves, you are almost assured a clean and safe meal no matter what restaurant you may find yourself in. This is why Mom and Dad feel perfectly fine when bringing the whole family to try a new restaurant. The only question people ask others about restaurants is how good the food is.

But there are places and people who do not live up to the standards that many restaurants uphold. Consumers need to be careful if they suspect anything is “off” about a place. Even employees of a restaurant need to be observed to make sure they are being safe, clean, and respectable to customers. There are plenty of things that can go wrong for a consumer in a restaurant that can range from rude to outright dangerous.

Restaurant staff can be a source of a lot of problems for consumers like you. Sometimes, you may get new waiters or waitresses who are still learning the job. Of course, people have a lot more patience for something like that that they can understand, but sometimes staff is outright rude. Have you ever been mistreated or refused seating by a host or hostess and received no explanation? You don’t deserve that as a customer—you’re the one bringing business to their restaurant! What about a waiter or waitress that takes out the bad day she is having on you and your family? Sure, you can tip them poorly in return but that person will just keep working there and disrespecting other people. You did not deserve to have a perfectly normal evening ruined by someone who works for the very establishment you were visiting.

Have you ever seen staff at a restaurant drop food, pick it up, and serve it anyway? These sorts of breaches in food safety should be taken seriously. People can get very sick and even die from poorly cooked or dirty food! Even the rumor of things like this occurring is enough for the FDA and other inspectors to check out the restaurant again; that’s how serious food safety is taken. Plus, the entire grounds of a restaurant need to be maintained. Have you ever felt unsafe or worried using a restaurant bathroom or any of its other facilities? Have you ever been concerned by a restaurant with too much dirt or filth in places where there shouldn’t be any? All of these problems are things you should not have to deal with.

What do you do? You stand up for yourself and file a claim on Complaint List right now! Filing a claim on Complaint List will put your story front and center on the internet. The restaurant you had a bad dealing with will be held accountable by the public. People will see your complaint! What do you have to lose? File a complaint today and make a difference!

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