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Last Updated On: March 13, 2016

Contact Information

Business Name: Diamond Resorts International LLC
Corporate Address:
7600 Mystic Dunes Ln
Kissimmee, Florida 34747 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 877-747-4747
Corp Email:
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 2.00 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 3

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $2,800.00
Average Reported Losses: $560.00

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Awful Mngt CS Security Nightmare

Checked in, customer service met us at the building to let us in,” we’re VIP Owners”, maybe that’s why. Anyway, she (Tonia) opened door, let us in,.stayed and talked for about 40 min, we unpacked, got together to leave for dinner (2 hours after check in), that’s when the hell started. Two couples opened our door to the room and came in, saying it was their room.

Long story short, problem went on for hours, we had no key to get back into “our” room, the other ppl had ours. Front desk was contacted by involved parties multiple times, mngt on duty notified, mistake erupted into a nightmare. We called front desk to ask for a key to get in the room to at least get our purse.

2 hours later a worker shows up let me in, saying he just got the msg, 2 hours later, and asked if security showed up yet. Wth! Within minutes 3 security officers show up saying we had to pack up all our things and move to another room, which we did, but shouldn’t have had to, for their mistake. The other party could have taken another room of the same size, since we were settled in already, they weren’t even owners. It was almost 11pm by this time and the kids and adults were starving, got stuck with fast food. We got back at 1am, and go figure, all 3 keys they gave us did not open 1 door!!

Back to front desk to attempt to get the correct keys, we finally got in at 1:30am. It has been 24 hours since the nightmare started, it still continúes, no resolution, attempts to correct THEIR mistake, no comps, discounts, no word from higher mngt, not even a sincere apology. We get the run around, ignoring of calls to front desk, lies and attempts to change their stories.

We were not only emotionally and mentally upset, highly stressed over a very long day, but the embarrassment of security guards to supervisor our relocation, it’s all too much. No one was yelling, fighting or threatening anyone. D**n thing is, we were told the ppl who insisted on the room, did not even stay the night! The problem still continues with no real genuine attempts to make a wrong a right. This is my best friends timeshare, and to think she was considering an upgrade and I was thinking of purchasing a week, fat chance in hell now.

We have 6 more days here, will post updates good or bad on this situation, but please do not bother using this place ever, many others that are better and without the problems.

Mystic Dunes Resort – 7600 Mystic Dunes Lane Celebration Fl | 407-787-5691


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Hi, my name is Sue and in 2010 I purschased a sample pkg for $1,400. I had to use it in 2012. However things got bad for me I lost my job after 13 years of service, no insurance, and I was suffering from a bad case of the sciatic nerve in my back. I contact Mystic Dune and spoke to (wished I would have gotten her name) who stated that she would extend it to 2014. Well when I call they told me I could only do April,May June. I could not do this so I spoke to a… Read more »

I wonder when I will get a response

I would like a manager of the sample pkg to contact me. I am very upset…I have been speaking to a Kayla, who has not helped me….I paid for a 1 week stay samplier. However times got tough and could not go down in 2012. Now mind you I paid 1,400 for this. i was out of work and a sciatic nerve flare up that was unbearable. I talke to someone there(my mistake and not getting name) who told me that she would extend it to 2014. I spoke to several people. First I had to take it April, May,… Read more »

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