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Last Updated On: September 19, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Mammoth Estates Condominiums
Corporate Address:
221 Canyon Blvd
Mammoth Lakes, California 93546 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 760-934-2884
Company Contact: Elliot Thompson - Proprietor
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 0

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $155.00
Average Reported Losses: $155.00

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BEWARE - Does not honor Listing!

With all my years of experience in writing reviews (both pos and neg) on social media sites like this, this one takes the cake! In fact, I believe they need to revise the 5 star rating “systems” to allow ZERO when the LAW is broken with such unprofessional and rude service (or should I say LACK there of?).

I have used successfully for most of my in-country trips in the last couple of years. My primary reason is because they seem to offer more “free cancellation “ than the others and since I am older and have some health issues, this is the way I need to go.

Several weeks ago I booked a short road trip to see the eastern side of our Sierra Mountains bordering Nevada. I booked all my chosen lodging looking for the “free cancelation” including a 2 night stay at a place in the touristy Mammoth Lake ski area, which was not easy to find since it will be mid-October and may be snow up there by then.

After a LOT of checking, I finally found a place called “Mammoth Estates” on the site that clearly states “FREE CANCELATION” and even the small print on my reservation states NOTHING WILL BE CHARGED until October 4, 2017 at which time one night’s stay will be charged to the card. I could live with this, as it gave me plenty of time to know for sure I will be able to to do this trip.

Fast forward to last week when I saw my VISA statement and noted that $155 (first night’s cost) had ALREADY BEEN CHARGED TO MY CARD WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR APPROVAL – SAY WHAT?!

I immediately contacted the property itself thinking is not the cause of this and I needed to clear up the misunderstanding myself directly with the property that mischarged my card – NOT!

Boy was I stunned (and eventually ANGERED) when I got a reply from the “night clerk” on duty that he was sorry, but that IS their “policy” and I had NO options.

Well it was late at night and I was not in any mood for this BS, so I answered him assertively and told him that they had broken the consumer protection laws here Cali where I live and also FEDERAL law (I believe). I asked to be put in contact with the owner/manager of the property and got NO REPLY whatsoever! SAY WHAT, TAKE TWO!

I then went to and filed a formal complaint, which was a waste of time. This is another future review in and of itself, but not here.

After significant efforts to get in contact with the owner of this business, which I have learned operates like the controversial “airbnb” based here in San Francisco (see my sharp reviews on my dealings with them in Iceland two years ago!), the owner (MS. JULIE THOMSON) sent me a short blunt e-mail stating that their policy is as I was told and I can go elsewhere if I like!

This really got my dander up, so I gave her a more aggressive reply pointing out that they have violated consumer law, as my WRITTEN reservation from clearly indicates I would not be charged until October 4, 2017 – I even provided her a copy of it.

She did not reply, blowing me off AGAIN!

After a couple of days I got a short pert e-mail stating that she went ahead and canceled my reservation and processed a refund to my card even though I had clearly told them I did not want to do because of the time and hassle to find another place to stay for those 2 nights. She even acted like she was doing me some sort of favor!

She contacted both and Expedia (they are connected like most US conglomerates these days) who in-turn sent CONFLICTING messages on this matter – One stated that Mammoth Estates “were unable to honor my reservation”, but they will honor the original price I had with another place that THEY WILL FIND IF I cancel the Hotels,com reservation myself – sounds like some sort of legal BS to me! The other stated the same thing, but indicated that I can leave the reservation in place IF I now agree to their up-front $155 charge – SAY WHAT #3!!

What kind of business in the hospitality industry thinks they can get away with this sort of blatant unprofessional way of operating?! I am old and experienced enough to know that this “age of virtual business” is full of flaky untrained and unprofessional armatures who do not know (or care about) the law and treating potential customers in a way that EARNs their ongoing support and business.

This is why I feel the duty and need to use this social media vehicle as a way not only of venting, but of getting the word out and hitting them where it will eventually get their attention – THEIR POCKET BOOKS!

BTW- I just checked the listing for Mammoth Estates and NOTHING HAS CHANGED – it still states NO UP FRONT CHARGES!

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