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Last Updated On: November 15, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Diamond Resorts Holdings LLC
Corporate Address:
3865 W Cheyenne Ave
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 702-804-8600
Company Contact: Stephen J Cloobeck - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.19 out of 5
Based On: 139 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 413

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $11,541,985.78
Average Reported Losses: $83,035.87

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Diamond Resorts International Disrespected me; did not try to work with me to reserve my vacation.

On August 16, 2016 I purchased my Diamond Resort package. Felix Girard was the associate. Three different times I tried set a date for our vacation. We looked at Christmastime, March and April for our 20th Anniversary. Mr. Girard gave me several locations and we settled on Daytona because we cannot go far as I have a 7 year-old grandson that I take care of in my home and he has to be in school. We couldn’t have Daytona because it wasn’t going to be ready. Mr. Girard gave me an April date and there was no one available to do a presentation.

I sent a (testy) email stating that when people take a vacation it is usually on our time not on your time and I have tried to be flexible.

Jan 20th Jodi Buckner emailed and called me to tell me that date was not available for the Miami location because again there was no presenter. This is very frustrating because:

1. The is the 5th time I have tried to schedule the vacation.

2. There are only so many available dates that I have to take this vacation and I wanted it to be a surprise for my husband on our 20th wedding anniversary.

3. He hung up on me with no date settled.

This is not good customer service and I admit that I got loud with him because he wouldn’t work with me to find an agreeable date. You have nothing to loose. You have your money and I do not have a reservation set for a vacation or maybe a time-share purchase.

Because of this, I would really think twice about a purchase offer. I believer it is on your company to work with me on this.

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More About Diamond Resorts International

Diamond Resorts International | Diamond Resorts Holdings LLC | Diamond Resorts and Hotels | Officers:
Stephen Cloobeck - Chairman and CEO
David F. Palmer - President and CFO
Frank T. Goeckel - SVP Business Development and HOA Management

Diamond Resorts International is a vacation, travel and accommodations company. Members of Diamond Resorts have exclusive worldwide access to THE Club, which is a member benefit program, which utilizes a point based system to help book vacation packages that are tailored to users, and for use as currency within the travel destinations. Diamond Resorts International currently holds a perfect rating with the BBB, but have settled over 300 disputes to do so. View Related Claims for Diamond Resorts International: Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf


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Steve, I respect your position on gun control but equally disagree 100% With your position. Myself & 100 million others will fight you tooth and nail. My semi automatic weapon as a law-abiding citizen who has done a background check have this gun to fight and out of control corrupt government, not to hunt. Read your US constitution. Out of 100 million gun owners one idiot, one more run is not going to give you Democrats the right to take away the rest of us responsible gun owner’s weapons. I am also sure your motivation has nothing to do with… Read more »

we got scammed in to DRI sampler program. And paid $4000 for 20000 point.
very next day went back on site to cancelled and getting run around.
they told me that its so easy to cancelled at the time of purchased and now they are telling me it’s non cancellable product,.
you must pay in full otherwise will send it to collection agency.
any suggestion how to resolved this.
lawyer is charging almost same price as package price.

Diamond Resorts, Polo Towers, Las Vegas. Sales rep Rick Casper and his boss and QA rep. Don’t believe anything he sales rep says during the meeting. He lies and the QA prep who does a follow up repeats the same thing the sales rep says. But if you decide to sign any document, which for not recommend, what ever the sales rep said was a lie. Don’t be dumb, say no. We regret doing business with DRI. There is a contract out on this sales rep and boss so that no one will ever be hurt again. Misrepresentation at presentation… Read more »

Has anyone ever heard of a program Diamond Resorts has called 30/30 program?


I would like to join the lawsuit. Can anyone tell me what a connection fee is. They are charging us 220 dollars for something they cannot even explain to us what it is for, not to mention my maintenance fees went up $300 more than when we were with our previous group. Diamond sucks!

Diamond Resorts International need to be stopped NOW. A federal investigation for elder abuse and their predatory business practices needs to be started immediately. They have taken advantage of many elderly individuals. They don’t follow the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. They’ve been told to communicate in writing only instead of their incessant and multiple phone calls per day. My parents are frail in health and elderly. They live on a very reduced income from which they pay high medical bills. All of this has been provided to Diamond Resorts in the form of hospitalization and medical records. Still they… Read more »
How do they live with themselves? Honestly they don’t care. Stay Vacationed? more like Stay fuxx. Purchased Sampler, then thought, HEY join. Thankfully I got out of membership. Sampler wasn’t paid for in full. They were sending my checks back. Saying that the account was closed. I was trying to pay for the sampler. After about the 5th check sent back, I stopped payment. Received Cancellation of membership letter, and if they were sending my checks back for the sampler, what would you think? I thought the sampler was done too. I had about 4000 points or so left, enough… Read more »

How can we get out from under these crooks, anyone know what to do. We paid someone n Chicago 700.00 to sell it and they were crooks too. This is just awful.

Not honoring their contract
I purchased their package thinking they were going to work for me and my varied work schedule, recently bought a plane ticket with them and they told me I can get a 20% reimbursable amount back, well a couple of weeks later, with no emails and no warnings, I went to claim it back and they’re saying there is a mysterious expiration date on this transaction. No where is the conversations i.ve had with them stated there was an expiration date on my purchase.

We were told, after paying an additional 20K, that we had upgraded from gold to platinum status. Now, they are saying that we signed FRAUDULENT papers (that Diamond had used to negotiate). If you are an attorney reading this, please contact me.

i would like to no how they justify . the rise in mant. fee’s to 1300.00+ on an odd year. i have talked to other owners that i Know that pay hafe that amount on an every year. so why am i getting charged for the extra year that im not contracted for.

Doing the same to us on Powhatan in Williamsburg. Crooks!

Diamond Resorts International is the worst Company I have ever dealt with. They coerce, they lie and the are after the money like blood suckers. A disgusting and shameful outfit. I will never set foot in another Diamond Resort aka Apollo

I tried to make a reservation, MY FIRST, just to find out that now we will need to make them a year in advance if we want to visit the beach!!! They are very shady and make it seem as though all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. Thank God we only bought the sampler!! Will NEVER any more business with this company.

Look we all have similar issues with this company so instead o just complaining about it any longer how about we all organize an file a lawsuit against them? That is certain to get someone’s attention

good idea, lets do it

Count me in….

I totally agree. I would like to join the lawsuit as well. Sales representatives pressure you so much and I have felt insulted. They have a very bad practice of ‘not respecting’ if you don’t buy. After the presentation, I told them that I could not spend $15K on my vacation. They talked to me in a condescending manner. It was so insulting and selling their product in a undignified manner. They have even mis-represented and mislead us to believe that we can use the sampler points to book our flight tickets. It was so brain draining and I didnt… Read more »
Join the discussion If there is a lawsuit, I think there will be many people involved. They are certainly very high-pressure sales people and will not let you leave without signing up for something. As owners, we bought a Sampler package not realizing we had to go a presentation for each of the “vacations” we took on the Sampler. We got 23 days out of the Sampler, but had to go to 4 presentations. Each time it was high pressure sales and when we kept saying no, the presenter turned quite huffy and of course went to get their superior.… Read more »

Join the discussion

let me know if you start one ( Class action lawsuit) they lied so bad to us and we have never been able to use it and now they want 2400 or else. For maintenance fees for only two years we wasted 15K on these crooks

They sold me on a resort that was fully owned, with owners who bought weeks, there’s no availability during the summer. They hook and bait and failed to reveal important information. I have written to the state of Virginia Attorney General’s office, State of Nevada with no resolve. 2 summers and still unable to reserve vacation at the resort I thought I had a stake in.

I’m in

I would join. We had problems getting any place because of the requirement to get a presentation–and many other issues.

One more who will get on line.

I am in

I’m in.

We got scammed by Diamond Resort International On October 31, 2016, we (me and my wife) attended a timeshare presentation at Polo Towers Las Vegas, Nevada by Diamond Resorts International which lasted for around 5 hours including the touring and signing of contract. Their agent, John Lazosky told us that with our purchase of 2500 points for $12,000 plus $844.00 annual maintenance fee, we can enjoy 7-10 days vacation at their resorts depending on the season. His manager, Milton Santana said that we would save money for vacation in the long run by buying their timeshares. We paid a down… Read more »

Cant u cancel the sale????

I own Diamond Resorts and just looked and you can get 1 week for those points.

Join the discussion

BEWARE!!! My wife and I were just in Vegas last month, at which we attended there full blown presentation. We were very impressed buy all they promised us, are salesman very concerned on are needs etc. everything went great, we signed a lot of papers. about what you sign on closing on a house, a six hour day with them. Don’t worry, we were told , we will go over the most important things with you, they told us how much it was going to cost how many points per year, don’t worry no out of pocket cost just sign… Read more »

We too fell for their presentation and got stuck with two Barclay Credit cards in the amount of $6,000.00. We are sick of these people and their ways and if there is any class action lawsuits being setup against them, please let us know.

On February 9, 2017 at 8:30 AM I had an owners’ update at The Ridge Resort in The Village of Oak Creek in Sedona , AZ. When I arrived I was put in the video room by myself. I was told that there were not enough salespeople and to sit and wait. The door was closed. After 15 minutes a man and woman came in. I do not know their names. They were rude, high pressure and insulting if I did not spend $10, 000 to increase my points. My answer was that I do not use all of the… Read more »

This Diamond resort is sucks, keep on raising the Dues nothing good is change, on hold for an hour and no room available, Pacific Monarch is better, again this company is sucks

file a complaint with your attorney general. see what happened in AZ

I will file a complaint with our attorney general. So many of these complaints, I would like to file a class action suit. I will check to see what happened in AZ. Thanks.

I also live in AZ let me know what happens. What I have notice is that you can get the same room cheaper than what you can get using the value of your points.

I am in

I too was pressured into becoming a member, the problem I had was that I was unable to pay the downpayment, so they set up a payment plan. After I left the presentation and returned home I had to change jobs, then had a hospital admission and was off work for six weeks secondary to requiring emergency surgery. Needless to say because of these situations my financial life has dramatically changed. there is no way that I can afford even completing the downpayment. I was under the impression, since I am unable to use the timeshare until my down payment… Read more »

Loss Mitigation is where you want to start. LossMitigation@diamondresorts.com

Do not stay at any Diamond Resorts especially The Point at Poipu Hawaii. They have no concern for your safety. And if you get injured on their property they don’t even have the decency to pay your medical bills. My wife slipped on a wet mopped walkway and severely sprained her ankle. There were no signs or any other warning that this was a dangerous area. After providing all the medical documentation they requested, Diamond refused payment stating they were not liable. How can they not be liable when they created the situation and had absolutely no concern for guest… Read more »

Sounds like a class action lawsuit is overdue against this company. They called me and were as nice as could be saying they offer no pressure. Judging by all these poor reviews, they must be related to Trump Towers.

I think we should ban together to make this know, tv, picket tweet, etc

Been on the phone with diamond resorts, Seattle and Las Vegas numerous calls to try and find a solution. We canceled our contract within the 5 day period allowed by Nevada law. We received the refund within 20 days however there was a large amount not refunded. We have since found out that we bought a sampler package that we were not told about, these extra points were suppose to be for signing up then and there, but it was separate and they say we can not cancel this package although we new nothing about a separate package. And if… Read more »

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