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Report Unwanted Call, Telemarketers, and Phone Numbers / Text Messages

In the United States, Congressional measures such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Telemarketing & Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act have restricted telemarketers’ abilities and powers, in a valiant effort to protect consumers. In addition, the United States and many individual states have created Do Not Call Lists to further protect consumers that would like to avoid direct phone calls from marketers.

However, regardless of the laws passed, unwanted, harassing phone calls by businesses will very likely always remain an issue, as long as the telephone is around. It is up to us as consumers to voice our complaints on any companies that engage in tactics outside of the law. Only by identifying them will change happen.

Unwanted text messages are the newest wave of threats to consumers, not only because they are annoying and potentially illegal, but depending on your cell phone plan these texts can actually cost YOU money. We feel this is a total injustice and needs to be stopped. There is nothing like the power of the consumer to weed out these people, and publicly tell the world who they are and what they tried to do!

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