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Last Updated On: September 3, 2016

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Business Name: First Re-Action Inc.
Corporate Address:
231 W Wingohocking St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140 USA

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First ReAction Phone Number: 215-457-3180
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First Re-Action Inc - Repo With A Attitude

I went to pick-up a car that had been repossessed by this recovery company based in Philadelphia, Pa. I had the money that they told us we needed to recover the vehicle and after arriving at the lot (address) where the car was towed to. A person showed up in a tow truck, but would not let me into the facility. I had to stay outside on the curb, while he spoke with the bank. After about 1/2 hour another person came out to tell me that there was more money needed than I was told. He advised me to call back after I got the extra money that was requested.

I returned with the money and 3rd person shows up at the gate of the yard to say that I must give him my Drivers License and the money. I responded by saying that I did not feel comfortable giving my license and $545 without even seeing my car first. All this is being done while he is in the yard behind a gate and I am on a sidewalk in a bad part of town. I advised him that I was not feeling good about giving a stranger that amount of money and my ID, then he disappear. He said this was the only way for me to get my car back.

This is not the way business should be transacted (on the street), I felt like a drug dealer and could have been scene as drug transaction. Once I complied, they brought my car out to the driveway of the yard. Asked me to sign a release paper and did not give me a copy of the inspection list. I had to insist that before I leave, I would be given a copy.

This should be reported to the better business bureau, but the company is not list in there system.


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My vehicle was repoed, when I went to pick it up the front bumper was half off. Christine came to the gate and she was def on some s**t. eyes all bugged and couldn’t stay in one place. all she cared about was the money. My personal items were not found and than they told me there was nothing in the vehicle. The only thing they left in my vehicle was trash. My Timberlands were gone and the guy who repoed came out and was high. Someone needs to keep an eye on this place there is def funny s**t… Read more »

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