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Last Updated On: July 27, 2017

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2417 Jericho Turnpike #145
Garden City Park, New York 11040 USA

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6 Weeks - No solution for my complaint

July 6th a repairman from TACO, Inc came to check out the hot tub. He told my husband, after he had examined the hot tub, that it would need a new pump.

My husband asked him to get it, and was told if they had one it would be a week to get it fixed, but if they had to order one it could take 4-6wks. My husband said fine, and paid the serviceman the $125 fee and said we would wait to hear from them.

After a week I called them to find out if they had the pump or if it had to be ordered. Mr. Robert Wilgaurs said they were working on it.

Every week I would inquire about the progress on getting this pump for my hot tub.

Without hearing from them, I contacted Home Advisor who also could not get any answer from TACO.

AFTER 6 weeks with no solution for my complaint, I got another company who came one day and found that I didn’t need a pump, but needed a new heater. They ordered the part and had it installed by the next day.

I would strongly suggest that Home Advisor take TACO, Inc off their list of contractors, as they were so unprofessional and gives Home Advisor a bad reputation.

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