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Realty situations can sometimes get messy.  When you’re looking to buy or rent a house, apartment, timeshare, or other piece of property there are so many factors to take into consideration that it’s almost guaranteed something’s going to be neglected.  Unfortunately, you may not know that you missed something major until the money’s been exchanged and it’s too late.  Then again, you might feel like you were cheated right off the bat!  No matter what your situation is, filing a complaint on can be one of the most effective ways to address your situation.  Here are a few of the Realty-related categories you might have complaints for:


If an apartment complex has a high turnover rate, you might be learning why that’s the case now that you’ve become a tenant or owner.  However, just because you’re “stuck” in an apartment for the duration of your lease that doesn’t mean that you have to simply accept your situation.  Filing a complaint with can be a great way to let others know just how awful a particular apartment complex and/or landlord is.


Whether you’re a house owner or a house renter, chances are you’re going to run into a housing problem at one point or another.  Hopefully the issue will be minor – one that can be resolved with a phone call or a few hours work.  But, you might be wrapped up in a much bigger problem.  Are you stuck with a house that’s nothing like what you expected?  Perhaps a realtor wasn’t completely forthright in describing the property?  You should let others know about your housing problems so future buyers and renters can be on their toes as they go through the housing process.  Complaints List is the perfect place to share these grievances.

Property Management

Did you hire a property management crew to take care of property that you own?  Or, on the on the other end of the spectrum, you might be a tenant that has to deal with an incompetent property management group on a regular basis.  No matter what your beef is with a property management group, you are encouraged to file on

Real Estate

Of course, there are plenty of good real estate companies out there.  However, if you’re reading this page, you’re one of the unfortunate people who did not have the opportunity to work with a good real estate company.  Were you lied to?  Deceived?  Cheated out of your time and money?  If so, you certainly feel outraged.  It could have been that you were shown a house that was completely different from the description that originally enticed you.  Or, even more seriously, you could have ended up buying a piece of real estate only to discover that you overpaid by a lot because of false analyses.  Whatever your issue is, you should file a complaint today about the real estate company that treated you unfairly.


Timeshares account for the final major issue many people have in the Realty category.  While timeshares have largely fallen out of popularity because of their bad reputation, many people still use timeshares for taking vacations.  Besides, just because timeshares have “fallen out of popularity,” it doesn’t make it any easier when the fact remains that you’ve been screwed out of your time and money.  If you’ve had a terrible experience with timeshares, please do yourself and others a favor by sharing your experience.  Not only will you feel better in venting about how awful the timeshare experience was, but others will be thankful to come across your honest account as they do their own personal research.


When it comes to realty, there are many more problems you could have than the ones that are listed here.  Filing a complaint on Complaints List will help open the eyes of readers who may not have even conceived of the issue you currently face.

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