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Last Updated On: February 15, 2017

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Reported Losses: $999,000.00
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Is Sotheby’s International Realty a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Jane Roffis-fujinaka Deceptive, Misleading, Unethical, Dishonest

Deceptive / Misleading / Unethical / Dishonest – Watch Your Backs Because They Are.

When the realtor across the street has her eye on your property tread carefully because she will do whatever it takes to get it while pretending to be a friend. A close friend who was having financial troubles confided in the women across the street, who was also a local realtor at Sothebys she started the greed driven self motivator on a path that as an outsider looking in was exactly whats wrong with our country today. Knowing ahead of time that she and her group of realtors/Investors with a rude lesbian lawyer acting as king of the LLC’s and supreme commander of Fraud AKA The Buyer in place and waiting for the right property with the right stuff.

The right stuff being a seller who lacks experience with selling and buying real estate,one who is stressed out and financially not healthy, one who has little to no idea how an escrow should be done and one who is not versed in the laws of contracts. This was the perfect storm for this realtor to do right by her peers and snag a one of a kind piece of land with an amazing ocean view with a pool overlooking the mighty Pacific ocean.

What they do is convince the already stressed homeowner that in listing below market [there is no market for this property its that special] they are going to “create a buzz” and end up getting more.In this case she underpriced it around a million dollars to low, then has a all cash offer two days later for five grand over the already mega low listing price, then she arranges a ten day escrow[who does that? People that want the deal to be done before anyone gets smart] and during that ten day escrow she’s out of town for half of it while the escrow, and title have their way with someone who was already in fear of losing their home, and doesnt want to sell but feels if they dont that they will lose the equity as well as the home.

Escrow has their own games and distractions and of course the title company [Chicago Title] one of the ugliest has their BS all while the realtor who is meant to represent the buyer is off somewhere and pretends she doesnt need to do anything for her 75k commission. Escrow refuses to answer questions and pushes the sale through even bringing a non-principle into the deal and letting them put stipulations on how the proceeds get distributed while I am begging my friend to cancel the deal and fire this b…h. She was confused and didnt know if they would make big problems for her and the reality is they would have never let her out of the deal they would just push it through, I asked her to ask them where the monies coming in were coming from and how much and also going out and if they would provide a receipt for a wire or check and they stopped taking her calls.

So as I said they were going to close this regardless and the so called buyer who has her name attached to a llc that is in 40 states some active and some not, who said she was going to be living in the house and lives in Colorado, who her and 30 of her so called relatives [realtors using fictitious names, they can do this in California] Collecting farm subsidies on farms that dont exist while the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet these scammers and real estate industry folks are working and raping the system and the state and nothing is being done. File complaints with the regulatory bodies and they ignore you,send emails to the Governor he ignores you, you senator same stuff so just know that a very large % of the realtors are not to be trusted, Never ever trust a title company or escrow they will kill their own mothers if it will bring a profit.

Jane Roffis-Fujinaka, and her group of lames are responsible for this one and Im sure many more so WATCH YOUR BACKS, your elected officials have zero incentive to help homeowners as they think transfer tax $ Higher prop tax [20-30k per year on this]. Everyone thats a player in the game is paid and their pension funds get fatter while the people they are meant to work for get the royal screwing.

Thank you Jane, gov brown, the entire California real estate industry, and the fake buyer.

Jane Roffis-fujinaka – Sotheby’s Realty – 15308 Sunset Blvd California Pacific Palisades

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