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Last Updated On: December 8, 2016

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Business Name: Kennon Parker Duncan & Davis Realtors
Corporate Address:
5670 Whitesville Rd
Columbus, Georgia USA

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Phone Number: 706-256-1000
Company Contact: Dan Parker - Owner, Partner
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Average Rating: 2.00 out of 5
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $4,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $4,000.00

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Disappointed/Duped potential veteran tenant

I completed an application fee of $50, security deposit of $1, 195 for a property in Phenix City, Alabama on Brighton Court. Out of 15 properties over the course of 5 months, this property was one of the cleanest and actually close to being rent ready in this area under Coldwell Banker/Kennon, Parker, Duncan and Davis Realtors. KPDD, as they are known is the largest real estate company here, next to Waddell Property Management Company. 90% of the properties are dirty, smelly, insect/rodent infested, holes in the walls, damaged fixtures, needed maintenance work, grass four feet high, and falsely advertised in terms of square footage/amenities, and overly priced considering the market area etc.

However, in regards to the Brighton Court property, I simply asked for the washer/dryer that was advertised and in the home when I first view it to remain in the property. In addition to that I requested that the carpets be clean, general cleaning and maintenance, grass cut, and touch up painting to be done before both the walk through and moving date, which is scheduled for July 24. I was emailing Heather Martin consistently about my request on the following dates July 6, 7, 9, & 15 about an update and answers to my request.

Meanwhile, I am transferring, disconnecting, and initiating utility services, cable, internet, change of address, and the completing tasks in preparation to move. I even had friends aid who traveled to aid me in packing, paid month to month rent to my previous landlords, Summer Lake apartments.

On July 17, the day I asked for an update in reference to my request from the owners, KPDD leasing agent, Micah McGuire informed me via email, CC: Heather Martin and Liberty Anderson, the other leasing agents that the landlord was not interested in returning the washer and dryer in the home or doing any painting. However, they will cut the grass, (not trim the hedges) upon moving date, and do some light cleaning. Also, Micah stated that the carpets and inside the house were professional cleaned after the last tenants.

With that being said, I needed to let them know as soon as possible so that they could put the house back on the market. If I decide to cancel the reservation, they are willing to refund my application fee and deposit. I was furious to say the least so on Saturday, July 18, I wanted to speak with Micah in person concerning this matter and look at a few houses that were available. Unfortunately, leasing agents don’t work on the weekends. My best friend and her husband, whom are also landlords in Seattle, and Warner Robbins, and I explained the circumstances and conditions of all the properties we saw in the past and earlier that day. They were in disbelief that KDPP would accept, falsify any information, or even consider some of these homes rent ready. They were also mortified that they were under Coldwell Banker, which is a reputable company that they use themselves.

The office clerk tried to contact Micah via cell phone to confirm what I stated, but he didn’t answer. Then she states that I couldn’t receive my deposit back, which is company policy. I have packed boxes, movers paid and scheduled for Friday, July 24th, purchased a washer and dryer, changed address with businesses, creditors, etc., and wasted time and money to be duped and taken advantage of.

Here are some honest, constructive criticism:

1. Please don’t label, lie, falsify a home as rent ready, when it’s filthy, damaged, or even a health hazard.

2. Please be honest and with the landlords about the condition of their property before taking it on. It’s on the market for 75 days or more because the house is overly priced, too small, lacking amenities, and simply in terrible condition. The first impression is crucial.

3. Columbus citizens, businesses, landlords, tenants, schools, hotels, as a whole needs to increase their cleaning standards.

4. Inform your workers to work on customer service some are very rude

5. Get feedback from potential tenants for each property you list.

6. Be sure to check on properties monthly, complete maintenance, maintain lawns, give updates and constructive feedbacks to landlords.

7. Don’t be arrogant because the company is the largest in the area or take advantage of military or DOD workers with these substandard, as is, foreclosure, overpriced properties.

Kennon Parker Duncan and Davis Realtors – 4621 River Rd Columbus Georgia 31904 706-327-2255 

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