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Last Updated On: May 26, 2017

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Business Name: Accent Consulting Group Inc
Corporate Address:
5209 Winston Dr
Indianapolis, Indiana 46226 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 317-546-3009
Company Contact: Brenda Stephens - President


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $86,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $86,000.00

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Discriminating Appraiser

We had a pending buyer for our home and the lending company sent an Appraiser out to appraise our home. The appraiser was from Indianapolis in Marion county and I live in a small community in Madison county. She had no knowledge of our community. The appraiser showed up 45 minutes late and proceeded to pull into the grass and make ruts in my yard beside my garage so she could take pictures of my garage from inside her car instead of parking in the 2 paved drives which would have required her to get out of the car. She finally pulled around to the front of the home and parked in the drive so she could come inside the home and take pictures.

After getting out of her car she never bothered to introduce herself or show me any identification. She was very rude and unprofessional. She came into my home, took some pictures and ask me where the crawl space and the attic were located. She proceeded to knock the attic access door off with her cane and stick her camera up there to take pictures. She could not get the door back on obviously.

She then stuck her camera in my crawlspace. However, on her report she stated that she completed a head and shoulder inspection of the attic and crawlspace which was bogus. She also could not get up off of my floor after getting down there to take pictures without leaning on my cabinet to do so.

I tried to tell her about all of the renovations that had been done to our home such as new interior paint, nnew hardwood floors in 3 rooms and a new front door however she could not give me the time of day to listen. She proceeded to tell me that my 28×40, 4 car garage was only a 2 car garage because there is just 1 double door and she never even bothered to look at the half bath in the garage because, in my opinion, she could not walk that far. I showed her my 28×40 polebarn and she never bothered to look at the heated office or the section with the overhead door that has an attic.

She valued my pole barn at $4000, but it costs over $20,000 to build it and my 4 car unattached garage at $1000, no one could build it for $1000 but that’s what she claims. She was more concerned about how many times trains come down the track then anything else and the train tracks are a block from my house. She claimed on her report that the boundary road was 2 miles away which in not even in the city limits instead of using the major highway that is very close to my house. She was so inept that she claims I have vinyl floors when I plainly told her that they were new wood floors.

Now, I had an appraisal of $80,000 last July and I have spent over $3000 since then as well as the fact that the house next door to us sold for $80,000 last fall. I do not have anything against people with disabilities but this woman could barely walk, she smelled of body odor, she had a pink stain on her skirt, she was unkept and unprofessional. She did not like me because I was white and she gave us a low appraisal which ruined the sale of my home now and for the next 6 months due to the fact that we now have a bad appraisal on the record for anyone who would need to get a government loan.

The appraisal was appealed by the real estate agent and the lender because they saw that she had purposely tried to mess up the sale of her home, they pointed out all of the inaccuracies and she still refused to correct them. She had nothing to gain for not appraising our home correctly and accurately but she refused to do so. Accent Consulting Group Inc, Brenda Stephens, 5209 E Winson Dr Indianapolis IN was the appraiser.


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