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Close allows users to complain about Real Estate companies, businesses, or websites. If a Real Estate company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

CondoCompany.comReal estate can be residential or commercial. You can buy a house in town or you can buy 15 acres up north and go hunting in the fall. You can also buy or lease a building and start your own candle shop or restaurant. You can look for real estate to purchase online or you can drive around and look at property through your car.

If you are looking to buy a house or some property or if you have bought some in the past, chances are, you went through a real estate company. There are many companies out there. There are small local real estate companies or there are large, nationally-recognized companies that may have a local agent in your area. Whether you went through someone small and private or an agent who represents a larger national chain, you have an opinion and review of how your service was and how you were treated.

Perhaps you were working with a real estate agent and you told them the ball park figure you were looking to spend, but they were pushing you to try for something above and beyond what you were hoping to pay for. Or maybe they based what you could afford off of your looks. Maybe you wear a lot of sweat shirts and jeans and look on the brink of poverty but make over $30 an hour.
Did they base what they thought you could afford on how you appeared to them or how you spoke? Did they try to dissuade you from the better homes in better communities because they felt as though you couldn’t afford it? Your ability to buy a house is determined by many factors including income, credit history, and ability to get a loan; so if you want to purchase a home, it is a good idea to have some idea of how much of a loan a bank may approve you for.

If you were looking for property further away from where you were located, did you spend time looking at real estate websites trying to find what sort of homes were available for purchase and get a general idea of what the house looked like and the condition of the house? Was the real estate website accurate or did it mention just the bare minimum, hoping that someone would be interested in the house?

Was there perhaps a ranch-style home advertised as spacious rooms, two baths, pool, basement, and 3 bedrooms? But when you went to look the walls were kicked in, the copper wire had been stripped, and the missing bathroom toilet proved the piping had been removed so you could see straight into the basement? Were you so frustrated by misleading real estate homes on their website that you switched real estate companies hoping to find a less misleading company?

And when you decided on the perfect home or property, was all the paperwork taken care of in a timely manner? Was everything that needed to be signed provided? Was everything filed properly with the state or did you end up getting charged more in taxes because your home was classified as a rental even though you actually own the home? Were you told perhaps by your tax consultant that the realtor hadn’t submitted the paperwork properly and that was causing tax problems the following tax year?

Also, online real estate scams do exist. If you are selling a property online, beware of someone who sends you a check to purchase or rent property from you and immediately says they back out and asks for a refund. The check you received will probably still be on hold at the bank and the check you send for refund will be real. The scammer then gets your money and the check they sent you will bounce. You don’t want to give money to real estate scammers so be cautious.

If you have a real estate complaint about a particular real estate company, agent, or if you were given a name of someone pulling real estate scams, then please share them here at Help others avoid scams and misrepresentations.

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