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How I have lost $60,000

I wanted to tell everyone my story on one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life. I went to an event run by Tony Robbins and he brought along this guy with him, Dean Graziosi. Most people who did a sales and marketing speech that day were people who could easily take advantage of the victims attending Tony Robbins.

Tony gets the mind set ready for these types of vampires. You come off your commonsense and general reasoning. They prepare your psychology by stories such as “Who took my cheese” and showing sport coaching videos.

Do not be stupefied by these psychological tricks. They show you the video of a guy who needs a coach saying how much coaching you need and how great they are in taking you to where you want to be. A lot of beautiful and gloried talk on motivation, taking action, working hard etc, etc.

They tell you all of that because they know people do not like their current status of being employed and working everyday. They know people want to have their own business and they take advantage of that.

Dean Graziosi is one of these vampires that you have to avoid and be very careful.

The course promises a lot to drag you into their sales funnel. Initially through Tony Robbins you get dragged into a three day seminar. In that you are being presented with a series of information on real estate. Then they divide you into three groups and allocate a coach to you and socially put you under pressure. They show you the story of who took my cheese and then ask you which one of those are you identifying with. They tell you when you are about to die you do not regret things you have done, you regret things you have not done.

After you are into the funnel, they ask for $28,000 to $38,000 depending on how much you are happy to pay. Most idiots on the day were women, migrants or employees with no previous business and sales experience. They easily get swept by the promises.

They sell you a package of a software called Property Pro, telling you using that software you can access any information about any property you need to know. They tell you about their summit where you can buy properties and they tell you about their attorneys and accountants who are supposed to SUPPORT you but in a better way trying to rip you off very hard. They tell you they pay for your plane ticket to this imaginary event that never happen, they tell you about the rooms booked for you in a hotel that does not exist and they tell you you can go to any boots on the ground ( but each time they are going to ask for more money from you).

And guess what happens after here you pay the money and because you have paid the money you are trapped. What happens next is you only go to an event for three days taught by a guy who is being used to catch more fish and stupefy you more. He says how many properties he has had, how much this program helped him, how he did it and how much income he is earning from all his properties.

They tell you how to find a person called A as cash buyer and find a person C and seller and you will be here in the middle as a buyers agent to connect them together. What they do not tell you is how much time you have to waste over the phone to find cash buyers and houses if you are not local. They sell these programs to people outside US who have no access to auctions, no way of finding properties of low cost, no way of finding cash buyers except the giant companies who buy properties for cheap. They do not tell you the hard reality behind it.

And the ripping off caries on. When you are into the program they call you for a one to one coaching and ask for extra 10,000 and that coaching is just a 15 minutes call and most of the time that person is doing boots on the ground, their phone never answers and always goes on answering machine. They disappear whenever they want to.

You watch the videos and try to work hard applying them but the reality is all they want is selling you more stuff. This is how they do it, you need a mailbox in the local area, they refer you to someone who is going to charge you triple amount of what it really is to give you a mailbox. They are going to lead you to a hard money lender who is going to charge you a fortune for lending you money. They are going to send you a link to a site where you can purchase a list of cash buyers they are actually their own bunch and not one single of them are cash buyers; just a way for you to pay them more money.

If you ask to go to another boots on the ground, they call you and ask for more money. When you tell them you have already paid $38,000, they pretend that has not happened and you are still have not paid for something…

And guess what happens after this, your property pro membership expires and you still have to pay more for another year if you want to continue… I have never seen a money thirsty person more capable and more keen in his ability to negotiate and sell people… He sucks your blood to the end…


Then worse than that is his legal team who want to charge you a fortune of $6000 to provide you with an LLC and then their accountants SAFEGUARD and TAX CENTURY. They call you in advance to ask their yearly fee which is twice or triple the amount of a usual accountant. And the silly part is the monthly fee they charge to be AVAILABLE to answer any questions you have – and the really is you get a dumb old man who is never available and does not know anything except on how not to spend time and his valuable energy on stupid idiots like you who are not good at looking after your money.

And then at the end you have to deal with a super crafty lady called Wendy Young, who is a super expert on throwing you back and forth until you get tired and give up asking for your money back.

They do these crafts on people on a regular basis and if you fail they accuse you of not working hard, not doing things they were teaching and etc, etc. It makes me feel sick and wanting to throw up how much I spent days after days and this was the result.


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You should file complaints about these people with your state’s attorney general or the attorney general in the state where they are located. Looks like at least some of them are in Utah.

This sounds like everyone is just throwing money into this training and seminars thinking that, that’s all there is to it. It seems like everyones looking for a shortcut and no one wants to PUT IN THE TIME to get what they want. Why not just goto the library and pick up the millionaire real estate investor or other books like it? All your comments sound like you threw all your money into these seminars expecting a return. ABSOLUTELY NOT. You are paying for the training and strategies. If you don’t implement them yourself in your own way, then why… Read more »

You sound like another con man fronting for the typical bait and switch tactics these scam artists use to lure more money out of people.

You are right, if all you do as a teacher is talk about the upsell you won t teach people a thing.People should walk away from you immediately before your arrogant attitude does them harm.

How It Works: I hope I could find (or search) something like this before to make a big mistake. You buy Dean Graziosi book for $20 hoping that it will help you by itself. You’ll never receive the book, instead will have repeated harassing phone calls to convince you to pay $6,000 in advance for a series of online real estate video courses and telephone support sessions. They encourage your dream of financial independence through real estate. They guarantee all your money back in 30 days if haven’t completed a deal (yeah right). After 15 days I found 2 potential… Read more »

If you bought land from them in one of the “buying summits” best check to make sure the title of the land has changed to your name. It appears they are not filing the title change (especially in Florida) and then reselling the land right out from under you. And, since the title is not filed, the tax bills are sent to them, not you and now, you are overdue in tax payments. This is all a big scam.

They don’t give a d**n about anyone’s wellbeing. They put all these videos about various sob stories up and have you all watch them and make you think the tax liens and the other opportunities they throw out there are so easy to do and will make you SO much money. The ONLY way they are making their money is by getting all of us schmucks to sign up for their seminars and buy all the crappy liens and other properties they are selling. He recruits some promising people to be speakers for him. I also have a feeling they… Read more »

I took a $40,000 loan out of my 401k and have yet to be able to make a real estate deal. Everything taught to us could have been learned in day or two. It was totally overpriced and I’m kicking myself for getting suckered into this. I would love to get my money back!

This fool is a scammer. How gullible is the general public to buy into this nonsense? Has everyone already forgotten about that other POS Armando Montelongo and his stripper wife?

I used all my saving 40000.00 and my credit card limti of 15000.00. and I can’t do anything about it. because I don’t know what to do. help please. thank you anyone

I read all this while sitting on the toilet taking a crap. I though it was dry ironic that all I was reading was a bunch of people talking crap. I’m sure if it didn’t work for you because you didn’t work hard and expected everything to be handed t you on a silver platter. Investments are a fish and you need to do your own due diligence and research. Real Estate is a tough thing to jump into. I can teach you se very sound strategies, but if you don’t implement them; its your fault not mine.

Like sitting on the craper

Exactly this is a real business like anything else you get out of it what you put into it! People need to stop watching these “reality house flipping shows”!

We worked our a***s off for a long, long time and every time we tried one of their ideas, we got a door slammed in our faces. The banks don’t sell foreclosures for pennies on the dollar and you can’t get people to just sell their house to you because you are the good guy. I work full time besides trying to keep up with all of that stuff. My husband is retired and did all the running all day, every day for a 6-9 months. It kept costing us more every time we turned around. ITS A FREAKING SCAM.
after doing a search at the library, I found one of these books called “Profit from real estate right now”. I wanted to learn about real estate so I thought I should check out a book and start reading. After reading 9 chapters from this Dean guy, and doing some research about him and his program online, I feel like I have been taken advantage of for wasting my time reading the 9 chapters from the book. now granted, I have not fell victim by attending the seminars and wasting thousands of dollars like a lot of unfortunate people have,… Read more »
after doing a search at the library, I found one of these books called “Profit from real estate right now”. I wanted to learn about real estate so I thought I should check out a book and start reading. After reading 9 chapters from this Dean guy, and doing some research about him and his program online, I feel like I have been taken advantage of for wasting my time reading the 9 chapters from the book. now granted, I have not fell victim by attending the seminars and wasting thousands of dollars like a lot of unfortunate people have,… Read more »

Folks, I am trying to get a list of everyone who has been deceived by D/G. We need to prove to an attorney that there was deception on their part and that they knowingly lied to us about what their company cod or would do for us if we paid for this membership.

Go to my Facebook page and hit LIKE.

Did you ever get any takers? I tried to find the page on Facebook, but it must have been taken down. We were bilked out of more than I care to say.

I encourage everyone send me a thousand dollars and I’ll tell you to jump off a cliff.

People help me make money before you throw it away!

THERE IS NO VALUE FROM DEANS PROGRAM. I went to the program and went to the las vegas buying summit thinking that I would have the opportunity to buy property before everyone else in the program but by the time I was able to get information on properties they were no longer available. For the amount of money he charges you can buy a house…I fell taken advantage of and no given any value. I am still in the group everytime i call for help they are only concerned about looking up deans site NO GIVEING LEGITIMATE RESOURCES. They do… Read more »
We went this weekend in Seattle and we learned a lot. (good and bad) We chose not to invest in the system and asked if we could work on the things we had learned so far and come back , they said no. we wanted our moneys worth and said we would like to stay for the rest of the seminar (last half of third day). Deno said no and claimed we were negative and had negativity that we were adding to to the classroom. we spoke to no one. clapped when asked to clapped. followed directions. we promised not… Read more »

I attended one of his seminars last year and after reading all of the complaints just reconfirms my gut feeling that this was a scam. Dean’s weekly videos are very inspiring but I’ll use that inspiration in starting my own business not fairytales that cost people their hard earned money. Thank you to everyone who took the time to post their experience with this get rich scam!

I register people for these Dean Graziosi events. Frankly I feel it is your choice to do such a thing and I am just the middle man. People should NOT pay for these if they don’t have the money. Don’t quit your day job and go all in to invest in real estate. Most of the time we who register people for events get to hear all the complaints and insults from unhappy customers. Please do not take it out on the poor people that are registering you for events that YOU want to attend.

If you gave Dean your hard earned money then you are a victim of your own weapon’s grade stupidity! Nobody with half a brain would fall for this bullcrap in this day and age. Let me help you, Carlton Sheets, Dean Graziosi, Rus Whitney, etc. make their money by selling you hope not by selling info that will make you money. You Are The Income Not Real Estate! Understand.

hello everyone, you probably don’t know where I am from and I will tell you. I am from a little island called Guam. We are way out in the pacific area. Matt Davis was our instructor and I can tell you that he was very upfront and informative. To say the least that he just wanted our money is not true. I sat down one on one with him and asked him straight where he was in his life and where he is now. Had it not been for Dean’s group he wouldn’t be where he is today. He actually… Read more »

So how did it work out?

That’s how I feel . If you just want to b***h don’t join. You have to have positive attitude to make it work. success is not called laziness.

Dean states on his Facebook page that "at least 12 people will become millionaires after reading my new book and I personally invite you to become one of them today. I’ve boiled everything down into the exact steps you must follow."

12 People? Not 11, Not 13? Well I wasn’t one of the 12 and with those odds it might be hard to find one of them…

I tried to come up with the 39,000. to pay for the advanced training. I get every personal loan I could, maxed every credit card, and pleaded with every family member to invest in me. I called the team with the bad news that my husband and I couldn’t come up with all the money. They said how much could you get? I said 9K. they said can you do more. I said I have one more card that will not increase my limit and only has 300. they said here is what we can do…..We will give you training… Read more »
These people should be in jail, and likely will at some point. I attended the introduction presentation and had to walk out halfway through because I was just disgusted by what I was hearing. This is a scheme and they trick you into believing you are at the start of hitting the jackpot. I’ve been an investment consultant for many years and can tell immediately this is a rip off. Only reason they haven’t been shut down already is because they claim they are educators and not investment advisors. Please avoid this at all costs, you will only be ripped… Read more »
We went to Direct Buy a few years ago. Almost purchased a membership. Actually placed it on our credit card. We fought & got our money back. I haven’t noticed the ads lately. Have ppl wised up? I signed up to attend one of these events. I will not attend; it’s just another scam. They prey on people who want to believe. Some do succeed, but nothing is foolproof or riskproof. Some insurance companies do the same thing. We want you to pay this so you can MAKE this! The people calling you are victims themselves who need to make… Read more »
My husband and I attended the 3 day workshop of Dean Graziosi’s program. The instructor was very convincing, so my husband and I decided to purchased the Diamond package. Since mu husband’s money wouldn’t be released for another a week, they told us to put a deposit as much money we could get, Fortunately we put a deposit of $3,000. They have been calling us everyday asking when we were going to send them the $37,000. Until we got suspicious about it, and concluded to cancel our purchase. We called one of DG’s staffs, he instructed us to return the… Read more »
You are lucky that you only lost $3000 on this SCAM. I paid the whole $40,000. Charged it on my credit card because I did not have the money to pay for it. My Credit dropped by a 100 points on doing this. The class was worthless! Useless seminars! I bought a Trust Deed for $45,100 with my retirement money at the Buying Summit at Vegas. I got interest payment on that money for about 1.5 years. Then it stopped. I have been trying to get back my $ 45100 for the past 5 months. So, far I dont know… Read more »

Did you get your m0ney back?

A group representing Dean Graziosi was here in the Maryland area. The offer was free CD of two books by Dean Graziiosi which was never provided for those who stayed the entire time while the presenters kept stalling to sell products and a 3 -day workshop. What a shameful act of Mispresentation.

Went to a free seminar they held in Minneapolis, MN. I did not attend the 3-day workshop only because of my financial situation. Afterwards, they have been calling me non-stop. I just recently spoke to a gal representing them and she was a big "B*TCH" trying so hard to sell me on continuing the program. Then she was assuming and telling me that if I don’t get involved with the real estate program then my life WILL fail and I WILL be miserable. I was like, "really huh, if you know so much about my future then why didn’t you… Read more »

Be glad you didn’t go, we did. We are out at least $30,000!!


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