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Last Updated On: April 10, 2017

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Business Name: Tate Publishing and Enterprises LLC
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Tate Music Group & Publishing Phone Number: 405-376-4900
Company Contact: Ryan Tate - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.25 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $65,183.88
Average Reported Losses: $1,975.27

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Totally Deceived

Our band did a marketing and distribution deal with Tate Music Publishing in 2015, and they delivered what they promised. We did a lot of research into the company before doing that first deal, because it sounded like a scam, but they delivered.

We were contacted by the company to do a recording contract in the summer of 2016. For the purchase price of 750 CDs, they would record and distribute the album. Since studio time is fairly expensive no matter where you go, we decided to go for it. We upgraded to include a music video, with the total coming to $1760.

It seemed too good to be true, but having a positive first experience, we felt it was safe to do it, and used our credit card to pay, in 3 monthly installments.

The religious guise and signing their stupid statement of belief was always an irritant to me, and now I have to say as a result I am extremely leery of anyone who claims to be a Christian. Tate Music Publishing was sure to contact us every month, to the day, to charge that card. Once it was paid in full, months went by and we heard nothing about getting our project started.

Finally, in December, we got through to someone who forwarded us the requirements. We got to work on what they wanted for submission to pre-authorize the lyrics and per-song requirements. When we were ready to submit, our contact at the company claimed she was hacked, and then we were unable to get contact with anyone at Tate Music Publishing any longer.

After a few months of trying, finally we found out the company had “closed”.

Thanks for the notice!

We had a written contract, by the terms of your own contract, you were bound to provide us with notice. Since NOTHING was provided by Tate Music Publishing, we feel we should receive a full refund. By this time it is March.

The credit card company will not let us file a phone dispute because it has been over 90 days since the charges were made. We did file a written dispute with the credit card but are waiting to hear.

We also filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Attorney General, which ALL OF YOU HERE SHOULD BE DOING ALSO! (Go here: to file complaints with the OK Attorney General).

I don’t think the company on this thread, called Morgan and Morgan are legitimate either. Their site does not work, plus, with class action, the attorneys are the only ones who get paid anyhow.

As for us, we’ll wait to hear from the AG and if our credit card does not recover our funds, we’ll pursue other legal options.

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After seventeen years, Dr. Richard Tate, creator of Tate Publishing, has shown his true colors! The Tate family has closed its doors after ripping off thousands of Christians who paid to have their books published. I had one of my novels printed by this so called Christian company in 2006. I attended the National Christian Book Sellers Convention in Atlanta a year later. Ryan Tate, the son of Richard and Rita Tate, invited 70 authors for coffee and donuts plus a deceptive pep talk. The Tate speaker proclaimed over and over again to us, “You are Authors!” My heart sang.… Read more »
Hi, my name is Betty Ward in Lady Lake, Florida. My first book with Tate went well. I signed my second contract with Tate in December 2016. This book was to be completed, off the press, the end of March 2017. I moved from Orlando to Lady Lake in February. I am now devoting my time and energy in finding out what I need to do to get my money back. I need to know if I can go forth with another publishing company at this time. I am vivid, and I would be interested in starting a class action… Read more »

I tried to get in the class action with morgan and morgan and was turned away?

Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, PhD

My book, published in 2014 by Tate Publishing and promoted in 2015, just won the 2016 Living Now Evergreen Bronze Medal Award to commemorate “world-changing books published since 2000.” I also purchases a Publisher for Life agreement with Tate, with the hope and plan of publishing my next book manuscript, which is nearly complete. Now, with this new development, I feel cheated out of both my money as well as the opportunity to publish my next book.

The Tate’s knew what they doing all the time. Most of their staff did to. One of the greatest cons in years.

My book was published in 2013. I received all books I initially ordered. I was happy with Tate Publishing until we got to the marketing department. Tate Publishing marketing did help me with 2 book signings. I received a couple of small royalty checks the first year but none since. They promised an ad on Dish Satellite TV that neither my family or friends ever saw and Tate can’t prove to me Dish actually ran the ad. My book was also put on Amazon as an eBook as promised by Tate Publishing Marketing Director, but the price was extremely high,… Read more »

The vast majority of Tate Authors sold less than 100 books. This didn’t stop them of from preying upon the dream of so many who wanted to be full time authors yet did not possess the skills to achieve it.

I was in the same boat as al of you and considering a class action law suit. This was not the proper way to end a company
. My third book was ready for release and a fourth was already sent to production when they filed bankruptcy. I never receive a royalty check. Their information submitted to me was so poor an account of book sales, I knew I could not trust them. I am still reviewing my legal rights.

I have published 2 books with Tate and was in the in process of republishing my first book when this happened. I had a feeling something was up when my calls were not being returned or when after much complaining some different people would call back making excuses. I can’t believe this. I am so devastated. I paid $1040 for revising my script and republishing it. I was looking forward to all my plans for the reissue of my first book. Any advise or suggestions from anyone?

I would love to participate in a class action suit against this company. Any suggestions anyone?

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I had been so excited to have finished my book and was ready to publish, I had read some of Tate Publishing reviews that I had found and the company seemed to be a good Christian Company with God centered beliefs. So, I took my manuscript and my money to Tate Publishing to make my story come to life. Unfortunately, they took my money and now their doors have been closed. I don’t have my money or a published book. Where do I go from here? I don’t know. Now I am not going to feed my hurt to slander… Read more »

Jaimie, never give up and always trust in Him. Tate is and was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I will gladly discuss your Ms. with you along with where you are in the process. I believe that God puts people together for a reason. Give me a jingle please and God bless… Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing

Thank you Jaime–you voiced my sentiments exactly! I did receive my first book order and had 3 book signing events, locally. I pray that every book that went out will bless someone and that they will find the Lord. That was my purpose for writing it. (Sabados con papa)

Still waiting to hear something from Tate but without avail.My book was supposedly to start editing from December 2016 . made many calls but phone unanswered. This was my first book , which took me almost 8 years to write, Very disappointed. Don’t know what else to do. Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean, I hope you did not pay them upfront. Maybe I can help you. Please contact me thru my LinkedIn site or call me at 845-343-4110…

God bless… Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing

Sharyl Radigan Maglionico

I just discovered my book on Amazon. It says “out of print limited quantities available”. That means they have some? Did they sell some and not pay out the royalties? My children’s Christmas book was all ready to go to print, supposedly….I even ordered 100 books so I could get them out for Christmas. I not only paid to get the process started, I paid $1000 for a rush (in September) and ordered the books a month before Christmas. I didn’t receive anything and now am out almost $3000.

I have also been ripped off by tate and have recently found out that AFTER they closed their doors they raised the price of my book on Amazon and also on Barnes&Noble.com. That means they are still profiting from my book or they wouldn’t have raised the price. I have spent hours on the phone with Amazon. My hands are tied, I cannot remove my book from either of these sites. Check it out if your book is being sold on any websites or book stores, Tate is still profiting.

Ripped me off for 4500 or more. Not counting the royalties they haven’t paid in years.

I got an email from Tate Publishing in Sept. 2016 for a contract to publish 3 books for the price of 1 book. So I agreed to the contract and sent them my money and 3 of my books. Now after recieving the same email as Wendy Harvey. My friends are waiting for my books to be released for sell at the end of March which is around my birthday.. It was gonna be a special birthday, but not now.. I paid $895 for 3 books and they have 4 of my books.. They need to be stopped from doing… Read more »

Wow, I can not believe all this, I just tried to get in on the class action suite against Tate, I got pushed to call the bar in my state. Anyone else have this happen when trying to get involved with the class action law suit?

I am filing a class action lawsuit against Tate Publishing. I have the same complaints as everyone here, so I will save you the time. If you want in, then please contact Morgan and Morgan at 877.605.3086 or http://www.forthepeople.com. If we do not unite in this we are going to be the only ones that lose.

I am also one of the authors affected by this disaster. My 2nd Book with them “Out From the Emerald Woods” made it all the way through the production process and is currently in the marketing process and I can not get any copies of my book to sell. They are telling me that I have to send them $50.00 in the form of a check or money order to even get my files and proof copy. All phones have been disconnected and all email contacts come back mailer daemon.

They should mail your docs back free of charge. Tate, rip-off til the end. I have warned writers about Tate for over 5 years. Thanks God, some listened. God bless CL and I hope the matter gets resolved.

Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing

Hello, we are also authors with Tate, and also have money owed to us, not having access to our files (unless we sign away and PAY for our own rights.) No way. Does anyone know if there is anything (class action, etc) that is being discussed? Many thanks for any help.

I’ve almost come to the conclusion that I hate Christians but I’m sure there is some decent ones out there. But Tate Publishers have iced my cake!! I sent a general inquiry about publishing my book with them in November 2016 with their $895.00 contract. Rita Tate called me right back so I sent her a few chapters. Four hours later Richard Tate called me explaining how impressed Rita was with my work and offered the contract. I paid due and signed the contract. Neptalie Ponferrada emailed me with details where to send my manuscript. Mid December 2016 I sent… Read more »

Back in 2007, Richard Tate called me on the phone and shared how wonderful my book was after reading a few chapters. Deep down, I had a red flag. I’m more of a teacher than an author. Even so I handed over $4,000. After meeting several Tate staff members a year later at the National Christian Booksellers Convention my heart sank. They were so disingenuous! I knew I’d been had!

Robert, there is always a self-publishing option thru Createspace and Amazon KDP. Might I also suggest that you join LinkedIn. It’s free and there are 100″s of writers there that will gladly share their knowledge. I have been a member for almost 7 years. Please check it out and God bless…Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing

Hello Robert, I am a Christian and share your frustration with Tate’s unethical, illegal, and certainly un-Christian business practices. They in no way treat us, their employees, or their service contractors as dictated by the Bible, so please don’t confuse their despicable behavior with how a Christian company should behave. I am pursuing legal action against them for multiple incidents of breach of contract, as are many other authors who have been deceived and ripped off by Tate Publishing. You’re right that we need to pray for them and they do need to right the wrongs they’ve perpetrated against so… Read more »
From the email notification from Tate Publishing announcing that they were closing their doors permanently leaving 35,000 authors out in the cold, there was no prior notice to prepare violated authors. The next and last email notification from this charlatan publishing company was to provide authors the opportunity to have their files returned under the condition that they terminate their contracts. Our files are being held hostage if we do not comply with their demand to release them from our only weapon for litigation. Would it not be foolish to allow this company to cancel our contracts when they cannot… Read more »

Thank you for your information. I too am a Tate author since 2012. I have filed with OK Attorney General and received a call back. They were very nice and took all information. However, were not very hopeful as to any restitution for losses. Not sure what they will do. I’ve lost nearly $12k with all the promises, gimmicks, speakers bureau, unpaid royalties, advertising, books never received. It’s disheartening. Didn’t know about this Creative Space. Something to add to the list.

Nancy, 12K is a lot of money. Those at Tate, as we know, will pay in the end. Good luck and God bless…

Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing

Thank you so much for recommending the Facebook page for x Tate victims. I just requested membership and sent a message to “Guido” the page administrator.
I do hope that we will keep in touch regarding any actions with this publishing monster. You could email me at fwhite645@gmail.com

Hay everyone, my name is Alphonso Lott and I am the author of “Doe’s America Believe in Jesus Christ.” I am so very sorry for your experiences with Tate Publishing. Like all of you, I too have been taken and it’s unbelievable that a company like this can get away with so much abuse. So, I met a young man at my church who’s name is Gabriel Wallace. Mr. Wallace told me he publishes books and after an hour of conversation he showed me the successes he was having with his own book and others. His prices are good and… Read more »


Hello Angie Cox, I clearly understand your struggle too and I’m sorry that you are also a victim of Tate Publishing. I am sadly another victim as well. I worked on my novel very hard from the age of eight and finished it at the age of thirteen. I got published by Tate at age fourteen. My parents have very low income and they saw that this could be a great opportunity, so they paid the expensive fee even though they rarely pay that much for something like that. I did many book signings, sold very well in each of… Read more »
I too have had a bad experience with Tate and I am out over 2000. I would like to join the complaint and suit when one i filed. I give them 1 out of 5 and their service is terrible. I order copies of my books since Oct 2016 and still have not gotten them. Other books in production were never completed. And every one of my mangers kept leaving so the projects stalled. They should not call themselves a Christian company for they are robbing God’s people and he will surely repay them in 2017 for what they have… Read more »
Direct email from former Director of IT @ Tate 17.Jan.2016:: Jon Christopher West January 17 at 11:36am Hey guys, I’m sorry for all the issues you have had with Tate Publishing. I’m not an author with Tate Publishing, I was an employee. In particular, I was their Director of IT for several months. I left because of you guys; I had in depth information about the process, production, and issues and there was no way to make a change in the company process to better serve you. It’s a bad excuse or explanation, but I did not have the knowledge… Read more »

Thanks for putting my name on here!

So, I sent part of the email implied here, but not as an email. I do suggest contacting the attorney general or perusing the lawsuits, but I’m not confident in the BBB to make any change since they are not a publicly accountable organization- they are a company and can be corrupted.

I would like to join a class action suit. Please keep me informed because I am very disappointed in this company.

I want to join too please share the info so that I can also sign up.

Unfortunately I am one of those authors who was part of the TATE PUBLISHING LIE!

Has anyone filed a ‘class action suit’ yet? Contact me if so or not.


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