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Close allows users to complain about Publishing Services companies, businesses, or websites. If a Publishing Services company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

Flip through a magazine in the doctor’s office or at a friend’s house, and you might find yourself thinking, “Hey, I wouldn’t mind ordering this magazine for myself.” However, if you’re reading this web page, it’s probably because you seriously regret having had that thought in the past!

Unfortunately, publishing services can be some of the most ruthless and abusive companies around. Give them your billing information once, and you might be stuck with harassing phone calls and more junk mail then you ever thought possible.

If you’ve had enough from these disreputable publishing services, then it’s time you show them that you mean business. File a complaint on to let the publishing service know how you feel. Also, you’ll warn your fellow consumers throughout the country and around the world when you file a complaint on

Many publishing services have a rather innocent front to them. After all, you would never expect a magazine-affiliated company to resemble a professional debt collection agency. However, these companies can play as dirty as anyone else.

If you were caught off guard by a publishing service, then you know that it’s quite likely someone else will be caught off guard, too. Don’t let someone else go through the same troubles that you had to endure with a publishing service company. File a complaint on Complaints List today!

There’s no better place to file a complaint than Complaints List. Our expert staff will put their search engine knowledge to work so that your complaint appears high in the Google ranking charts. When you post your story here, you can be certain that it will be seen by the people who need it most – and that includes the company you’re complaining about! So, don’t delay; file now.

Below is a list of current consumer complaints for Publishing Services companies. On this page you can browse through these current user reviews and complaints.

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