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Last Updated On: November 26, 2017

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Let my son off bus somewhere else

My son, that is 12 years old, was taking the late bus home (first student bus company bus 12 #1) from Maryvale Middle School, Cheektowaga. The driver never stopped at his stop, and it is the last stop on the bus.

He told the driver his stop was missed, so the driver let him off farther away from home. Never turned around to take him to his stop.

Not only it was some blocks away, it is rush hour time so for him to cross busy streets that he is not use too, if he would’ve got hit crossing this would be a different email…

I called the bus service right away because my son was very upset and he never walked from anywhere away from home. I got nothing, so i called today.

Next day all i got was- we will call you back. Never got one.

I called again, said they will call back, nothing.

I called customer service and they said they talked to Becky that was handling and she will call me in 5 minutes; nothing… Told me that they have to talk to driver…

I normally don’t complain but it’s my kid, what if that happened to my 7yr old! I know there are cameras on buses.

Now if i get nothing i will alert news and maybe something will be done… So my 1st call was before 9am est and now it’s 2:28pm est and no call.


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My son was let off the FIRST STUDENT bus 25 minutes early at an undesignated stop. A month later they let him off to no familair adult. The story is much longer and has caused A lot of damage to my 5 year old autistic son. It made the news in portlamd, or. On 11/20/2017 LEG CH. 8 and the Oregonian did an article on it as well.

My son has been verbally abused by a driver since the beginning of the school year. She tells other students to not talk to him because he’s a “bad kid” she threatened to put a rag in his mouth if he didn’t stop making fart noises, gave the entire bus a bag of skittles except my boys because they’re “bad kids” but most of all she started his day by forcefully grabbing his arm telling him he better not misbehave today. She has psychically and mentally abused my child, yet continues to retain her job bussing children. First student has… Read more »

Bus driver in Cincinnati is NOT using FLASHERS or STOP SIGN while loading disabled child. Also, waving cars around the bus while operating lift with child in wheelchair, etc. Not being able to get behavior changed…

Bus driver in Cincinnati is NOT using FLASHERS or STOP SIGN while loading disabled child. Also, waving cars around the bus, etc.

Three year old with autism. This bus has had problems since Sept. Two days in a row was an hour late so he was on the bus 1 1/2 hours.

I’m so disappointed in 1st student busing company in Lawnside NJ. The operators Marisol and Dwayne are very disrespectful and refused to give me info to file a complaint. In 3 months my children were late to school and/or missed the bus due to driver call outs and lack of communication to school and/or parents. After contacting the schools transportation coordinator and the board of education trying to address the issues with no resolve, I did finally find the cooperate number and filed an official complaint.

I have a problem about your bus driver of bus #103 hammer PM willow creek, my friend Braden Armstrong was recently hit and the bus driver seemed to take little action about it.
In his view we have been causing him some trouble with us all yelling and being loud, and even got a assigned seat because of that. But that is no reason to neglect the situation.

Omg, I’m very disappointed to see that other people are having the same issues with this company for years now. I love in Weatherford TX and its the same problem. From literally day 1. We moved to TX from CO end of first semester 2015. I the company has switched drivers on us at least twice. First my daughter who isn’t the same color as me (her biological mother died when she was a baby), was not allowed to get of the bus because we didn’t look the same or so it seemed. Then the bus started coming to the… Read more »
I’m finally fed up My Kids catch bus #180 to Woodford Paidea. It has been the worse year ever. They are left at the bus stop for a hour today 2 hours. while I was told the bus is late. The bus has already dropped at school, Called the school informed Me #180 wasn’t at the school 25 minutes late. the bus driver skipped the stop.1st student very rude.The dispatcher HUNG UP on Me and wouldn’t answer the phone. All year they have been negligent the bus driver even tried to fight a parent on the bus because, She left… Read more »

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