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We have a strict policy against users submitted false information, and every user agrees that all content they submit is true and accurate. Because of this we have a very low dispute rate (less than 4%) but of course there are devious people out there just looking to harm other people or companies good names and reputations. We take every action possible to protect people from such actions but of course it would be simply impossible to enforce as we are in no position to make a judgement on the accuracy of what users submit and our site being an interactive computer service cannot get involved with what user post to our site in order to follow the law and maintain our protection under the CDA (section 230). One step we have taken is implementing a program to help companies and people protect their names.

As a subscriber to our Protect Your Name service you can rest assured that someone is out there monitoring the Internet for people that post false information about your Company or Your Name!


Protect Your Name Pro – With Protect Your Name Pro you will get notified within 24 hours if someone posts something about your company or your personal name on our site. By finding out right away if something has been posted you can deal with the issue immediately. The most damage to a name happens when complaints go unnoticed and start to get indexed by search engines, the longer something is online the more people see it and the more it gets spread around the Internet.

Protect Your Name Premium – With Protect Your Name Premium you get all the benefits of Pro along with a monthly report of any cases your name or companies name not only shows up on our site but also on other websites. Our sophisticated Internet crawler constantly monitor the web for your name and and whenever something is found we are notified and include and information we found in your report.

Protect Your Name Gold – With the Gold Plan you get all the benefits of Pro and Premium but at a much more frequent rate. Instead of just a monthly report we will notify you the day our crawler finds something and also include recommendation on how you might be able to deal with the complaint.


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