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Last Updated On: January 1, 2016

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WRI Property Management - Lights Out For 2 Days With No Response From Company.

My husband and I currently relocated to Florida. My children still live in Georgia. My daughter is going to college in Georgia and my son currently works at a printing company. Due to the situation with my daughters college we wanted her to finish school in Georgia, but we were worried about leaving her alone. My son suggested that himself, my daughter, and a mutual friend rent a home together in the area and everyone will split the bills. This has worked out beautifully for us, with the exception of the management company.

Upon them moving into the home it was soon obvious there was an electrical issue with the home. My daughter calls me one afternoon very upset. the power is flickering off and on and she can smell smoke and some fixtures are burning. I am of course upset as I am 7 hours away from them. I instructed my daughter to turn all lights off and call the management company. She did this. No one responded in any way. Before the end of the day I called and informed them of the issues with the power and that this needed to be addressed ASAP. No one came or called. Keeping in mind the temps at night were in the 30’s. When my son arrived home from work I had him turn the breaker off. They were unable to stay in the home that night due to NO POWER.

The second day when the company opened I continued to call all day and was even hung up on by the maintenance person. I called back to speak with someone in charge. Explaining the situation and informing them this is what I do for a living and if they can not get someone out I will have my electrician come out and they can pay for it. At 7:30pm that night someone finally showed up. Come to find out a squirrel chewed through the main line coming into the home. The local power company had to be called out and it took several more hours for the power to be restored. In the meantime, due to the power issue, many items in the home were ruined, even though these items were plugged into surge protectors.

I informed the company that due to their lack of response I felt they needed to make good on these items. Items included, laptops, tv, coffee makers, and groceries. I was told via email (that took 5 days to get a response to) that we needed to file on renter’s insurance they would not pay for these items. I have been in the property management business for 16 years and I HAVE NEVER DONE A CLIENT LIKE THIS. YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LACK OF RESPONSE. SO FAR THEY HAVE REFUSED. I have requested someone with more authority to contact me and still 3 days later no response. My next recourse will be to file in small claims court to recover money for these items. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

DO NOT USE WRI Property Management Company located in Buckhead, GA. They do not have a clue.


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I called them too and no one is returning phone call in a timely manner with me either. Their prices are too high way above market. I dont understand why people are not bothered by these ridiculously high rental cost in Atlanta for property that is clearly not worth paying these amounts for….

I am a current renter, and i have never had to rent a property that i did not recieve ALL of the keys to. I had to pay for my mailbox key and did not get reimbursed. I actually called the company first to find out if they were going to reimburse me and the lady stated YES, after submitting my reciept from the post office, they did a small investigation! for what I don’t know, its not like I was trying to get reimbured the total of my rent, just what I was out, my $23.00. After days later,… Read more »
After reading all the complaints I still tried giving them a call for a home in McDonough Ga. Had been trying to contact them for 2 weeks just to view the property. Finally got someone on the phone set up a viewing. And less to say no one showed up to show the home. Calledl the rep back voice mail full. No call back no follow up. I will definitely NOT be calling them back. All the comments are adding up to be TRUE. Not professional at all, but had no problem sending over a application, said there is no… Read more »

We have had a horrendous experience with them and a home we rent. The septic system has been a nightmare since our move-in in April. We still continue to have the issue unattended to. I have had to make threats to put rent into an escrow account until they make the repairs. If they refuse to within 7 days I will use repair & deduct option that is a tenant right in the state of GA. Goodluck to you. But these people have no clue.

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I have had so many issues, I quit calling. They never call back or take care of the repair. When they did respond the maintenance guy is extremely rude, this is the most unprofessional company I have ever encountered. To make things they are buying property like hot cakes. I To my understanding they are a bunch of investors that have come to the US.. SMH

They hire con artist who should be locked up and never allowed to buy or sell or lease real estate. One of the owners owes me several thousand dollars and his personal home is in foreclosure. I would worry about getting into a rental or financial agreement with anyone this careless. I have to blame the Ga board of Realtors for letting these film flam companies in GA


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