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Last Updated On: February 16, 2017

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I am a current renter and thank God our lease ends March 30th 2017. Our lease started September 23rd 2016. Upon moving in we had to compile a list of things that needed to be done, which for the amount of rent he charges that should not have been the case. There were light fixtures hanging by wires. Pickets missing on the rear deck that sits 15ft off the ground. Burnt electrical receptacles. The garage door would not close… I could keep going but it actually gets worse.

The back yard was overgrown with brush, weeds and bushes. We wanted to enjoy the view from the rear deck so we took the liberty of removing all the overgrowth. As we were progressing in this endeavor we discovered that past Tenants had discarded old household items back there such as tv’s, bed frames, etc. We informed Todd and he said he would come and remove it.

During this process we also discovered two very large holes in the back yard. Todd said they were from work done on the septic tank. We asked him to fill them in and he said he would. Today is Feb. 15th and the holes are still there and the debris left from the other Tenants I had to remove myself. I had to call Hall County Code Enforcement to file a complaint regarding the holes because they are a serious safety hazard to our children and dog.

While I had Code Enforcement here at the property I showed them my front deck that leads to my front door. It sits approximately 6ft off the ground. Todd has the support pillars sitting on bricks which sits on a sloping yard. With Todd’s experience he is well aware of building codes and public safety. Sometimes to provide those basic things requires one to spend money… I assume he cares more about cutting corners than providing a safe environment for his Tenants.

Currently I have a kitchen sink sprayer that has been leaking since December 2016. An oven that sometimes overheat or don’t get hot enough. That has been going on since we moved in. We have a water heater that builds up pressure and dumps water out the drain which we have to pay for… Todd has stopped returning my emails regarding my maintenance issues. Issues that has been going on for months.

A slumlord is an unscrupulous landlord who milks a property without concern for tenants, neighborhoods or their own long term interests.

If you are reading this consider yourself BLESSED! If you take heed. And for the record. Our rent is ALWAYS PAID!


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