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Last Updated On: April 5, 2017

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Business Name: Seabreeze Management Company Inc
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39 Argonaut #100
Aliso Viejo, California 92656 USA

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Phone Number: 949-855-1800
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Company Contact: Lisa Dale - CEO
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Horrible Property Management Company neglecting simple repairs

Over SIX WEEKS AGO a homeless person jumped the fence to the pool/spa. In the process, he stepped on and broke the PVC pipe that refills the pool/spa. Simple, simple fix to repair the PVC. Seabreeze Management FAILS to return calls and FIX THE PVC.

Instead, they are taking bids for a more extensive fix by running pipes underground. They can have gardeners fix the PVC in the meantime for less than $50.00.

This property management company took over the property about seven weeks ago and have FAILED us with SEVERAL issues. They are slow, paid to have our broken fence/gate into the pool TWICE.

The first fix worked perfectly. I then saw three more contractors messing around with the gate with NO IMPROVEMENT

. It seems like this company is racking up the bills. Not sure if they charge by the job/hour or what but they are slow and intentional in taking their time.

A SIMPLE PVC glue and connectors would have the pool up and running. Because it’s not running, there are Ducks, dirt, moss in the pool and just right DIRTY.

Most Recent Reviews

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