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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Main Street Renewal LLC
Corporate Address:
8300 N Mopac Expressway #200
Austin, Texas 78759 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 512-851-8950
Company Contact: Clay Hobbs - President, CFO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 25

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $144.00
Average Reported Losses: $72.00

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I called a few months ago because I was not bale to pay my rent online and the rep for mainstreet asked me how my ac was performing and I said I did not think it was working well upstairs. so she suggested I put in a maintenance request to have it looked it and stated that they were behind because everyone was having ac issues for the summer and she said the wait may be long. Maintenance request could not be completed online because the system was not working in mainstreet’s end so she gave the number to call.

I called an told the other rep for maintenance the exact same thing the first rep told me to do. the same week technician called and said he would be coming out to my home but could not tell me when. My filter ifs the large box filter ($60) and it has to be placed in the attic. I thought the tech would call me to schedule but he never did.

I scheduled for my husband to come by the house swap my filters so I left the filter up against the wall where the attic door pulls down because I have an injured back and cannot get into the attic. my husband was scheduled to come to the house after work and be there before 6:00 pm. I left the home and went to the grocery store less than 5 minutes away when I received a call from an unsaved number.

I answered the call and it was the technician telling me he was at my door and no one was answering. I told him he never called and told me he was coming and he said he was in the area and decided to stop by. I told him I would come back home and be there less than 5 minutes. He told me was going to access the attic once inside.

I opened the door and the tech went upstairs while I ran to the living room to deactivate my burglar alarm. I walked upstairs and the tech was closing the attic already and he said I put in your filter you had for you and I said I didn’t need my filter put in as he was quickly exiting the home and he said I have another home to be to but call if I need anything and he was gone.

Maybe a week later I have a $144 charge on my account from mainstreet and I have received various reasons for the charge. I have called and talked to many people, left messages over the phone and online and they just ignore me and send me letters to pay the $144. Reps have been very rude and the customer service is stressful and horrible.


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My credit is not great and I am looking for a company to rent from, despite the property problems does anyone know about the approval process?

If you are reading this and considering a Main Street-leased property, I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, BEG you to look elsewhere. This p**s-poor excuse of a company left a water leak unaddressed for almost a month, ultimately breaching TX property code and being unresponsive to my attempts at contacting them. After a week of having our water shut off, carpet ripped out, and slab busted up with a jackhammer, I had no option but to take my family to a hotel out-of-pocket. After contacting an attorney about the whole situation, it was agreed that I was legally… Read more »
Just moved in so I can’t say much about how fast they respond to service requests BUT on day 2 of our move in we smelled gas. Called the gas company who came out and verified that the actuator on the water heater was leaking and needed to be changed. Upon hearing that I called the emergency service line. Was transferred to what was clearly an answering service, which said the company doesn’t handle gas leaks… and told me to evacuate the home, turn the gas off and call the gas company. I explained the gas company was already there… Read more »
MAINSTREET RENEWAL is THE WORST!!! We have lived in a home leased by Main Street Renewal in Fort Worth since March 01, 2014. The only reason we even renewed the lease is so my son can graduate with his friends. Graduation cant come soon enough! I have reported several items in the home and they either just cancel out the WO or just don’t respond so we finally stopped requesting stuff. If they don’t care about their investment why should I! So I started back up over the summer and thought I would try one more time to get some… Read more »

You are so F$&& RIGHT I hate this RENTAL Company they are FULL of BS

I rented a home from Main Street for 4 years. I moved out of the home in July and completed all of the required tasks (cleaning, carpet, repairs, etc) and still have not received my deposit of $1050 back from them. They claim to have sent it to the rental home (they never asked or returned a message to get a forwarding address), but to this date I have not received any checks (currently going on 7 weeks). I sent numerous emails and left numerous messages which all went unreturned. I did receive a letter in the mail dated 7/25/17… Read more »

You need to file a complaint with The Georgia Real Estate Commission.

I totally agree. Just rented with them in Atlanta. move in scheduled for 9/1. Prior to move in, I asked about a door which leads directly into home which is a security risk. There was no refrigerator, there was a part of house closed off, asked if it was available with property and if it was laundry/shed area. The AC unit was absolutely filthy. Shoddy work. Was told they would send in a field administrator and that refrigerator would be in home by move in. They could not tell me if the property used gas, told me to call the… Read more »
Tell me about the same BS Happen to me and my Family….Move in date 9/3 in the Offices signed lease with move in prorated amount get a call for a Person name Stacey office Mgr he turn around and say since my lease was not signed WTF when he Mad the Mistake On There End That I was not able to anything to open Docs with errors on the Company summit they get my $1095 and he turn and said since I don’t since the lease in 24 hr he put the home back be available I told his A*s… Read more »
I wanted to share what an awful experience we have received from Main Street Renewal LLC. A home was rented in Carrollton, TX for just a few months back in Nov 2015. Proper move out notice was given and although the home was left in very clean and perfect condition, not one penny of the deposit was returned. Instead, the former renters continue to receive harassing contacts from collections agencies for a charge of $2129 for unsupported damage claims. If there were any damages, they occurred after the property was vacated and the owners should have filed a police report… Read more »

It has been exactly one week since the service guy was out fixing my ac unit and it is now out again. Thks company sucks and so does their Customer service. I will be seekinh legal advice today to see what can be done.
Angry, frustrated tenant.

I do not advise anyone to rent from this company. I have rented from them for going on 2 yrs now. The rent is outrageous and they have no urgency in regards to repairing my AC unit. I have placed 5 plus calls to the customer support as well as 2 calls to the company that was supposed to contact me regarding fixing the issue. No one from Air Service Experts called as I was told that they would and when I called them they refused to schedule an appointment. They would only say that they had received my work… Read more »

This company hasn’t very poor communication skills. Took 5+ visits for our ac to be fixed. It was to the point that the supervisor gave us her personal cell number to contact her with photos of what the ac was/wasn’t doing. Now I’ve been trying to contact for 3 days and the phone service hangs up on me and no one is responding to emails. I can’t wait to get away from this company

If you are looking for a rental, do NOT consider Mainstreet Renewal!!! We have been with them going in 3 years and had ac problems EVERY year!! After a new unit last year we thought we were in the clear, not the case. We have been without our AC for a week now. When I ask to speak to a manager they tell me they are disconnecting the call, I have messaged and called repeatedly. We had an AC appointment set up yesterday, with a vendor they assigned, Mainstreet canceled the appointment and never even called to tell us!!! We… Read more »
This company is absolutely the worst. They do not care about anything in the house or what you have to go through. My daughter started by putting a hold (money) on a house and they said it had just come on the market and was ready. We went to look at it and it was so dirty and every sink leaked under the sink. It was unreal. These people do not go and make sure the house is ready or if what was done was done right. I really do not like greedy people like this. Now it has to… Read more »

I am with you Going to get to the Bottom of this BS Company

I moved into one a home on Jan 7, 2017. On my move in lost I noted that my back yard had leaves and trees shrubs in it. I ask them to have the back yard cleaned they stayed no. They said I been in the place for three months and should have requested this already. I told them I only been here for two months and when I moved in January it should not be any leaves in the yard. They have cancel my work orders already twice. I spoke to Latasha Brown who stated Shen is corporates department… Read more »

I had the same issue with Latasha! She asked how else she could assist me after giving only options instead of solutions – I asked her if I could speak to someone else and she told me that her word is Bible and that there was nobody else to speak to.

I spoke to this same person that refused for me to talk to a manager. I told her we could sit on the phone until she let me speak to a manager and she said she was disconnecting the call.

I had the same thing happen to me today regarding the AC unit being out since Friday 7/7/17

The house we moved into in Norman, OK looked wonderful on the surface. However, when we moved in, it was a different story. They promised to provide a garage door opener remote. They provided the wrong one, and didn’t give the correct one until a month later. They put in a brand new fence only it had a gap large enough for a grown man to walk through. It also took them a month to repair. The house violated fire marshal codes because NONE OF THE WINDOWS OPENED. Finally, Oklahoma Natural Gas refused to light my pilot light because the… Read more »

file a complaint with the Oklahoma Attorney General. Just go to the attorney general’s website and you can do it online. Also file a complaint with the Oklahoma Realtors Commission. They can pull their license to sale and rent property. These people are predators without question.

I live in one of the properties for 8 months and the house was not put together well everything was cheap and falling apart. First it started with the infestation of the ants at that time I moved in I was pregnant and when I had the baby I called because the I sprayed in the house with any spray and that wasn’t working so I called to see what they can do. They told me that I had to get the problem fixed. They where do bad until I had Cooks’s and Terminex to come out to spray every… Read more »

I have been dealing with a issue of unauthorized fees they keep adding to my account since november 2016. I keep talking to different reps who lie and say they will cll back and i recently asked for a manager and they said we can have one cll you back and they never did. Lets just say imm not letting this slide and will not be renewing my lease. I will contact corporate as well. I pay rent on time every month.

I would recommend anybody dealing with these people to not let them handle business the way they want and keep filing complaints, if you want to get anything handle at your property go through corporate office, not Atlanta, i move in file to have Maintenance done 1 week after moving in, they made to house look good for move in purpose, i ask to get rails in restrooms toilet tissue holders and closet shelves done better being they where not secure 4-5mths later after complaining about my closet shelves feel down, someone came fix the closet shelves after i didnt… Read more »

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