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Last Updated On: July 28, 2017

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Business Name: FirstService Corporation
Corporate Address:
1815 Griffin Rd #404
Dania Beach, Florida 33004 USA

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FirstService Residential Phone Number: 954-926-2921
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Company Contact: Chuck M Fallon - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 12 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 30

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Reported Losses: $16,450.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,370.83

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Unbelievably terrible management company

Our property is in 5283 Images Circle, Kissimmee, FL. We bought this apartment last August. Since then, we estimated the first bill would come in October and we were waiting for the bill to come. However, almost close to the end of last October, we never got our bill.

Then we contacted our broker agent and finally got the contact information of your representative, Paul Almonte. He told us they never sent bills, even the first bill, to their clients.

This really surprised us. We never got this kind of irresponsible business behavior. After he gave us the payment information, we immediately made our payment for our first two months HOA fee.

However, in the transaction he sent to us by email, there occurred some ridiculous charges such as bad check, and reminder collection fee in addition to late fee.

We never had their payment information, never sent a check to them and also they never got a check from us. How could they generate these kinds of fees. Also late payments for first two months were not caused by our faults but caused by that they did not send the bill to us and we did not have payment information.

When we got their payment information on Nov 11, they received our immediate payment on Nov 15 for our due HOA fees. We asked them to remove these kinds of ridiculous charges for these two months, but they did not. They excused the association board did not approve it.

Because of unreasonable and ridiculous charges, we refused to pay these charges. In spite of that, we paid our monthly HOA fee on time after the first two months.

However, from this February, they escalated these kinds of charges to a collection agency and also the collection agency wants to put a lien against our property. In the meanwhile, they refunded my HOA payment since March.

Recently we posted our story in the Facebook of First Service Residential. The Headquarter replied us that they would contact local management team to assist us, but finally they told us they could not help it because it is in the collection now and let us deal with collection agency directly, but the collection agency totally ignored the fact ( what we stated as above) and just threats us to put liens against our property.

So it will force us to hire attorney to fight against them.

We don’t know why the First Residential doesn’t send a bill or a letter to clients ( even to a new client), how they could generate these ridiculous charges such as bad check fee without our check and payment information. And the reminder collection fee due to the fact that we never receives a letter from them.

All issues including late fees were caused by their irresponsible business behavior and system faults. They have to be responsible for resolving all issues and paying all the fees which they caused. however, they do not want it Now they deleted my post in their Facebook.

Official Responses from FirstService Residential

By: James Martin On: June 17, 2015

Response from James Martin – Property Manager at First Service Residential

Joanne Picciano and her husband have terrorized the older people in the building and have harassed the cleaning and maintenace staff with name calling and threats. They then threatened me when I had to deal with their rant and raves. She uses social media to further her hate and terror to anyone who crosses their path. I did my job as a PM and the people in the building thanked me for protecting their rights to quiet enjoyment in their home. Unfortunately people like Joanne Picciano are nothing but mean and hateful. Thank you, James Martin

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Horrib!e on line payment set up. They are changing how they are processing on line payments. Impossible to follow the awful instructions, then it says I don’t exist. Won’t pay my HOA till they get it fixed. Del Webb Ocala

Under the dog complaint. The sentence should read, “we are not accused of NOT picking up the dog waste”

We are serviced by First Service Residential in Upland, CA. We have been sent a letter that we must appear at a hearing, more like a kangaroo court, for our dog “relieving itself” on a “neighbors lawn.” The letter is abusive, offensive, immature, and threating. Their are NO “neighbor properties” as every front lawn in our 284 home complex is a common area maintained, mowed, and seeded by a landscape contractor hired by the board. (we are not accused of picking up the dog waste and putting it in a doggy throw away bag!) In the letter, they explained we… Read more »
Our property address: 5283 Images Circle, Kissimmee, FL 34746. It is in the Images Condominium Associate managed by your First Service Residential. We bought this apartment last August. Since then, we estimated the first bill would come in October and we were waiting for the bill to come. However, almost close to the end of last October, we never got our bill. Then we contacted our broker agent and finally got the contact information of their representative. He told us they never sent bills to their clients. After he gave us the payment information, we immediately made our payment for… Read more »

Thieving mutt rats. Double charge for 1 fine. Double HOA fees and 4 to 6 weeks wait for partial refund. They try to pull a fast one on people. They’re not HOA. They’re just a waste of money. I promote petition for the removal of first service residential and or a valid replacement if one exists. #HOA hall of shame. Homeowners who are lawyers need to do something about this HOA

I own property in a community with an HOA Managed by FirstService Residential. I have paid the HOA fee by a sure pay system connected with my checking account. The HOA fee was increased and the adjusted amount should have been increase but wasn’t. I had instructed FirstService to when we purchased the house to communicate with me via e-mail but this request was ignored. Because we are traveling half the year, mail via USPS rarely reaches me. When we returned to our winter address I found a series of letters informing me of late fees they were charging as… Read more »
Well this was certainly an eyeopener and generally speaking I believe in giving people 2nd chances. Well my latest with First Service Residential Mgt Company was just very disappointing/upsetting. I am glad we fired this company that no longer handles our complex. My experience is that they screwed up on double booking an amenity room, not once but 2 years in a row! Manning reservations is not rocket science. Not only has it caused so much stress on owners to find another venue on their own on the 11th hour but to wash themselves of any responsibilty is just unprofessional.… Read more »
I have never dealt with such incompetent people in my entire life. The level of carelessness is unprecedented. I Have been dealing with this company for about 6 months now. I made an online payment that didn’t go through for reasons that I still don’ understand, as the bank information provided was correct. I made the mistake to fight the charge of $30.00 as there was no mistake on our side. They do not reply to e-mails, provide you with wrong information. I contacted them and was assured that no interest would be assessed and that they will let me… Read more »
“No is the easiest answer” “Ignore and they will give up” must be the business strategy. Very poor communication, customer service, followup, attitude, time management, problem solving, cognitive, and critical thinking skills. Can’t imagine how this company continues to drum up business; sales people must be wizards, casting a dreamy layer of value over the nightmare of unproductive, unhappy service teams with 0 agency to make win-win decisions. My experience was nothing but frustrating from beginning to end. Further, when I went to the NYC office I was told this particular dept had very strict visitation rules because of previous… Read more »

Anyone have a complaint in Santa Clarita or Los Angeles area? I’d sure love to share

Has anyone had problems with Firstservice Residental in Harford county Maryland?

Is anyone interested in a class action suit? I’m in Texas.

Yes. I am definitely interested in it. My property in Kissimmee,FL. Since I bought this property, they never sent a bill and also generated a ridiculous fee such as bad check even though we did not have their payment information and were waiting for the bill to come and never sent a check to them. We wanted them to correct this error, but they ignored it. also put this charge in the collection. It is unbelievable and terrible business. Now I have to hire an attorney to fight against them.

I am interested, but I live in Brooklyn. My husband was assaulted and we were physically threatened while living in an Oliver Street “luxury” property. The FirstService building manager casually sat back and did nothing, while a junkie with three kids and her “boyfriend”, who moved himself in without any permission, were terrorizing us. We emailed the building manager a number of police reports, but she just ignored it like nothing was going on. These bastards are long overdue for a class action lawsuit!

I’m in Virginia. This company should go out of biz. They suck!

I am interested in a class action lawsuit…I am in the Suburbs of Houston; this company acts like a dictatorial regime-someone needs to sue them…how do we get in touch?

I am! I’m in Texas as well.

I believe you Joanne, these people are monsters

Update to James Martin…….He has been fired from M&M Property Management after stealing the voter ballots that arrived VIA US mail. The old condo board was in collusion with Martin to retain control, and continue to practice unsavory and illegal dealings in Palm Aire Country Club 2.

Still under First Service Residential, changed over name I believe 2015. With few same people. Some of the people don’t know what they’re doing. Everytime I ask for request to the board, I get pretty much shot down since living in the condo as a homeowner. No wonder why we get turnovers here since 2011 and you wonder why others leave. Now, finally when they got someone on the board who is resident of here went to him first time then he becomes them, playing dirty games, and an attitude. He’s already slammed me on the email as I said… Read more »
This is a ghost company that promise too much and do not do nothing. They are allied with a group of Board directors to overvalue all Association projects and in conjunction with some contractors of “their preferences”, drain the Association funds. They have very well “trained” Property and Regional Managers in our Condo, that together with those directors, plan and carry out the strategies they want to get their interests accomplished. This is not a Management company that work like their core values state in the web page, to add value to our properties and work together with the Associates;… Read more »
I agree with the above comment. I also live in PACC2 , and have found Mr. Martin to be a complete a*****e. Mr. Martin was caught at a condo meeting disclosing the amount of a resident who was 2 weeks behind in paying their maint. fees………….he made an announcement to everyone in the room in an attempt to embarrass the resident. Check out Youtube……….”James Martin Property Manager Fail” ………..he was cold busted. I’m guessing the State of Florida was sent a copy to prove what an unprofessional, idiot this guy is. He’s on his way out……..McDonalds is always hiring. Good… Read more »
This company is nothing but talk. I used to work for them, unfortunately, and after being transferred to another account, I immediately regretted agreeing to go there. I did my best to tolerate their property manager, who was really just a lazy property manager who was more concerned about what money he was making than the job details themselves. He had no idea as to what to do with the building but was so quick to blame others, whether it was employees or residents. There was an incident in which I apologized to him for something, and instead of being… Read more »
This company is the worst. We have a first service condo manager here in Palm Aire in Pompano Florida, who thinks he’s God. His name is James Martin, and he is a real low life. He talks down to everyone, and can’t manage to supervise his staff. One of his maintenance men lives in our building and hangs out at his apartment most of the day on on the dime of the residents. He handles complaints by telling the complaining resident that they are liars, and hangs up. He’s on his way out, there have been several complaints about him.… Read more »

FirstService is notorious for sketchy business practices, for trying to cheat owners out of money by pretending they never got fees, etc. They also siphon money away from HOAs and lower service and maintenance. We save every single cancelled check — we REFUSE to do any automated billing with these thieves! We’re currently shopping for a new condo and we’ve let our real estate agent know that FirstService, or any affiliate, is an automatic dealbreaker and we will NEVER buy a condo managed by these sleazebuckets.

Yes, me too send in the payment and they cash the check late and I have to end up paying all kinds of extra fees. I am not going directly to their office and want a receipt.

It’s no surprise I found what you experienced. I have lost 3,000 dollars so far and the number is still accumulating. They put a lien on our house. After the lien, they charge charge $50 every week for consecutive 12 weeks. I asked for their regulations, never called me back. I am going to start lawsuit!

I’m in the same situation

Yes, this totally happen to me. I got automatic payment. When the price increase i receive no letter or coupon about the amount increase. They should send out letter saying i am short in payment but they never did. Until i called them to ask for my font door color code they say i owe them money.

Our property address: 5283 Images Circle, Kissimmee, FL 34746. It is managed by First Service Residential. We bought this apartment last August. Since then, we estimated the first bill would come in October and we were waiting for the bill to come. but However, almost close to the end of last October, we never got our bill. Then we contacted our broker agent and finally got the contact information of a representative. He told us they never sent bills to their clients. After he gave us the payment information, we immediately made our payment for our first two months HOA… Read more »

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