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Being a member of a consumer-based economy, you’ve probably bought one or two products in your life that failed miserably to meet your expectations. Some products or product companies have such a bad reputation for missing parts or poor product quality that it has been the **** of more than one joke. So in your lifetime experience as an opinionated consumer, you probably have a review of at least one product or more.

So what products have you purchased and why have they given you reason to complain? It’s not impossible that there may just have been a product produced that wasn’t excellent quality. However, if you’ve replaced a poor quality product with another and the replacement was equally as poor, which may give you reason to complain about the product in general or the company that produces it.

Perhaps the quality of the company has been slipping and while at one point the item you purchased lasted years; perhaps you’ve noticed recently the materials used have become cheaper, leading to poorer products that still cost the same as before. Maybe the product company has been making bad business decisions and you’re not happy with the choices they’ve been making.

If you have a product complaint or a product company complaint, then please share them with us here at We want to know what products you’ve purchased or from whom and why or what makes it a bad product. You’ll feel better knowing you’re helping other consumers avoid bad merchandise.

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