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A lot of people do not know what a process server is unless you have dealt with one yourself. Essentially, process servers took over a very busy job from a sheriff. In the old days, sheriffs would go around town handing out summons or court orders. This is basically an official notification of court you will have to attend in the future. When towns and cities got too big, businesses propped up and guaranteed they would deliver the summons on behalf of the sheriff and the court.

Usually, this process goes smoothly. The process server must get notarized proof that they delivered the summons to the recipient and show it to law enforcement of the courts. It helps the process move quicker for everyone involved. It’s a win-win for the local police and local government as well as the receiver of the summons. But sometimes things do not go so well.

Every state is different in their requirements, but there are times when process servers flat out fail to do their job properly. If this happens, there can be serious consequences for law enforcement or those who were to be served their summons. It is a citizen’s right to be promptly informed of a summons and for everything to be as smooth as possible. Don’t let your rights be trampled on by an incompetent process server!

Are you the victim of an unfortunate mistake or negligence on the part of a process server? Did you miss a court date or were you penalized for something a process server caused? You don’t have to sit back and be punished for something you didn’t do. At Complaint List, your voice can be heard. File a complaint today about a process server that failed to act as it should have. You aren’t helpless! Filing a complaint can help eliminate unacceptable behavior from process servers. Your complaint will be seen by the public and the public will punish those companies that treat people unfairly!

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