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Last Updated On: September 20, 2017

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Business Name: Dougie's Pool Service Slaughter
Corporate Address:
8792 Dave Brian Ln
Slaughter, Louisiana 70777 USA

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Phone Number: 225-244-0008
Company Contact: Cynthia Douglas - Contact
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Nightmare, run away from this guy

ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Started with Jerry showing up smelling of beer, he says “man that’s a three beer ride out here to ya”. Then he promised that I could be finished in 7-10 days? That is why I agreed to his higher price, and I tell him just that. His reply….”no problem, I been doing this for 40 years, dude”.

Then he drains my pool to measure it. Cuts my old liner too? Made it clear that I wanted to keep the old one in, just in case we didn’t meet my, BIG Annual party, deadline. He says “you can duck-tape it”… which I do, and I refill w old liner in place.

I’m out of town and he calls to tell me, “don’t be shocked but I took out the old liner, to check my measurements”. My response, “better be finished w the new one by the 15th” him- “no problem, the company is in north LA, I’ll get it quick, the order is placed”.

After days without any answered calls, I end up repairing the bottom surface with $200 worth of poolcrete, and I repair and treat the rusted walls, and glue new foam covering them (all things he agreed to do).

He finally calls and says, “dude my phone fell off my truck”.

I give up, and tell all my friends we will not be swimming this year.

He surprises me and shows up with my new liner at 10:30 ON the 15th, installs one main drain trim in the wrong place, so it’s leaking under the liner, ’cause his vacuum is sucking the water from under the liner, that should not be there. He doesn’t have the correct gaskets, so we abandon the install and filling, while he drives around for 4 1/2 hours before he returns.

Fast forward, I have water in my pool, still not finished, one light not installed, and it’s leaking still under the liner.

He presented me with a Bill as my party quests were arriving. The bill is $1000 more than we had agreed on? He says, “dude, I had to drive to Bossier City to pick it up”. I told him that was his fault and not mine, and I wasn’t going to pay that $1000 additional. Shockingly he jumps up snaps at me and says “well, I’ll just see you in court, dude”, and he drives off while I sit with a check for the original agreed upon amount in my hand.

NOW, In the middle of my party two deputies show up and call me out to give me a summons for simple battery cause he said I spit on him the day before?

Run away for this guy, as it’s obvious that he is not a professional in any way. Check his other poor reviews, wish I would have! My bad. I’m mailing him a check anyway for the original amount. I believe in Karma, and he will get his.


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