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Last Updated On: September 28, 2017

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Sheriff Delano Huff destroyed warrant for psychiatric hold for elderly lady

My mother had not been herself for several weeks and our family was becoming increasingly concerned. My sister who lives in Phoenix (who has been an R.N. for over 23 years) came home to visit for a week, and she spent much of her visit observing my mother.

My mother’s sporadic and often erratic behavior was so alarming that my sister, along with my oldest brother, went to the county attorney’s office and obtained a mental warrant for a 72 hour psychiatric hold, so that my mother could be evaluated and we could hopefully get some answers.

So that my mother wouldn’t be totally caught off guard before leaving for Phoenix, my sister explained to my mother that the Sheriff Delano Huff would be coming by to take her to the psychiatric ward. My mother has known the Sheriff for many years, and after my sister had gone I wanted to talk with my mother to see how she was doing.

I walked in to find my mother making a phone call, I heard her asking for the Sheriff by name and then she addressed him by name.

She explained to him that my sister was only mad over a property dispute of which she told him my sister wanted her house and property and that she talked my brother into going along with it, and they had made up the story and convinced the county attorney. And the truth was there was nothing wrong with her mind, she was just fine.

(Now what you must understand is, my sister has always made it clear to both parents that she doesn’t need or want any inheritance, that she and her family have no interest in anything here.)

I walked closer so I could hear the Sheriff’s response to my mother. He said, “Sarah that’s a sight that your children would do such a thang to you. I’ve knowd you most all my life and there ain’t a thang wrong with you. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this warrant and make shore there ain’t no warrant fer nobody to serve.”

Well I thought, he can’t do that because all warrants these days are ewarrants; which means any law enforcement agency can access a warrant. Well, that’s true except for a mental warrant, but we didn’t find that out until later. We just figured another agency such as KSP would serve the warrant and do the transport.


He destroyed the only copy. Another member of the family who knew what we all knew was that my mother wasn’t well. So he decided he would talk my mother into giving him power of attorney. Now it wasn’t hard, considering the state of mind she was in, and he used scare tactics as well.

He convinced her that he was the only one she could trust, and the rest of the family was going to take what she had and put her in the nursing home, but not him. If she would give him everything and make him power of attorney, he would take care of her for the rest of her life.

But of course, the taking care of her for the rest of her life- well, that part wasn’t in writing.

It took my mother several months to figure out what she had done, and is now in the process of fighting to get it back.

Now, when you become Sheriff you take a sworn oath to uphold the law. You can’t pick and choose which laws you will and won’t uphold. You can’t take it upon yourself to decide if someone needs a psychiatric evaluation or not.

My mother continued to drive and we couldn’t legally stop her, and she has been involved in a couple minor automobile accidents since this.

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Delano Huff is a joke and the worse sheriff to ever be elected in this county where I live at is crowded with methheads trying to steal for a fix now when I call the sheriffs departement to send someone out their job is to respond to complaint or emergency well not in this county…WE HAVE NO LAW IN THIS COUNTY AND WE ARE FED UP WITH OUR FAMILIES HAVING TO SEE HOW CROOKED OUR LITTLE BARNEY FIVE SHERIFF IS…everyone knows he is paid off to stay away and the word going around now is he doesn’t want to arrests… Read more »

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