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Reported Losses: $216.00
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Cop Is Rude And Unfair

I have requested numerous times over for Seth Louks, the officer who did this, to be punished for his behavior at my door and over the phone. I was also given a citation unjustly.

Here is the last letter written to Chief of Police. I will post it here:

“I request punishment be given to Officer Seth Louks for his inappropriate behavior at my apartment door by shaking on the knob a lot like he was trying to force his way in. And then his unprofessional behavior when I called the police station to try to explain the situation that my neighbor accused my dogs of but he insisted I was yelling and hung up on me and refused to listen to me.

Officer Seth Louks had NO reason to try to force his way in here. It was not legal for him to try to do it.

Whenever the cops have been at my door they just knock, they don’t announce themselves to be the police as they should before a person were to answer the door.

It is my right not to answer the door to a police officer if I do not wish to unless they have a warrant or there is an emergency situation like a fire or something. Those are the only reasons they can have for trying to force their way in here.

Thus Officer Seth Louks was doing something illegal by sounding like he was trying to force his way in.

Since that time I have not felt safe when someone should come to the door and have been refusing to answer the door for anyone. That includes cops or manager.

My neighbor uses the cops to harass others, besides doing the harassing herself. Although lately she seems not to be harassing me as much. I have heard she is friends with some of the cops in the Caledonia Police Department, I have especially heard around that Officer Seth Louks is her friend.

Heidi B… in #…(will not post that information online), has a reputation around here for lying constantly, saying and doing nasty stuff to people, and overreacting and lying when calling the cops. I got that citation from Seth Louks unfairly for habitual barking when my dogs only barked a few seconds at someone near elevator.

Heidi claims they are excessive barkers and even made claims to another neighbor that they were barking all night one time and he told me that he told her, “NO, they were not.” She has lied to me to my face before and said they were barking 3 nights in a row sometime between 2am and 3am. I told her they didn’t.

Who knows how many times she’s actually called the cops and lied about me. They don’t come out here much compared to how many phone calls the police have probably gotten. And I could easily find out how many times she has called the police station if I just ask for copies of them.

My downstairs neighbor in #2..(will not post that information online), who now moved to 1st floor used to vouch for me sometimes and verified to Joni, manager, that my dogs don’t bark much. And I am with the dogs most of the time, sometimes I have to leave them here if it’s too hot or too cold to leave them in the car if I go into some building. And if I’m running errands in town I’m not gone long so most times I’ll leave them here then. I am with them all night long, every night.

Heidi has also tried to pin me for abuse and neglect. The cop that was here then, told the manager he didn’t think they were abused and neglected and told me when I talked to him another time just out on the street that the didn’t act scared of me.

I may get caught yelling at them sometimes outside, but hardly ever yell in the apartment and I certainly never neglect or abuse them. They are well fed and get plenty of attention from me. They are well loved. And I strongly hate anyone who says I abuse or neglect them, or someone who lies about them.

I sent proof to the majority of you recently about the $216 from that citation I got back in January. That citation was unfairly given and I should not have been charged that.

Due to the unfair treatment I have received from the police department I no longer will accept police at my door. I have the right to refuse to answer the door as I’ve mentioned earlier in the letter. To answer the door for another police officer would be to say, “Yes, I continue to accept Heidi’s harassment, not only from her but from the police she sends to me.”

The police department, Nationwide Housing Corporation, and of course management here at Whispering Pines knows how how Heidi is. Whaqt I expect from the Chief of Police, Kurt Zehnder, and the Mayor of Caledonia is for Officer Seth Louks to be punished for shaking on that doorknob like he was trying to make a forced entry and scaring the hell out of me.

I also wish that citation I received unfairly would be removed but I know that it is probably a court thing but want the chief of police to look into the cause of the citation and realize I got it unjustly.”

KIM HERE SPEAKING TO ONLINE AUDIENCE ABOUT THIS LETTER: How I got that citation is, when the police officer came to the door I figured it was a cop because my neighbor lipped off to me about an hour and a half or so before then and she’s quite popular for calling cops on me and others. So I did not answer the door as is my right to if I do not wish to unless a warrant or emergency situation should happen that is when I would absolutely have to.

The police officer, Seth Louks, then shook A LOT on the doorknob for a bit but did not get in because I had door locked. He then slid a citation under my door for habitual barking. My dogs only barked a few seconds and they hardly bark during the day and don’t do it at night like she likes to say they do.

And as I’ve mentioned in that letter, when I called the police station later to explain, he said I was yelling and refused to listen to my explanation and hung up on me. He’s been telling manager here at apartment complex, and I’ve heard from a friend what he said, that he gave me the citation because I wouldn’t answer the door.

That is an awful reason to give me the citation because it is LEGAL for me not to answer the door to a cop if I do not wish to unless he has a warrant or it is an emergency situation. Therefore it was not legal for him to slide that citation under my door for that reason. And to get it for habitual barking when they only did a few seconds, is also bogus. He just relied on what the neighbor was saying.

People here can vouch for my dogs that they don’t bark much if he would have just asked around. Heidi has called the cops A LOT as far as I know, though they hardly come out. But I heard this cop was her friend, at least that is what a friend of mine said that Heidi told her they were friends.

Management and cop wanted me to pay the citation. After 30 days if you don’t pay it in Houston County, Minnesota, it gets sent to collections. The reason why I think they were pushing so hard for me to pay it is because if you pay on a citation, you announce your guilt and cannot debate the situation with the cop anymore.

So if you feel like the cop committed an injustice, DO NOT PAY THE CITATION. Some counties give other kinds of penalties if you do not pay, but this county sends it to collections if not paid in 30 days.

The collections agency sent the bill on the unpaid costs in June and I got the citation in January. I only found out I had to pay $216 on that citation at the beginning of June, many months after, because I get my mail at a post office box. The citation only listed my apartment address.

The post office sends all the mail back to the senders if they only list apartment address because I use post office box instead for important reasons why I do it. So collections kept sending me notifications but I did not receive them.

Collections finally found out I had a post office box and sent it to that box and I received notice about the $216 owed, IN JUNE. The citation did not list how much I had to pay. So I cannot pay on the citation anyway, because it’s now a bill that I got because of the citation.



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