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Last Updated On: March 21, 2017

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Business Name: Palladium Group Inc
Corporate Address:
4301 Lakeside Dr
Richmond, California 94806-5281 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 855-751-2030
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Raj Suri - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.22 out of 5
Based On: 9 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 18

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,741,495.00
Average Reported Losses: $193,499.44

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Leakage into wall

I have had this tub in here for a few years, and have only used it a few times. So far no problems there, but a huge problem did come up regarding its use for showering, which was necessary because it occupies the 2nd bathroom upstairs which any visitor has to use.

The hole where the tube comes out that feeds the shower head is quite a bit wider than the tube, and when water is coming out of the shower heat, some of it runs down that tube and disappears into the wall of the tub. I kept looking at it and wondering where that water is going – I thought perhaps they built in some kind of diverter that shunted the water back into the tub.


Found out today that it has been going right into the wall. Didn’t see it at first because it happens to be going into the little closet where they put the heater, which I look in infrequently (and it’s dark). But now, it has started actually dripping.

So watch out, people! These tubs can damage the framing of your house.

By the way, the salesman was very slick, came down a lot (from an undoubtedly hugely inflated price), and had all these stories about how his mother has one and how good it has been for her.

Safeguard Tubs Richmond CA

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Hmm, sounds like all of you are basically screwed. Now that they have told the employees that they are not allowed back into the sweatshop, they will definitely file for BK. Good luck getting anything out of this place. Someone mentioned filing a complaint with the BBB. The BBB has no power what so ever, they are a company with no teeth. Basically complaining here would do the same thing, nothing.

This product now under another company name: GreenworksUS but the address and the owner’s name is same — REALLY FISHY SIGN OF FRAUD! I’ve already file a complaint to BBB. But i still want to know Anyone can give me an advise how to prevent further damage to my family; following is my complaint filed on BBB: The contract-cancel grace time is too short and not mentioned by the sales person! This company actively contact me about send a sales to my home. We agree. So the sales person Chad Young came on 12/9/13 about 6:00pm to advertise their product–safeguard… Read more »

I discussed this with my family and 401K broker and find I cannot afford this at this time. i qm mailing the cancellation today.
Please cancel the contract and return my post dated check.
Please acknowledge reciept of this emaiil.
Thank you.
Pat Wielebski
13460 Old Hwy 8, Sp #8. Lakeside, Ca. 92040

Safeguard’s License expired in 1994, call this number to verify (800) 321-2752

You be the judge! I was going to purchase a tub from Safeguard until this happened; I gave them $1,000.00 deposit and they were getting the finance, for me, for the remainder of the $15,000.00, I had not filled out a contract with them when they called and said I was approved for $8,400.00 with the GEBank of Florida and they would cary the rest of the balance. It was only by-the-grace-of-G0d that I lost my Capital One Visa card because, when I called to report it, I found out that someone had closed out my credit card ccount, re-opened… Read more »

My mom has had one since last February. She has tried to get all the problems sorted out and now we are asking for her money back. She started that and I will start calling on Monmday.

How come people cant spell LICENCE?

How come Art can’t spell License?

Hello sir, we have been trying to locate your account in our CRM dept. If you can respond with your installtion date, name/phone number we can assist you. Thank you for your patience and have a blessed day

Your rooms will be a perfect place for study and reading. Vertical Blinds will reduce the glare to watching television no longer has to be a challenge.

This over price tub is a piece of junk , it leaks, the controls won’t shut off and it drains slowly. They did not tell me you needed 50 gal hot water tank to fill it and when you used the jets the water would run out the bathroom door. the repairman came out twice and asked me what I though he should do to fix it. I told him to keep the 4 thousand I had paid and take the tub back. I haven’t heard from them .

I had an Overwhelming Experience with Safeguard Tubs. Their Customer Care department is friendly and they give out all the piece of information you ask for. I have re-scheduled twice due to various reasons and they didn’t behave rude for a moment. The installer did a good job as well my tub was installed in no time and was ready to use. My Family thinks it’s a noble idea for me to have a walk in tub since I have very weak legs. I would like to boast about their jets they are good and what I like most about… Read more »

We are well pleased to have Safeguard Walk-in-Tub and the price is equally affordable. The tub installation was a good job done too. My Wife and me are in love with the tub. We just can’t get enough of it and the jets are of real good to my knees and back issues. The Tub is totally worth a buy.

I am a liscenced general contractor who is removing one of thier tubs from my clints residence. The sales man did not discuss the large hot water requirement needed and the tub does not fill with water hot enough to comfortabally use. Also I have been told by my client that they ask for a 50% payment up front. This is illegal by the state liscence law which states 10% or $1000 whichever is less even for a million dollar job $1000 is max until work starts or product is delivered. Also law protects elders over seventy from contracting without… Read more »

Boy I wish I had researched this company before I bought the tub. Everything you wrote is true and in addition there customer service sucks. They are scheduled to come out and repair and don’t show and don’t even call. This happens repeatedly. Worst company ever. One time it took 2 mos of no shows and multiple excuses and lies.

I have nothing but good things that I have heard about safeguard tubs. I am sorry to all those that are having a rough time. I will be praying for you that you will be blessed and be given peace.

You need to contact the California Contractors Lecensing board on line or by phone at 1-800-321-2752 and file a complaints. At the contractors licensing board you can find the name and address of the Safeguard Tubs insurance bonding company and you need to file a claim with them as well. I had to do this with a contractor that did "substandard" work too, and be sure to use the term "substandard" in your complaints. This is the term that building contractors laws use. It took us a while, but a state inspectore came to our house and inspected, the wrote… Read more »

I love the therapy that I receive from the tub, but it takes 20 plus minutes to drain which is not fun. Also, one of the lights blinks and the calking is not professional.


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