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Last Updated On: September 23, 2016

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Reported Losses: $24,700.00
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Bad Plumber

On 6/15/2014, I was having a problem with my main sewer line backing up. I called this company to come out and clear the clogged drain. The technician offered an up sell to hydro scrub the sewer line for $800.00. I declined.

The sewer backed up again on 8/30/2014 and again on 9/1/2014. They came out both days under warranty to clear the line. The lead Underground Utility Specialist, Mark Loughran came and told me that to properly camera inspect the sewer line it would need to be hydro scrubbed. He, Mark insisted that the only way to know for sure was to clean the line even though the camera can see if it was not cleaned. I asked if they were going to scrub the entire system and camera the whole system for that amount; Mark said yes.

On 9/7/2014 a technician came and hydro scrubbed only the drain that was backing up. In the process he left a mess in the laundry room floor. He the technician did not clean up the mess he made and the tenant called me at which point I had to clean up a black water mess.

The next day 9/8/2014, Mark Loughran came with his camera to look and report where my problem was to be. He attempted to camera the fresh air vent and had to have the hydro jet clean the vent as he could not get through. Once that was completed, Mark placed the camera in the vent and told me that the problem was a collapsed section of pipe outside the residence about 10’ down which I marked. He, Mark said that he was 10,000 % correct that my problem was where he said.

I asked for a quote to do the repairs. I was given a verbal quote of $6,600.00! I declined their service for repair as I felt I was being taken advantage of. They then offered to do the repair for $6,000.00. I still declined.

On 9/9/2014, I called 811 as required to check for any hidden utilities. I lifted the paver stone walkway up to uncover in the exact spot that Mark said I had my problem the clean out for the sewer line.

On 9/10/2014 Oakmont Water Authority came out with their main sewer line drawing and informed me that the main was only 7 to 8 feet down. I proceeded to dig down to see if anything obvious was present. At just over 1 and a half feet I found the vent line. This was the line that they used to camera for finding my problem. I called Mark Loughran back to advise him of what I found and asked him to come back and re-camera as the two depths did not match. He, Mark said that he would.

When I did not hear back from him I called back the following day 9/11//2014, and Mark said that since I had started to dig the hole that they were no longer accountable. A machine was rented and the hole was dug to just over six feet. It was there that the sewer line was found; not at the ten foot mark and there was no damage to the sewer pipe what so ever. I even sent a picture to Mr. Mark Loughran; he did not respond.

I believe that they defrauded me with their claim of where and what my problem was. There is no way that the house line would be lower than the main sewer line. I am asking for damages in the amount of $1,300.00 for the reimbursement of their fee, the cost to rent a machine and to repair the lawn and sidewalk.

Mr. Rooter – 64 Progress Ave Cranberry, PA 16066


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Agree that service is shoddy and assurances are not kept in my experience. Despite exhorbitant charges, management did not take time to obtain city permit to perform work under the street, and created dangerous traffic obstruction. Recommend only if no other alternatives: make offer 50% of what they estimate, make sure you personally see every necessary permit, and obtain written and picture confirmation of performance.


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