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Last Updated On: September 29, 2017

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Business Name: Certified Plumbing & Heating Ltd
Corporate Address:
320 Hodsman Rd
Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 5X4 Canada

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Phone Number: 306-352-7554
Corp Email: certifiedplumbing@accesscomm.ca
Company Contact: Darrell Flatt - President
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Is Certified Plumbing & Heating Saskatchewan a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Crushed by calling Certified Plumbing & Heating

This is what happens to a woman who is not experienced with water heaters…and trusting the men she calls for help.

Story ends with the former cop who works for cp&h who harassed me to ‘just pay up’ even after I had valid questions… and when I stood my ground and asked to talk directly to the owner, he and the secretary (owner’s girlfriend) handed my case over to the collection agency instead of resolving the concerns!

DAY ONE – I called cp&h to repair water heater that wasn’t heating. Told the representative who came to my door that I didn’t want to spend lots of money to repair (would rather rent if costs too much close to replacement). He never consulted with me regarding the price just said he would get a “simple part”.

He left and returned ‘numerous times’ then installed a $315.00 element (which I find out later that I owned but was never given to me when they replaced the unit eventually).

I was also charged $75 permit fee when it is only $60. After a $550 bill – I paid up instead of arguing the issue.

ps. they kept my credit card information on file (proof can be provided)

ONLY 5 MONTHS LATER… heater tank is so corroded that water and rust dripping all over the floor around it. Representative spent the day running back and forth from their office trying to get equipment and bring back other to help try pull out the severely corroded anode rod (was not able to after numerous attempts) ie. double labor?

Rep. (who was actually quite helpful) eventually said that after consultation with the office – the tank is under warranty and will replace with a brand new heater. Although it took many hours to have this announced to me he said that after an extra hour to have tank drained it would be completely ready to install the new one the next morning.

THE NEXT DAY….. I had to call by 11 am. because they didn’t show up at first thing in the morning (as confirmed). They finally came when I had to be at work… and then even spent couple hours to install (even after I was told from previous rep it wouldn’t take long)

The rep. was waiting hours hanging around for me to come home… my daughter was uncomfortable and wanting him to leave. I had to call him and ask to leave the invoice with my daughter which he refused and finally left.

$576.83 later… the secretary sent me the invoice without any breakdown in costs apparently all labor costs? (still not confirmed). When I asked why no one initially checked the anode rod at the first service call – as they would have detected the severe corrosion (this is the one item most replaced).

Then I would not have paid for the $315.00 heating element that they supposedly “threw away with the unit” when they replaced it! I’m concerned why I had to ask numerous time for the rep. man – who eventually came to replace the tank after I had to be at work – from hanging around my home and my daughter for numerous hours – and I’m paying over $100/hour for that?

TOP IT OFF, through trying to work out the confusion I had to call the John Wood Company – after they did much searching – they find out that the tank is NOT UNDER FULL SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY AS certified plumbing and heating ORIGINALLY PROMISED. The tank is from the US and has only 18 months warranty left on it!

John Wood Co. even confirmed that the initial damage to the $315.00 heating element could have resulted from the severely corroded anode rod – that they never checked!

Numerous times I requested to speak with the owner of the company “directly” to discuss the issues… to no avail.

Now I get a phone call from the Falcon Collection and Investigations Inc. leaving me a message that I need resolve this issue in 15 days or my credit rating will be affected all over Canada! IS THIS FAIR?

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