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Last Updated On: March 5, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: John Galt Industries, LLC
Corporate Address:
93 S Jackson Street, Suite 12370
Seattle, Washington 98104 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 888-251-6285
Corp Email: questions@pixwraps.com
Company Contact: Andrew Simmons - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.11 out of 5
Based On: 87 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 31

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,016,280.92
Average Reported Losses: $11,681.39

Most Recent Complaint

Is PixWraps a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

PixWraps - SixShootingStars - Andrew Simmons - gone gone gone

I purchased a “silver ticket” from PixWraps for 16 canvas prints (16×20) for $250.00 in October, 2012. I was told I had 12 months to use the voucher. PixWraps still has a website but you cannot order anything on it. Emails are closed. Phones are not working numbers.

Andrew Simmons apparently relocated to California from Seattle. Google shows different stories about Andrew Simmons. Most are out of date. None show any working phone numbers.

PixWraps was apparently a start-up test based on a year long experiment he conducted with 2 partners who have since parted ways. This was called “SocialPrintExperiment”. I talked with Andrew Simmons and Maylene Mittman about the vouchers and have numerous emails from them. Now there is no way to contact any one associated with PixWraps.

I would rather know that they went bankrupt and let the consumer know than to keep spending time trying to find PixWraps to redeem my voucher.

Interestingly, I was allowed to create a profile 2 days ago to order from PixWraps and apparently received an automated email response that said “new user approved”. I cannot reply to that email.

All information about sales being greater than what they can handle and to be patient because they have moved to a larger facility, have bought new, bigger equipment, hired more people…apparently are not true.

Official Responses from PixWraps

By: Tim Sanders On: August 14, 2013

Seriously, a MILLION DOLLAR complaint for a $60 canvas? This is why the site is not accurate… This complaint is http://www.complaintslist.com/2013/pixwraps-patiently-waiting-no-more/ false and you promote it because you want to collect the $499 fee? We shipped 66,000 orders last year and this is a prime example of you helping people to put companies out of business. They look to you for accurate information yet none of it is correct, and especially at $1,000,000.

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I ordered a canvas in September, 2012. It never arrived. I sent multiple emails.
It has been 12 months since my order.
These guys should be in jail.

Same thing happened to me for FOUR 20×30 canvases and I can’t redeem my purchase :( NOTHING :(

I ordered two 16×20 canvas portraits for a gift and did it with plenty of cushion to receive it by the holidays in 2012, it is now April of 2013 and still no canvas has been delivered. At one time they assured me it would be "RUSHED" and delivered. In effort to keep me quiet, they sent me a voucher for 1 additional canvas print, which mind you they have not delivered the ones initially ordered so its otherwise worthless. My family members and I are both very frustrated and will not be using them again.

Pixwraps = RIP OFF ARTISTS – I bought a so-called "Golden Ticket" from them for $250.00, which was supposed to give me 16 – 16×20 Canvas Gallery Wraps. First my account was "lost" – more like deleted, then when I finally got someone to respond to my multiple emails and give me some new codes, the codes provided do not work and now I cannot get a response from my multiple attempts to get help. THIS COMPANY SUCKS! DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY

Even complaints to the AG and BBB do no good. I guess it,s an easy way for them to keep raking in money. I never did receive the items I ordered, even after contacting the company and the BBB. Karma wil be a big p****y for them, I,m sure!

I also bought the golden ticket voucher – $500 for canvases. Received 16 of mine 2.5 months after I ordered them, but the codes for the others don’t work so I can’t upload anymore pictures. Bought the deal from a gal named, Maylene. I going to walk up to their main office in downtown later on today to see what I can do. Their contact info (email/phone) doesn’t work=(

I am just kicking myself for not reading these comments BEFORE I ordered from PixWraps. My experience mirrors those above. I actually had to file a compliant with the BBB in order to get them to return my phone call and ultimately deliver. There are 91 compliants with the BBB and most of them are on delivery issues. They keep sending excuse after excuse about their growing pains last year. This is NO excuse for the unacceptable customer service and lies that I eperienced with them. Things could of been handled so much differently. For a period of time I… Read more »

This is extremely frustrating! I cannot believe how many times I have gotten the run-around. I placed my order on September 28, 2012 and I have not received my canvas as of January 7, 2013. This has got to be the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have contacted SpreeBird to express my frustration.

I ordered a canvas through Pixwraps using a coupon I bought online on 11/17. Still no canvas! I’ve sent multiple emails with no response and whenever I call it’s always busy. My friend finally got through to someone who said the canvas was in process, blah blah blah and she gave us her email address to use so I emailed that address and it was returned. So so so shady!!!!!!!!!

I live in Atlanta, used a Half Off Depot voucher to order a canvas print in AUGUST. I still have no print. Like the rest of you I have exchanged multiple emails with them, have repeatedly been promised that I would get my print in "2 to 3 weeks" and them heard nothing. Yesterday, out of the blue, I got an email from them saying they lost my image and would I send it again. This despite the fact that I told them to cancel my order weeks ago and that I would’ve taking up the issue with my Visa… Read more »

Hi JKP –

I also live in Atlanta and had a smiliar issue. I also made sure Half off depot was aware of the issue so they would stop promoting pix wraps.

Ordered an iPhone case from a voucher from MyFoxSaver in May 2012. It is now December & I still have not received the product nor my refund that I requested over 10 times via emails & phone calls. The initial excuse was that they were on back order, then I was asked to resend the images and finally no response at all 7months. DO NOT BUY FROM PIXWRAP! Scam company.

Never ever buy from Pixwraps. I bought a voucher, and redeemed it on Sept. 11th and today is December 4th, still no canvas. I have emailed several times and finally called to speak to Rachel and she promised to rush the order through, she gave me the sob story about the company going through changes. I sure a refund is out of the question.

If you also got ripped off by this website / company, please take action. Do not let these scammers get away with it.
Here are some links that you can report these scammers: http://alaskaoregonwesternwashington.bbb.org http://www.ftc.gov/index.shtml http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx http://www.ag.ny.gov/ https://www.dos.ny.gov/consumerprotection/ http://www.atg.wa.gov/fileacomplaint.aspx#.ULWcH5

Let’s Complain Together to the State of Washington Attorney General’s Office !! I bought two vouchers that PixWraps’ computer never let me use correctly, nor has customer service ever responded to my numerous phone calls, emails, or HelpDesk complaints. I also waited for two months on a canvas print that I paid for and never received. Like many of you, I feel cheated by this company and just imagine their CEO Andrew Simmons on some tropical island enjoying our money!!! So, I urge all of you to file a complaint with the State of Washington’s Attorney General’s Office. If enough… Read more »

I just filed a complaint with the AG’s office (all the good it will do). Am having the exact same experience that you have had. GGrrrrrrrrr……

After waiting months for my canvas wrap I finally recieved a package yesterday! and guess what? It’s a picture of three boys that I’ve never seen before in my life. What a joke this company is.

Worst service ever! Purchased a voucher and immediately ordered on Sept 18, still no canvas. I called after a month and they said it would be another 2-3 weeks and they would place a "rush" it is now another month later and nothing. Emails are not returned. I called and was told they cannot give me a time frame in case they were "late" um, I’m in month THREE. No apologies. Asked to speak to a manager and was told they would return call and have (of course) received No call.

DO NOT BUY FROM PIXWRAPS. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I bought a voucher and immediately ordered 2 canvases. They took about a month each, even though they guarantee 10-12 days. It came wrapped in a ripped pizza box. I was not very happy with the packaging. I then ordered my third canvas on August 6, 2012. It is now November 5, 2012 and I have yet to receive my canvas. They do not answer their phones. It always says "you have reached us after hours" no matter what time or day you call. They are non-responsive to my 10+ e-mails… Read more »
Really? Just like everybody else, I make a complaint, by not getting my 20×30 canvas in time from buying it off from Eversave and ordered it in September and now it’s November! I have been emailing back and forth with this lady about how much of contrast I want on my picture. She was responsive, until I accepted the satisfaction of the picture. Never heard from her again for two weeks. Want know what’s worse? I’m moving to other state in few weeks. Who’s getting the canvas? The photo credits? The home decor on the wall? I want my refund,… Read more »
I got an Eversave (like a Groupon) for 2 gallery wrapped canvases in July. I placed my order in Spetember and even though they claimed to ship within 9 business days, I STILL have not received my order. After contacting them several times, I have given up and am disputing with my credit card. They are impossible to get on the phone and emailing is useless, as their responses are clearly written by someone who does not speak English and make no sense. The kicker is, I still am receiving promotional emails from them encouraging me to order more. Ugh!… Read more »

I have been waiting since early July for one picture. I have emailed, several times and been told it would be done in 1 – 3 days. Another month goes by and nothing. This is the third month, I will NOT do business with them again. I will NOT recommend them. I continue to get emails from them regarding a "fantastic sale" and there is no way I would order another picture. Either I get the money back, the photo or I contact an attorney. What a huge SCAM!!!

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PIXWRAPS! I purchased a voucher from Saveology for a 20×20 canvas print. Cost me $34. I thought I was getting a great deal, and a great Fathers Day present for my Husband. So were talking June when the order was placed. Uploaded the pic just fine. I sent several emails with no response, no answer on their phone. Thought it might arrive for his birthday in late Aug. NOPE… Im still waiting. It is Sept. 18th today. REALLY, 3+ MONTHS???? Im wondering if I will ever get it.

I am having same problem. I ordered my pic. on last year Nov28. and it’s been 4 months, I didn’t get my orders. Attempted many calls and emails, noresponse yet.

Hi Rennee.

Just owndering if you got your canvas yet?

PixWraps is so bad! Stay away from this company! They have ignored my three requests for tech support and I can’t get anyone on the phone for help – just the automated run around. I have left phone messages asking for help and no call back even after days of waiting.

Same as everyone else said-horrible experience. Uploaded pics for the requested prints to be made. They contacted me saying the resolution was too low. Uploaded other pics and they then asked me which one (1) I wanted to use for both. I replied having two of the same defeats the purpose. Never heard back. Emailed 5 times, tried calling-no response at all. Finally, after 2 months, I did get my prints. They look good, but I will NEVER use this company again. Too much hassle for any intended value.

Don’t order anything from Pixwraps. We ordered a canvas over 15 days ago. The phone number listed on their website is wrong. They won’t answer their e-mails. This was a birthday present for my husbands dads 80th birthday. They are scam artists!!!

Worst ever! I purchased a voucher for 5 canvases and they just assume that they will all be the same. No where on the site does it say that. Can’t ever get ahold of the manager, Steve. Left numerous messages for him to return call and he never does. I have been waiting for my pics for over 60 days and have talked to Marie 9 times. Always get some lame excuse that it is in production. Well 60 days is much longer than 10-12 days. Sure am getting the run-around from this company. I suggest to anyone who is… Read more »
Worst company EVER. I purchased a group purchase voucher for an iphone case. Sent in my order on June 13.. but there were some glitches on the website so I ended up uploaded too many images with the order. They emailed me back 2 days later asking me to verify which image is to be used with the iphone case. I immediately replied them… and then I never heard back from them again. I sent them a few emails to ask them about the status of my order. But I got no replies. I called them last week.. but apparently… Read more »

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