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Last Updated On: March 31, 2017

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Reported Losses: $965.00
Average Reported Losses: $965.00

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Getty Images

Hello, my name is Shannon Donadio, I have had my Website since 2010, I received a letter today January 30th 2013, and the letter is dated for January 18th 2013. It states that I have taken an image of a Kitten playing with a squirrel and have used it on my website and that I will have to pay Getty Images $965.00 for an image I had no knowledge that could not be used freely.

I did copy this image from Google Images and used it as a miscellaneous image on my website, I called Getty Images and stated that I have changed the image to a different image not from Google and they said I will still have to pay them $965.00 for the use of the image that I was not aware was allowed to be used. they were also very rude to me on the phone.

It is completely ridiculous that this image is $965.00 and they are contacting me now after 2 years. I have changed the image and should not have to pay $965.00. Looking forward to hearing from you If you can assist me with this matter.

Getty imagesAdditional Information:

The Case Number: is 1250559
Access Code” GMrvHDe2
URL for case:
I have uploaded the Image in question.


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Same thing happened to me. I picked up the picture off a "Free Clip Art" site that was under the photographer’s name. Avoid Getty at all costs! A legal scam. Beware when using "free clip art" off any site, even if it doesn’t have the "Getty" name associated with it. The fine print says that you need a license for "commercial" use, i.e. if you sell anything on your website. Then Getty uses software and paid "finders" to track you down and send you a bill for "royalties". A similar picture that would have cost you about $10 on shutter… Read more »

The same thing just happened to me. Question to you: have you paid the demand, or what are your options. I don’t know what to do at the moment.

Janet B

They are scammers, they are trying to do the same thing to me with a different picture and is confusing me with another company that is similar to my company and i have proof that its not me.
So if they keep on harassing me i will SUE them…

I just saw this image in my facebook feed made u as a poster with text on it. Does the person who posted that also owe $965? What about the people that share it? When you put a photo on the internet, it is fair game. Everyone knows that. That

To Shannon Donadio: You belong to this category of people who think it’s ok to steal the work of others and you come here to complain because you have infringed the copyright of an artist by stealing its work on google. What would you say if customers came in your restaurant, went in your kitchen to steal some of the dish you made and went without paying ? It’s the same with photos. They have been made by people whose job is to make photos in order to survive. And because of a…… like you, they are constantly robber of… Read more »

The problem is there is no trademark or watermark on the picture marking it as an original by someone who wants to be paid. I think it is horrible to send a letter after someone uses it to let them know that their copy and paste will cost them money.
Bad business. I hope they reap what they sow!

Getty Images is running their extortion letters to anyone they think is using an image they claim to have the copyrights. This is one of their most important revenue generators, and unfortunately, they are not being stopped by the courts.Make sure they even refer to the same picture, and request a copy of their registration with the US Copyright Office for the image in question.


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