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Weird call from 971-217-9514

If this #’s from Microsoft then there’s a connection to the # others complain about that shows “Marketing Fraud” on caller I.d.

and says same stuff — from Microsoft and they are investigating error msgs.

What a scam!

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Received a call like this last fall. I did not respond. Happening again. The message was there was a problem with my bank account. When I called back they would not identify who they were. I hung up. But they just called again. This has to be fraudulent.

Got a call from 1-971-217-9514 said that he was Frank Williams and that he was from Microsoft and said that he was returning my phone call for help with my computer. I informed him that I did not call him and he hung up.

I got a call from this number today. It was a recorded message saying it was the "Merrill Lynch" security center and my debit card was deactivated. I knew it was a scam because I’ve never had an account with ML. Just for fun I pressed "1" to reactivate my card. It then asked me to enter my 16-digit account number. At that point I hung up because it was clear it was a phishing call. I’m sure the next thing they were going to ask for was a SSN. Smart idea to use an IVR system. It sounds more… Read more »
Received a call from this number at 11:05 a.m. on 5-13-13, marked as TOP GOOGLEPAGES on my caller ID. It was hard to understand the guy with the Indian accent (and he wasn’t even there until a few moments after I picked up – typical of a calling center). He was talking about computer viruses, and I thought he was trying to tell me that, since I’m a Windows user, my computer is infected with a virus. When I asked him to confirm that he was saying that my computer was infected, he said no, that’s not what he was… Read more »

I have been getting calls from 9712179514 …. the latest was at 5:22pm on 4/11/13 … If i let it got to Voice mail not message is left…If I answer it , about 5-10 sec i get a female voice that says good bye.

971-217-9518, 971-217-9514, 206-397-1127, 646-434-7728 and now he is block his number calling me. When i answer he won’t identify himself and can’t understand exactly what he wants. I tell him he has the wrong number and he goes "excuse me no i haven’t" and i keep repeating you have the wrong number. He goes on telling me the reason he is calling he likes my voice.. stupid idiot. I had to make a police report today..kept blowing my phone up and told me he is gonna come find me.

Either I don’t give them enough time to speak or possibly I sound angry when answering… one speaks to me. When calling back, I get "the person is not available at this time".

This is a total scam, do not allow remote acess, they scan the phone book and try their luck. they infect your computer then deny you access then want your CC info to clean out the virus……as soon as you start asking them questions and they trip up they put down the phone. tell all your friends….or call them back and ask them to take you off their "fake" customer list….. WAKE UP dont give up your credit card info..

I just got a similar call, the WOMAN said HIS name was JEFF COOPER. Had a very strong accent. But was calling from OHIO only the caller ID said Oregon. I told her she sounded like a woman, and wasn’t calling from OHIO and didn’t even sound like she/he was from this country. She/He said was from Africa only she was clearly Indian in her accent. How many stupid lies does it take for one idiot to realize she isn’t in the right business of trying to scam someone? Anyhow, I chewed her out and hung up. Now then, all… Read more »

I have an idea..don’t answer the phone! You don’t recognize the number…then let it go to the answering machine! Do not engage in conversations with unknown callers! You have choices and then block their number!!

These idiots called me about 2 hours ago. He told me that my computer is continuously downloading malware and viruses. He wanted me to turn on my computer and he would fix it in 3 minutes. I asked how much it would cost and he told me that it is free if none of my drivers are missing or damaged. He proceeded to tell me that this has been going on since December so I asked why they haven’t called sooner. I then told him that in December my computer resided in a carton box in the store that I… Read more »

The jerks called me again today at 6:00am!!!

I have receive calls from this number 1-971-217-9514. The person called at 6:00 am !!! It’s not the fisrt time but soon in the day never ! No talk until 15 seconds and says good bye !

My name is Isaac.
That same number 971-217-9514 has called here twice today but all he says after about 15 seconds is good bye. I’m sure it’s some kind of a prank call.

Tried to convince me there were errors on my PC. I played along to see what he was up to. I unplugged my router because he knew my name and address. We continued, I was skeptical. We looked through

Computermanagementsystem and saw errors….Duh

Then he suggested since there were more tha 10 "RED" errors that Technical Dept. needed to connect to my PC. I laughed and said "That’s NOT gonna happen." then he hung up.

That is when I googled the telephone # 971-217-9514 with TOP GOOGLEPAGES on the Caller ID Screen.

Received a call at 11:30pm but no one spoke, then hung up. Some people have to get up for work in the morning!! WTF??


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