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949-930-2279 called and its a scam!

I received a call from California 949-930-2279 they said there was a problem on my AT&T account. They said my phone rate would go down and that I didn’t need long distance. they said they had my records over the last 3 months and they were going to remove the $15 dollar charge for long distance and give me 100 minutes free every month.

I said no since this is a business phone and I have customers from all over the place and I didn’t want to take the chance of going over on my minutes and paying more than $15 dollars. The guy got pushy and I was persistent about him leaving my account alone. He then hung up on me.

I called the number back because I wanted to see who was really calling me and a automated response came up that this was not a phone number and hung up again.

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I received a call from the 949 number this past weekend, a digital-sounding message at first that told me that the IRS had a legal action against me, and I had to respond immediately; however, the message was hard to make out, so I called back. I got a caller with an East-Indian accent, claiming to be from the IRs, and there was a warrant out for my arrest for tax fraud. When I was less than receptive, he became belligerent and told me to listen. He said I needed a lawyer to bail me out. I told him to… Read more »
8/30/2013 Got a second phone call today from last week. They claim to be a preferred company by AT&T to offer discounts to small businesses with 20 lines or less. They claim there was a problem with billing last month and would like to discuss it with the owner. After asking if they are AT&T they always go around anwsering the question by stating they are preferred company by ATT. They talk fast and get upset when you start asking questions about how they are. I requested twice to be placed on the do not call list. All I got… Read more »
Just got a call from this number at a business in Wisconsin. The person claimed to be calling about our AT&T billing, asking for the person in charge of it. We told them "The person who handles the billing is not here. Please give me your name and phone so they can call you back." They refused to give any information, which made it pretty obvious this was not AT&T. Called the number back on a different line. Got the same "That is not a recognized number" message as other people reported. Report already filed with FCC. Call already placed… Read more »

Same here. Dumb **** with no scruples, etiquette etc said same thing. Morons. Get a life.


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