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Fingerhut won't stop calling the wrong person.

I received a call 2-25-13 at 4:16 PM.

When I answered, ( very disgusted for being disturbed), a “sweet ” voice stated, ” Welcome to Fingerhut”. Then proceeded to ask for the last 4 digits of my SS. I was never allowed to speak to anyone, only response was ” I’m sorry, I did not get that, please repeat.”. When calling the number back, I got the same conversation.

Now I am writing to tell you that I DO NOT WANT FUTURE CATALOGS and/or correspondence from your company. NO Phone calls to my phone number, nothing to my address, only a response to this message that I will be bothered no more. We do not do not deal with nor do we want to deal with your company. We purchased one item years ago and sorry now we did.

Also included in this complaint is: James V. Alldredge, 1214 Burch st. Ardmore, Ok 73401, phone #: 580-490-1075. I sincerely demand that this be taken care of and we are not bothered anymore. / CJ. Alldredge.

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This number keeps calling me and leaving an automated message with a woman’s voice – saying that they are calling from E finance with some important information. It is annoying and they are relentless. I’ve tried blocking their number but obviously it isn’t working. Somehow they still get through and I don’t want to call the number back.


We received two calls from this number on Thursday, 2/7/14. We have learned from answering toll-free numbers in the past that they are telemarketers, or calls to deadbeats who formerly had our phone number, or just crank calls where no one says anything. So now when we answer toll-free numbers we just pick up the receiver without saying anything. (Or we just ignore the call and do not answer at all.)
Both times today when we said nothing, they said nothing and then disconnected after a short while.

they keep on calling me but never say anything when i answer

Attn: James Alldredge, sir…this is only a reverse look-up page, but Fingerhut does not read this page. I’ve had some dealings with them myself and you have to send them that same letter you wrote above to their address in St. Cloud, Minnesota…hang on, I’ll find you the address…. Okay, here is what I could find, if you print out your complaint and send it to them in the mail with your request that they leave you alone or you will be calling the FTC, BBB, etc…(that’s what I do and they drop me like a hot potato because they… Read more »

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