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849-963-4873 - Trying to sell Medical Insurance

They are calling repeatedly. It is never a real person- just a tape.

We hang up. Would like to get them shut down

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My mother got this same call from Dominican that showed up on my caller ID around same ti,e and i politely declined interest as it sounded much like so many scam artists who call attempting to divulge personal information from good honest citizens.Be aware that if anyone calls asking to access the remote of your computer for viruses and spyware they claim have infected your computer it’s another scam. I kept receiving these types of calls until I told them my phone was being monitored and I would report them to the attorney generals office. One time I was paying… Read more »

I receive a call from this number everyday 1 in the morning & 1 in the evening, I’m retired, and the first thing in the
morning is these annoying people. I reported this to the ftc, I do not know if it will help, but I do know I want it stopped.

we also received call from this d republic call.i answer half asleep one time no one there i hang up .i did call back it would not connect call.may be scam to steal info not sure can’t find anything on it.

849-963-4873 called today and was blocked by our Digitone call blocker. (We block every area code 9##, 8##, 7##… 0##.) Obviously we didn’t answer it. Someone who wants to talk to us would call back, so this works great. To their credit they called at 9:45 in the morning; we’ve been getting a few a week at 11:00 PM… not always with a number to report. The call blocker blocks them also. About the only ones that are blocked and shouldn’t be are people who, for some unknown reason, block their own phone number.

This # is a Nuisance caller that should be put in JAIL. Unavailable name. BS. Don’t answer your phone AND Don’t call back. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC PHONE #.

just got a call from this number, did not answer. Caller ID said Name Unavailable. No message left.

i have had 3 calls today(3/20/13) from this number and one from a similar number. All say name not found and i answer and immediately hang up. A real nuis

Today, March 20th, at 10:25am, our office received a call from this number. It said, "D Republic Call" on our caller ID. When answered, there isn’t anything or anybody on the other end. I googled this number and noticed that others received a call from this same number. Our office has been instructted to not even answer this call from this number.
When I called the number back, a recording came on saying my call cannot go thru and to please check the number that I’m dialing.

I got one call just a few minutes ago from this same number and they did not leave any message. It said on my caler ID "Dominican Republic area.


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