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Long story short. A few years ago took out a title loan, the car was crashed and paid off (partially) the company (named above) reached out that I still had payments. The only contact they had was my Old number and my old job number, so weren’t able to get in contact with me.

This December 2016 I had a summons to report to court I did that. Where me and a lady from the above company name met and signed an agreement that I’d pay an amount. I did miss the payment of not working right now (which I explained at the court) I only receive Cash aid and Food stamps.

On Feb. 7, 2017 at a approximately 0800 my old coworker texts me like HEY, SOMEONE CALLED YOU REGARDING SOME MONEY. I asked him if he got her name and number, he only got the number. So he then tells me, YEA SHE WAS ALSO ASKING IF I COULD GIVE HER YOUR LAST 4 SSN FOR VERIFICATION OR AN PAYROLL INFO, my friend said he couldn’t provide that information to her.

I then reached out to the company where a lady was being very UNPROFESSIONAL she went on to tell me WHY THE F**K HAVEN’T YOU PAID YOU WENT TO COURT AND SIGNED PAPERWORK, YOU KEEP GIVING US THE RUN AROUND, yada yada yada, so I went on to inform her that first off, you’ve been calling my OLD place of employment I can give you my cell and I can make a payment on the 10th of this month.

So eventually, I asked to speak with someone else, the mean lady said that another lady named (LIMITA) would contact me. It’s 02/08/2017 and yet to hear back. I just would like to be able to pay or miss a payment in peace, like stuff happens, I told her I’d pay this coming Fri and it was like if you don’t have now then where gonna take further action.

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