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This number needs to stop calling me

Called at 10:55 pm when I was asleep, said it had something to do with a 5 digit number for yahoo. This is all I know about this call.

They have called me two times and I want it to stop. Please that is all I have to say I don’t like to be woken up from sleep to some stupid phone call.

So who ever this is please stop calling me, if there was a person on the other end instead of a recording I would not be very nice to them

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I got an email to my business account asking for a quote to allied electronics of phoenix AZ, this number was on their information at the bottom of the email. My small company makes pet accessories! weird.

yes I am getting this number too I refuse to answer them anymore at all sick of it

Thanks to the previous guest. I was wondering why I had this US number on my AUS mobile and have been reminded that I also had requested a verification code from Microsoft and this is the number used to provide it.

I have a cell phone that I was trying to reset my password on and one of the verification codes came by email and I chose the other to come by telephone. This is the number the code I had to enter to change my password came from. It is Microsoft. It is automated. I you guys are getting these randomly I would be checking my cell phone email accounts for hackers! verification code to reset password to their page.

I have some guy who says he’s in the military in the war calling from this ph#

Its a verrification call. Apps like Telegram use it. Also whatsapp. It says it will make a call in 1 min ( whatsapp in 5 min ) if you dont receive a sms.

No spam , maybe odd times, but maybe its you who is installing the apps at odd times. Or didnt pick up the first time someone called.

it’s Microsoft’s verification system. they’ll call or text anytime there is a change request on your acct

I got the same call and i live in taiwan. that’s so weird…

I live in Mexico and got the same call at 2:00am , but i dont now if it is from google, or just a person who disturb people.

7:23 a.m caller says "Thank you for verifiying your phone number. Your code is ——- " and hangs up. No identification. and unneccessary call. Please stop.

that call is from microsoft. its for verifiying your safty for your xbox 360

Я из России и мне тоже звонили с этого номера, но оказалось, что это из Социальной сети "Вконтакте"

Received a call at 5:30 a.m. with verification numbers and no explanation. Do appreciation those who took the time to post their comments. I blocked the call for the future. If I ever do need a verification code, I will unblock it.

I got 6 calls at 4:24 this morning. all from that number and all for a code which I have no clue about. 6 calls in a row, all with a different verification code.

It was from the google verification system issuing a code to verify that identity.

this phone number seems to provide verification numbers for various companies when you put in an order or sign up for something – unfortunately – the phone call does not include an identification or explanation – they just tell you a verification code – as a result – those who didn’t put in the order or sign up for something are left bewildered if that is you – someone may have accidentally mistyped their phone number – entering yours instead – or they may have done it on purpose – unaware that they cannot continue in the process without the… Read more »

That call is not spam, but maybe you got it in error.

My son’s Microsoft XBOX 360 required an updated authorization for a password change we made to the account. So to make sure the password change was asked for by me, it did that automated call giving the spoken verification code to my phone number which was indicated in my XBOX account.

So if you got such a call, your phone number must be in an XBOX or similar Microsoft account database.

I live in Canada and got the same call. Plus, the compagny calling doesn’t mention on behalf of which enterprise it’s calling for. I just hang up. Hope they don’t call back.

I got a call last night at 1:30 am and woke me up. same thing ….with verified code? ****. Waiting to find out if anyone else knows anything.

Somebody on the Internet clicked on the "I forgot my password" for one of your Microsoft accounts, eg hotmail or another. Along with the call, I got some emails about it.


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