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As a part of my new job I have been building a web presence for a friend’s small business. As a part of the process I am setting up profiles on scores of sites in order “cross link” his web page as widely as possible.

This morning I got a call from a sales rep. at by the name of Jordan Williams, saying he was responding to my request for a call. (I hit the “I agree to be contacted” button on their site, which is a prerequisite to adding a profile).

I explained that I was not interested in discussing the matter over the phone and requested he send me an Email instead. I told him I would look over the information he sent and he could call me back after 2:00 pm. (During the conversation he was aggressive almost to the point of belligerence) When I told the owner of the company about the call he said in no uncertain terms that he did not want to even consider working with Networx.

When I got home I found the Email from Jordan in my “spam” mailbox. Without even reading it I sent the following response:

“My boss (The owner of the company) told me to not even CONSIDER using your services.
Please do not contact us again (And I am archiving this Email in case you do) as we will consider it harassment
Thanks, and have a great day!

At a little after 2:00 pm I received a call from Jordan. I asked him if he had read my Email response and he said he had not. I then proceeded to tell him (very firmly) that we had no intention of using his company’s services, and told him not to call me again, after which I hung up.

A few minutes later I received a call from a different number, and it was him again. This time he was quite belligerent and I had to cut him off and tell him AGAIN to not contact us.

Over the next few minutes I received THREE more calls from him, each one from a different number. Each time I told him in VERY strong terms not to call me again. A SIXTH call came in, but this was a number that he had already used so I rejected it, and he has not (yet) called back.

The next morning, I received ANOTHER call from this “person”, during which I told him yet again to stop calling me. A few minutes later he called again and I answered just long enough to tell him that I would be reporting him for harassment.

Over the next few minutes I rejected TWO MORE calls from him.

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