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616-613-2220 - Lower your interest rate

This number 1-616-613-2220 keeps calling me, Bank Card Services shows up on the caller ID. It is an automated system that states they can lower your interest rate. I have hung up on this recording so many times it is unreal.

Numerous times I have pressed 1 to speak with someone and ask that they remove me from whatever list and they hang up, no response. I have even played their game and inquired about the interest rate, and when they find out that I don’t have a charge card that needs an interest rate adjustment they hang up on me.

There are days when this number calls several times a day for weeks, then nothing for a week or so, and then the cycle starts all over again. I am on the do not call list and this is more than annoying.

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these fools keep calling wanting credt cards no. i told them i dont have any credit cards .then you qualify for lower interrates

Bank Card Services recorded call. It’s an identity theft attempt.

FTC needs to find the location and work with CIA to deploy drone to eradicate business and owners. Tax payers should get some useful benefit from the technology and protection from these scammers. I feel sorry for those who have been taken advantage of.

call not wanted

I received a call 6/13 at 3:02. Did not answer!

i received a call from this number today. I pressed one to find out what this was about and have them remove me from their list. There was a lag in the pickup and I could hear people talking in the background saying. can you believe they asked me for our phone number?! and started laughing. The woman said hello and as soon as I started talking she hung up on me. Info showed up on the caller ID as V052910560600005 with phone number 1-616-613-2220. SCAM!

The saddest part of technological advances has to do with the power it gives to those who scam. You can now have a fake number to hand out to others or show up on Caller ID without any connection to yourself and can change these numbers at random… a person can get a number with a Miami prefix, but actually live in Los Angeles. My mom was a victim of just such a scam artist and it makes me feel that the DO NOT CALL list is totally ineffective against these individuals. IF the fines were stiff…..this could possibly change….but… Read more »

Complaint filed with The FTC and the Illinois State Attorney General

Get multiple calls a week, finally got caller ID and now ignor them – my next step is to disconnect my landline phone.

These sleazeballs will call over and over for years. The Do Not Call list is useful for more legitimate telemarketers, but not these crooks.

4/30/2013 Keep getting these calls which I usually just don’t answer. But today I picked it up, and listened. Don’t keep a balance on any of our credit cards so I don’t need to reduce interest rates! I pushed 9 (instead of 1) and got a live person, but when i politely asked her to remove us from their call list she hung up on me. That made me angry enough to type in the number on the web and discover that I’m just one of many peple frustrated by this scam. How? and Why can they continue to do… Read more »
This a press #1 to lower your interest rate scam. They wanted my credit card number. Claimed they were "Card Member Services,"100 Int. Dr, Orlando, FL 32801. I like to waste 15-30 min of their time, putting them on hold while I go get my credit card number. Then, I ask to speak to a supervisor & put him on hold while I go get my credit card statement. I wonder how many people these a$$holes screw over and rob with this scam. Once they get your number and record you agreeing to their terms, they put charges on your… Read more »
I too rec calls from this # at least twice a day but they call from several #s such as 616-616-2092 and 360-474-3908, 971-220-1783, 336-812–3588, 616-613-2126, 650-230-0249 and just today from 513-293-0842. And if u do press 1 to speak to someone I say stop calling – but before u can get it all out they will just hang up on u. I have kept a log of the calls for at least a year now – I have reported to FTC, FCC and the state attorney general but they just keep coming — some people say they bought a… Read more »

You have to admit, it is nice to have caller ID, which we all have or we would not know the number. If the area code is not familiar or the caller is not identified I simply don’t answer. It WILL stop if left unnoticed rather than let them know you receive their calls. It IS a credit card reduction service which is bs unless you have NO card & want one I suppose.

I have an iPhone. Since moving my home phone number to my iPhone, I’ve received daily calls from various telemarketers. After the first call from an unknown number, I look it up here to verify that it’s a telemarketer. I have "TELEMARKETER" in my contact list and add each newly verified telemarketer to that list. I have dedicated a quieter ‘harp’ ringtone for any/all calls coming from telemarketers. That way, the next time they call, I don’t jump up to get the phone. I ignore it and later on I simply delete it from my ‘recent calls.’

I too get these calls repeatedly. Try to speak with a live representative. They will hang-up immediately when approached about Do Not Call.

Got a call from this number on my work government phone line. They left a random vm about lowering rates. I’m pretty sure the Fed. govt. doesn’t support these clowns calling such numbers. Pretty sure there basic knowledge ot to call a feral agency with these schemes. I guess it’s time to report these clowns!

How can I get them to stop calling, morning, noon & night. They are so very desperate. I have blocked one number, they come in on many other trunk lines. I am on the dnc list, that is useless

Same crap, wife was called a "fat mouth ****"

616-613-2220. Same complaint. they call, they won’t take no for an answer. If I don’t answer the phone, they don’t leave a message. I too am on the "do not call " list. I did read the suggestion above about pressing the *78 to put this number on my blocked list. But why should I have to pay a fee to avoid being harassed. They should have to pay the fee.

Star 78 on a Qwest (CenturyLink) phone line will place them on your ‘blocked caller’ list. There may be a small fee for this service, but it’s worth it. Caller ID is absolutely worth every penny – You can "see" who is calling you – if it is a number you do not recognize simply don’t answer it. Everytime someone answers these calls, you are just confirming to ‘them’ that this is a valid number and you might get more calls possibly 10 fold. Buy a really loud whistle with a high piercing pitch … when you get a live… Read more »
"Caller ID is absolutely worth every penny" I disagree. Nobody should have to PAY to protect their privacy. The phone companies need to start keeping this info private instead of selling out their customers like slaves on an auction block. They shouldn’t be allowed to SELL this info to scammers and then try to charge us to see who they whored us out to. I use an answering machine. Anyone who knows me KNOWS to speak or I won’t pick up. If the party doesn’t speak then I don’t pick up. Problem solved. Screw paying these double dipping pieces of… Read more »

Press 1 to lower your interest rate. "This is your final chance" This co. Calls my home phone, my cell phone at LEAST once a week. I’ve filed complaints with the FCC as I am on the DNC list and they are violating it to no avail. I wish someone would so something to get these scumbags OUT of business

From what I understand, you can find out who the owner of the telephone number. They can be responsible for up to $1500 for each phone call for violating the DNC regulation.

This # called me at 7am&left no message & theres no answer when I call them

called at 09:15 PST; same spiel (credit), no option to opt out. After reading these posts, I won’t call to get verbally abused. Posted my compliant on the Do Not Call website.

616 613 2220 Please identify yourself so I can prosecute! At 3:01 pm today I received a call from this number. It was a recording so I pressed 1 to visit with someone to have my number taken off their list. A guy by the name of John answered and went into his sales pitch. I told him that I wanted them to take me off their call list. He went back into his sales pitch, I then said, John, you’re not listening. He went back into his sales pitch but was using profanity that I will not repeat. I… Read more »

PLEASE FOLLOW THOUGH WITH A COMPLAINT!! Also make sure to sue the service carrier of telephone number. Yes, you can do that!!! When you type the number in your web browser, you will see the carrier.


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