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May 22, 9:37AM. Received a call from “Bank Card Srvcs” 616-613-2092. I didn’t answer; no message left. Another call on June 17, 10:38AM; again, no message left.

I pay for a no-soliciting service on my line. when someone calls me, they hear a short message saying my number does not accept calls from solicitors, and that if this IS a solicitor, they should hang up and remove my number from their list. If NOT a solicitor, push 1 to connect. The phone will not even ring in my house until someone presses 1.

I have been getting calls from this number for months and would like them to stop.

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I have been getting several calls from the 616 area code. they did start rambling on about final second notice same response as listed by Credit Worthy.
I have blocked the numbers , however, they keep coming through on different lines
616.613.2092, 616.613.2100, 616.613.2229.
It nevers stops gotten to point I dont even answer phone anymore.
I am on the DNC list
Blocking will not help


Do not provide any information to this company!! This is a SCAM!! I am now a identity theft victim as a result of falling for their scam. They called me offering to lower my interest rates on my credit cards. They knew my card balances and some other basic information so I thought it was ligit. They had me verify some personal security information similar to if you were talking to your credit card company so I didn’t think much about it. However, they told me they would call me back in an hour to confirm all of the offer… Read more »

Why dosen’t someone do something about this scam. What good is the do not call list? :(

I get at least 2 calls a day from these idiots. I am disabled and I hate this. MAKE THEM STOP!!!!!

I too am on the Do not Call List , but I have been getting 3-5 calls per week from this company for months. I have "pressed 1" to speak with a representative and as soon as you ask to be taken off of their calling list they hang up on you.

I keep receiving calls from this number (616-613-2092) but they never leave a message. The name that appears on my caller ID is Bank Card Services; I will be blocking this number

I called back and there was a message saying to go to to get a prepaid card…


Automated call re credit card .."second notice"…about to run out..etc.( In an English as a first language voice) Get this call several times a week.
Always hang up. This time I held on and pressed one. A lot of noise in the back ground. The person answering spoke English as a second language. I just asked to be taken off the list. The response, was a click! I won’t answer next time!!

I would like to see those worthless scumbags in Washington DC pass a law that does the following: 1) Offer a reward of $10,000 for a way to track these a-hole’s real location 2) Turn them over to Seal Team 6 for target practice. They would also be able to practice "enhanced interrogation techniques". However, when they leave the location, there should be no one left breathing. 3) With the terrible state of our national debt, they should also raffle tickets to the high bidder with each mission! I would be glad to pay $500.00 or more to strangle that… Read more »

I am and have been on the do not call list since it began yet I continue to get unwanted calls. Is there a better way to eliminate this calls from this number!

Yeah,it’s called get a real POTUS that hasn’t rented out the FTC for personal gain and kickbacks.

Unfortunately the do not call list has loopholes. If you have done business with a company in the last 5 yrs they can call, some charities can still call, and bill collectors because you’ve done business either with their company or the company they bought the debt from. The list is designed to stop unwanted solicitation calls from companies you’ve not done business with. Unfortunately, they find ways around that too, like the computer dialers that just dial a list of numbers in sequence.

I looked up the number and it is registered to a John Anthony Tuccillo in Zeeland, Michigan. They may be hijacking his phone number, but it is definitely a scam.

Bank Card Services. They ignore the DNC list, and keep calling. Moving phone service to my cable company, hopefully their blocking service will help with this garbage.

My phone service is already with my cable company, try number block.

Same story as all the above. Scam artists at their finest. I have no credit cards, my creidt score is in the very low 300’s so how would I get a credit card??? They call everyday and this has been goingon for 7 months. I simply let it go to voicemail. Do not Call Registry does not work obviously!

I recommend folks don’t use the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. They do give your number out.
Yes this is another soliciator. Do not answer. Block the number if you can.

Got a call from this number today 3/29/2013 at 10:07 eastern time.
I did not answer as I did not recognized the number.
I am in the no call list.

Someone from this number has been calling several times a day since last month. I have reported this also to FCC. It stopped for a while and now calling me again. I don’t answer the phone though. My phone is also on the Do not Call Registry….

Join your State and Federal "No Call List". Also, if harassment or money changes hands, call FTC/Federal Trade Commission, and also file a complaint there. After joining our "No Call Lists", my junk calls have decreased by at least 99%. Hope this helps you. Mark

Got another call from Lower your interest. Can’t even count how many times they have called me in the past three years. Obviously nothing is ever done to them to make them stop. They are scammers. I finally listed to their speel that tells me this is my last call from them. Maybe they mean the last one for today or this week? because they call quite regularly especially when they tell me it’s my last opportunity to lower my interest. Anyway I pressed 1 and a guy gets on and asks me if I am ready to take advantage… Read more »

I let my answering machine take the calls, however this caller never leaves a message. I would love them to leave a message so I can forward it to the FBI, or the proper authorities.

Isn’t there a law against this type of harassment/Spam?

Yeah there is,but the powers that be have sold us out by the bogus Do Not Call list.

I’ve registered my phone number a few times on the Do Not Call Registry, but nevertheless continue to receive many calls from numbers such as this. There must be folks out there who answer these calls and make it profitable for the continuation of this annoyance. I recently purchased a phone that allows blocking numbers, so that’s what I’m now doing.

if you have credit cards, they will often sell your name to 3rd parties unless you specifically tell them not to.

Do not call is essentially dead … am I the only one who got the memo?

I too receive these phone calls and I too have registered my phone with the DNC registry. Blocking the phone # doesn’t help. These business people outsmart us….as they change the phone # all the time. Plus it costs for you to block these idiots. Its a no win situation. I don’t know what the government doesn’t step in and fine these people. They stay one step ahead of the law.

Receive at least one call a day. When I ask who they are calling, they hang up. totally annoying.

Same thing, ask to lower cc interest. Listened to entire message, pressed one to speak to someone and then just silence. Hung up after 3 minutes.

We don’t even have a credit card! ~ but we are sick & tired of these evening calls. We have advised our young children not to answer calls from strangers (same lesson as taking candy from strangers). Total invasion of privacy and it sounds like a total scam. DO NOT CALL MONTANA! … EVER! Montana police have been notified. We are on the do-not-call list.

This annoying company calls often. I am on the do not call list. Today they called me by name and had my address. I asked some questions to attempt to find out how they obtained my information. The caller said she refused to have a conversation with a stupd **** and hung up on me.

You need to report this to the FCC they can do and usually do follow up with these types

These fackers won’t give their company name. I called back on my caller ID, and was able to navigate to a prompt that supposedly will place my number on their Do Not Call list.

I did file a complaint with the FCC Do Not Call web site.

LAST WEEK, I got SIX CALLS from "ALA"; supposedly "American Lung Association" from a series of FOUR "202" Area code numbers. NOTE: This SAME week got ZERO "LOWER INTEREST" CALLS. Finally, on Good Friday (!!) I picked up and DEMANDED to know the caller’s NAME and WHAT TELEMARKETING FIRM she worked for. She claimed her name was "Miss Pellegrino" and that she worked for "INFOCISION" calling "on behalf of ALA." She, too, KNEW MY NAME and ADDRESS when she started her spiel about "not asking for money" but wanted me to "distribute brochures and ENVELOPES (for COLLECTING $$$)" to my… Read more »

SCAMMERS / Robo Phone Calls here is my list for 2013. I will be collecting these numbers each time they call my home.

01/03/13 – 213-725-5669 -Home Security
01/07/13 – Out of Area – FBI
01/11/13 – 458-201-0235 Service a call
Reports a/Break-IN
01/16/13 – 678-395-8342 ??
01/17/13 – 770-284-3719 DRIVER’s LISCENSE SCAM
01/17/13 – 770-728-6043 – GEORGIA
01/28/13 – 905-000-0000 Name not Found
01/29/13- 360-322-6030 – TimeShare
01/29/13 – 425-320-5061 – INTRcalling/FBI reports home break-in
02/27/13 – 347-502-2574 FBI reports home break-in
03/03/13 – 616-613-2092 -lower your interest
03/04/13 – 213-344-4839 Servers TDM

AT LEAST the second call from this number. Caller ID displayed "LOWER INTEREST" which of course is a long running SCAM that puts FALSE CHARGES on your credit card for NO BENEFIT, if you are DUMB or GULLIBLE enough to give out your cc number to UNKNOWN UNVERIFIABLE COLD CALLING STRANGERS over the phone.

Today I didn’t even engage with them; just picked up/hung up to break the call and hopefully confuse the robodialing computer.


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