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First I want to say that as soon as I saw the area code my alarms went off. I thought he was out of the country but when Joseph introduced himself, he spoke with a very clear US mid-western accent. Also, I could hear other people in the background. He stated the “call may be monitored” line then said he was calling from an employment related survey. I am not exact on the words, but it was something like that.

I would like to mention that I am unemployed and currently seeking so I took the call because I have put out a lot of applications. He first asked if I was 18 years of age or older. I answered. Then he asked if I was a U.S. citizen or naturalized. I answered. Then he asked me to give my birth date first with the year, then the day, then the month. I said “you know Joseph, why don’t you give me your company’s name again so I can look up your info…” and that is when he hung up.

I want these people. I have been reading comments/complaints all day about this number and I am very irritated these people can get away with scamming people. I do not ever include my phone number on anything ever except job applications: Not Facebook, Email accounts, not anything. I’ve only had this number two months without leaving a forwarding number. How did they get it? I’m really wanting to assist in shutting down and/or prosecuting any scammers. Thanks for letting me vent.

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I just got another call from this number, and both time it cuts out and she keeps saying yes, which I believe records your yes to some scam! BEWARE!

I also got a call from this number(459) 121-8344. I am also on the DO NO CALL LIST. Sounds like someone got hold of the DO NOT CALL LIST and is using it for their scam. Very annoying.

I just started receiving the endless calls on my cell phone from (459) 121-8344 I WILL NOT answer calls for numbers I do not recognize! I have received 4 calls in one day and no message. I am on the DO NOT CALL list but that does not seem to STOP calls from pushy telemarketers or scammers! PLEASE stop calling…not interested!!

According to the North American Numbering Plan, this number CANNOT exist. There CANNOT be a phone number with an exchange that begins with a 1 in the USA.

These companies mask their phone numbers. Be aware!

It’s a SCAM! They continue to call daily, I’m on the do not call list too, and it seems that’s where these scammers get their contacts! The National Do Not Call List is a big joke, and waste of tax payers time and money!

I got a phone call from a guy that said I won a wal-mart gift card from a survey I did online. I told him sorry .. I did not do any survey online. He said yes, you did and you must have forgot. I said who are you looking for??? What is the name you are looking for.. He said we can do you instead. He said it’s really easy to claim. I said I don’t need it. I said I am in school and I am doing fine. He wanted like 30 seconds then said well bye. I… Read more »

I just received a call saying the same thing from a person called " Joseph" saying I filled out an on line survey to find a " Job" or to win a walmart gift card.. I laughed and said Nice Scam but I have a Career not a JOB and I wouldnt want a Walmart gift card…

I just got a call from these jerks too. I never answer numbers I don’t know. What kills me is if there are soooo many complaints about this kind of crap why don’t police or the government do something? Don’t tell me we don’t have the technology. We most certainly do.

i wonder why target doesn’t do something about these bogus phone calls with their name attached to it! they have the money and the means to stop this. these thing take the joy out of the holidays for those of us who live on a fixed income. what about older people that be;ieve this junk? it sure makes me to shop at target. helen

JUST CALLED ME TOO! They leave no message.

I just got a call but no one spoke when I answered. Next time this person will get a loud rape whistle blown into the phone:-)

I just rev’d this called and my words are.. you are getting recorded by the police department as well as the police getting your location of this call. its works.

I have gotten two call from this number and never answered so i typed it in and found the blog. glad I didnt answer.

I recently started recieving calls on my cell phone from this number. It’s a woman/ recording saying I filled out a survey and she is very rude and asks for personal information. I hung up the first time and now I have stopped answering when I see this number.

I’ve gotten 6 calls in the last week. I answered yesterday and "Sylvia" told me I had filled out an online survery trying to win a Wal Mart Gift Card or an iPad. I did not fill out any surveys and she became very rude when I informed her of such. I asked to be removed from her list but I got another call today, I answered again and told her I had looked up her number and knew she was a scammer. She called me a *itch and hung up.

This # calls me everyday and I don’t know who it is because I don’t answer from strangers.

I just got this call on my cell phone and I missed the call, thank god, but when I was home for the Thanksgiving holiday I got this call on our home phone, too. Frickin’ ridiculous.

This number calls me every day. If I don’t answer, they do not leave a message, but they keep calling back until I answer. It’s a recording of a woman named Sylvia. She must be programmed to understand responses and then answer them with preprogrammed answers. You call the number back, and it says it is not in service. How can I get it to stop? It’s very annoying

yes, very annoying. i just had three calls right in a row and had two yesterday; crazy people.

Didnt answer and blocked from my cell.. See there are tons of reports against this number.. No city comes up or name.. Even numbers from overseas come up with names or cities ??

This number has called me 3 times within 2 hours!!!!!

They bypass the do not call list. I get on the do not call list once a month and register my house and cell numbers. I am with you guys I am sick and tired of the calls also. When I see a number I don’t recognize I turn the answering machine on, 1) so I don’t have to hear the phone ring 2) to see if they leave a message, usually they just hang up. I have not entered any contests or done a survey. They are trying to get your personal information from you.

They are like Card Services and any number of other people who have figured out that the Do Not Call list is unenforceable if they use a "spoofed" number that is non-working to make the call. Want to chane the law so that the carriers cannot allow someone to make a telephone call from a number that they are not paying for? Contact your Congressman and Sentors for relief. Sincethey aren’t doing anything about the budget, they have time to get into this.

I am also getting calls from this number and it is really annoying

Called the landline but when answered, there were two clicks and they hung up. Heard from friends that they are claiming prizes were won after participating in a survey. Idiots should be strung up at the nearest tree.

Same number has called my home phone. I used a whistle after the first call. Works well when they review their tape…LOL

I found elsewhere was from Mexico..from anything to do with lottery to surveys..glad i declined going on my call block list. I am allso on no call list if persist will call attorney Gen MO which by then they will probably change their number to try and start all over


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