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Please Make Them Stop Calling - All Day, All The Time, Help Me!

These are some of the numbers that repeatedly call me all day beginning at 6:00 AM: 404-462-2503; 419-742-1473; 865-401-8036; 310-929-2453; 123-456-7893; 212-777-4566.

I cannot take it anymore, these calls are making me crazy. Either they are trying to sell me some type of insurance or they just hang up.

I did get a voicemail last week stating I cheated on my income taxes and the “cops” were going to arrest me. That’s funny as I didn’t file my taxes yet, and law enforcement does not use the word “cops.”

Please make these calls stop. I am at my wits end and have been unable to sleep due to the earliness and duration of the calls.

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