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313-347-8168 - This number calling my sons phone

This number keeps calling my sons phone and will not stop!

I have talked to them once and was hung up on when I told them to stop calling. Can call the number back.

We are on the “Do not call list” .

Wonder what we can do to make these people stop.

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02/12/2013 10:17 AM These folks ("folks" is a euphemism) just called my cell phone. I have reported over 30 numbers to the FTC, as both my landline and cell phone. The DNC list is, as others have pointed out, is useless against these scammers who are spoofing the number that caller ID shows. My experiences have been just like everyone else’s. If I don’t answer, they leave no message. If I do, it is either dead air or some tape recording offering to lower my credit card interest rates. If I stay on the line and confront them with the… Read more »
These asshats have been calling us daily for almost a week now, and have started lying about removing people from their list. Twice I have been told that they will remove us (dunno why I bother since I know it is a scam), but all the other times I have been hung up on. Just file a complaint with the FTC like many of us already have. The DNC list isn’t helpful with these guys, as they aren’t a real business. Why would scammers care if you are on a DNC list, people? Just file the complaint with the… Read more »

Here is one of their direct lines, let them know how you don’t like what they do…. over and over and over.


They like to call themselves "Card Member Services", "LNI", "Excellent Management Solutions"

I’ve been getting these calls at least 5 times per day. It’s getting annoying now. Besides the site, is there anything else we can do?

I have received 5 phone calls a week. Very annoying.

They actually told me that my bank gave my information to them!!!

I get multiple calls and when I try to ask them to stop they just hang up on me.

Ditto from previous posts; be aware that this is but one number they use…and do so with frequency. Meanwhile, other #’s are used to throw off caller id, etc. DNC is a joke…been on that list since i was born….doesn’t make a lick of difference. Also….don’t bother telling em to take your name off the list…they wont.

well i just got a call from this number and i want to let everyone know THIS IS A SCAM. After i told the guy i didnt have a credit card he started calling me a F***** and a queer. REPROT THIS SO WE CAN PUT A STOP TO IT

This is a credit card scam. They call saying they are from MY credit card company (but not specifying or stating a company name), and say I need to talk to them. When a rep comes on the line, she asks "Are you looking to speak with someone about this great deal?" I said no, and asked them to remove me from their call list, and she hung up on me. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR NAME OR ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION. This is a scam, hang up, and report them to the FTC if you are on the… Read more » and file a complaint. Same problem here

I get several calls a week from this number, just like Brad from the previous complaint. I wait and demand they remove me from their list. They hang up.


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