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You are eligible for a Grant from Federal Government

I received a call. The caller on the other side mentioned that I have been selected for a GRANT from federal government. I asked them, how did they get my phone number. The caller said they have database of people who qualify for a grant from government.

Then he started asking me other details such as address, date of birth, bank details etc. I asked him how he has my information in database. Then, why he is asking me. And I put the phone down after telling them that I am not interested.

I suspected this is some scam.

He called me back, and I again told him that I am not interested.

By way of this person’s accent, I suspected he is from India, but he said he is from South Asian country (Note: We are an Indian family).

He started calling from the same number for many days, but I was not answering the phone.

One day he called in presence of my husband and he picked up the phone. The caller asked for me, and my husband said I am not available.

He thought we don’t understand Hindi (Indian Language), so he made a bad passing comment while my husband was on the phone.

My husband replied to him in Indian and the caller was not prepared for it. He put the phone down, and called back again to reassure if he heard the right thing.

My husband asked him to not to call again otherwise we will report to the concerned authorities. The caller started giving abuses and talking bad language.

Please be aware this is a scam, and DO NOT entertain calls from this phone number.

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