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Bank Fraud, Bad checks Scam

I keep getting an automated phone call saying I am being investigated for bank fraud or bad checks. I have never written a bad check in my life, nor have I ever committed fraud!

I called the number back and told them this, also stated that they can contact my lawyer, he asked for the number then hung up on me.

I received call again, it threatens to contact my employer and court/jail time. So I contacted my lawyer who said this is a scam. I call the number back, told them my lawyer requested info. They hung up on me.

I called again, they didnt answer phone. So I called again, this time a lady answered and I asked why they were calling me, she said did you listen to the recording, I said yes, but I’ve never committed fraud, my lawyer wants information. Again, I got hung up on.

I called back, no answer 3x. Next time a man answers, I asked for information for my lawyer they hung up again.

For us law abiding citizens to get these phone calls is very unnerving, makes me think my identity has been stolen or something.

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