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202-234-3930 Strikes Again

I recieved a call at 1:19PM on SUNDAY, May 5, 2013 from 202–234-3930 stating they were the Sierra Club wanting to renew my husband’s membership. My husband had already renewed his membership AND I have repeatedly told these people to remove our number off the calling list because we have been on the Do Not Call Registry for over a year.

This is a constant battle to get them to adhere to the laws that have been established and I am fed up.

Formal action needs to take place. Even if this is a telemarketing company that the Sierra Club has hired, then the Sierra Club still needs to be held accountable because they are responsible for who they hire to represent them.

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I’m tired of this number intruding upon us.

Constant calls on my cell from this number – about 10 over the last three weeks. I donated to a couple of causes due to nice people at my local grocery store, but it seems like their charities have sold my number. I work in the nonprofit sector – this is a short sighted way to raise money. I was a die hard supporter of Planned Parenthood and now I get mail from them at least 2-3 times a month asking for more money and now I just feel annoyed when I see them. Aggressive fundraising tactics like robo-calling and… Read more »

they call at least 2 times a day for about 4-6 months.

This number is the worse one we have ever had call us. We do not answer, but they continue to call. We have been home 1/2 hour this evening and they have called 3 times already. What kind of nerve is that? We have had 4 calls a day for the last 2 weeks, maybe more, we erased the unwanted numbers, and this is an UNWANTED number. DNC, where are you? This is hateful!!

I received 9 calls today (so far) and 8 calls yesterday from this number. This is only one of many numbers that call us ceaselessly, week after week, year after year–even though they’ve been blocked for months or years. The sad thing is that this happens when you are generous with charities. Many of them have no respect for your generosity and privacy, they turn around and sell your contact information to third parties for even more money. In some cases, they allow these types of telemarketers to hound donors relentlessly for money that is typically kept in the wallets… Read more »

I have had 7 calls today already and most days it is several every day. I have it in my blocked calls list but they continue to harrass me! I am so sick of all the fund raising calls and mails that I could scream! It is enough to make one stop donating to anything any more. I live on SS and can’t afford to give tons of money away. Wish there was a do not call list for fundraisers too. It is bad enough they litter up my mailbox!

I get several calls from every day.

They call me and ask for me, to which I state this, "She’s not here at the moment," and they say thank you and hang up, Then, a day later, they call back and ask for me. This is a real person who is doing the asking. It is really annoying that they call for me basically every single day. The next time, I’m going to ask why are they calling for me and see what they want to discuss with me and if it is not what I want to discuss I’ll ask them to stop calling her and… Read more » (202) 234-3900 call them and harrass them until you’re removed from their list

they’ve been calling me every day as well, its annoying.


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